Clash Mini Heroes and Minis Tier List for May 2022

Choose from only the best minis of this month!

Clash Mini, one of the three new Supercell games to become well-known globally, has now become the talk of the town in the Supercell community. And with the latest update adding new minis, comes a new tier list. So, without further ado, here is the Clash Mini Tier List of the Heroes and Minis of this month to help you form your battle decks.

Clash Mini is almost similar to Clash Royale, but instead of 3 towers, you have to play on a chess-like board with 5 lanes. You can place your units anywhere, and so can the enemy place their units anywhere. The strategy element comes in when you have to properly position your units so they don’t get hit by powerful abilities or units.

Clash Mini Hero Tier List for May 2022

This Clash Mini tier list should only be taken as a reference because different strategies and compositions can yield different results for players. This tier list will be separated into categories of S, A, B, and C as follows:

Tier Heroes
Strong (S)Barbarian King
Good (A)Countess,
Royal Champion
Average (B)Shield Maiden,
Skeleton King
Weak (C)Archer Queen,
Wave Master

Best meta heroes for Clash Mini in May 2022

The below picks are the best heroes that are worth your time to farm and upgrade to their maximum levels. The effect of their presence in the battle is the factor that makes these heroes recommended to add to your roster. Here, we will give a good insight into the recommended characters.

S-Tier Heroes

Barbarian King

Clash Mini Barbarian King
Image via Supercell

The Barbarian King is running a rampage through every other hero and deck in the meta right now. Along with Minis like the Barbarian, Archer, and Spear Goblin, he is wreaking havoc o the board. His high health enables him to be a tank in the frontline, while the rest of the team does the damage. His Super ability Iron Fist enables him and his allies to deal increased damage for 1 to 4 seconds. This makes him the most powerful hero in the current meta.

A-Tier Heroes

Royal Champion

Clash Mini Royal Champion
Image via Supercell

After Royal Champion‘s recent buff, her Bouncing Shield does 4 damage to the first target it hits and stuns that target for a small amount of time. If the Shield kills a unit, the Royal Champion gains back full energy and she can use it again.


Clash Mini Countess
Image via Supercell

The Countess is in the A Tier due to the meta being largely focused on the backline, and she can neutralize Minis like the Archer more easily than the other Heroes. Her healing when she uses her Super, Feed, also helps her to stay relevant.

B-Tier Heroes

Shield Maiden

Clash Mini Shield Maiden
Image via Supercell

The Shield Maiden is sort of an inferior Barbarian King. She can tank for her team as well, but she does not buff her whole team. Her Super ability Magic Shield allows her to block enemy attacks and reflect the damage back to them for a short time. Due to the Barbarian King, Countess, and the Royal Champion ignoring this ability, they have been placed above the Shield Maiden.


Clash Mini Monk
Image via Supercell

The Monk is not a starter hero. Though Monk has a really good, direct knock-out effect on his Level 8 Super ability upgrade, he takes some time to get it fully charged. Against the Barbarian King, for example, by the time the Monk charges up his Super, his whole team is almost dead, while the Barbarian King’s team is continuously pumping out more damage. Besides this, upgrading a hero to level 8 as a beginner or new player is unlikely, and hence, he has been placed in the B Tier.

Skeleton King

Clash Mini Skeleton King
Image via Supercell

The Skeleton King is the newest addition to the hero roster of Clash Mini. He has been added in Season 3 and players were excited about his release, but so far, he feels underwhelming according to the majority of the player base. He cannot tank enough damage to be a frontline, nor can he deal enough damage to be a carry. Since he doesn’t perform that well at any aspect of the game, for now, he has been placed in the B Tier.

C-Tier Heroes

Archer Queen

Clash Mini Archer Queen
Image via Supercell

The Archer Queen is the squishiest, least durable hero in Clash Mini. Due to this and her damage not being enough to take down units fast enough, she is in the C Tier.

Wave Master

Clash Mini Wave Master
Image via Supercell

Although he can access the backline of the enemy with his Super ability, the effect of this ability is just not enough. He knocks up the farthest enemy with his wave, but that does only 1 damage. Due to the lackluster Super, and less damage than a Mini, the Wave Master is in the C Tier.

Clash Mini Mini Tier List for May 2022

This Clash Mini tier list should only be taken as a reference because different strategies and compositions can yield different results for players. This tier list will be separated into categories of S, A, B, and C as follows:

Tier Minis
Strong (S)Barbarian,
Good (A)Spear Goblin,
Golden Giant,
Mini P.E.K.K.A,
P.E.K.K.A, Knight,
Ice Wizard,
Average (B)Dart Goblin,
Mega Knight,
Giant Skeleton,
Royal Ghost,
Battle Healer
Weak (C)Electro Wizard,
Healing Ranger,
Magic Archer

Best meta minis for Clash Mini in May 2022

The Mini Tier List is fairly balanced. The Barbarian and the Archer are very strong when paired with the Barbarian King. The extra damage helps the Archer to dish out more and more damage from the backline. Spear Goblin‘s Clash ability is one of the best at the start of the round, while Golden Giant is the best tank in the meta.

Clash Mini Characters Cover
Image via Supercell

The Miner is always good to take out backline threats, especially if you have the second-star upgrade that grants him an attack speed steroid for 6 seconds. Royal Ghost, though invisible, feels underwhelming due to the lower amount of health. The Electro Wizard, Wizard, Healing Ranger, and Magic Archer are all squishy, non-impactful Minis in the current meta. Their Supers don’t make up for it either. Though the Wizard is a bit better due to his anti-heal, that’s it. Hence they have been placed in the C tier.

What do you think about our Clash Mini Tier List? Let us know your opinions in the comments below!

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