Clash of Clans Builder Hall 10 Guide: Upgrade priorities, Best bases, Attack strategies, and more

A detailed guide for the new Builder Hall!

Clash of Clans recently got a major update with the Builder Base 2.0 which has seen a great revamp of the builder base. The introduction of Builder Hall 10 has opened a lot of strategies and resources beneficial to keep the game interesting. Many players have confused regarding their upgrades and strategies regarding the Builder Hall 10 upgrade. So, in order to assist players, we present this Builder Hall 10 Guide, which will address upgrade priorities, best bases, attack techniques, and other topics in Clash of Clans.

Introduction to Builder Hall 10

Builder Hall 10 unlocks after Builder Hall 9, which almost unlocks all the necessary buildings. Hence, there aren’t many unlocks available, one defense and one trap are the new items. It gives way to a new defense, the X-Bow, and upon upgrading the barracks, a new troop is unlocked, Electrofire Wizard. One extra mine is also unlocked.

Builder Hall 10
Image via Supercell

Since there aren’t many unlocks, no extra walls are provided, so base layouts can be adjusted similarly to the previous builder hall. With a maximum of two builders in the village, a lot of work goes into balancing your upgrade strategy while also keeping an eye on troop upgrades.

Upgrade Priorities

Since Builder Hall 10 is the final level of the Builder Base currently, it is important you set up the base perfectly. So it is necessary to plan out what upgrades you’re going to build, consider which are necessary for the early development of your base, and then go for it. To make things easier, we have a basic upgrading priority, which is listed below.

1. Defense

Well, you must be sure of what our pick was going to be because there is no way you shall neglect the upgrading of defenses. With two builders now, you can easily upgrade a defense/building as well as pick one more new (if any) building. Our top two picks easily would be the X-Bow and Outpost for Stage 2. X-Bow is new and powerful, whereas the extra Zappies unlocked after upgrading the O.T.T.O’s Outpost are really important.

2. Builder Barracks

Electrofire Wizard, a new troop, worth the hype, is next up to unlock. This is mainly because of the attack strategies of the new Builder Hall level, and unlocking all the troops gives you more possible combinations. However, it should be followed with the Star Laboratory upgrade as soon as possible.

3. Star Laboratory

Best troops get the best results! So upgrading your troops to beat the maxed-out bases will be important, hence Lab becomes a priority upgrade. We do have our picks for these though, as PEKKA, Electrofire Wizard, and Baby Dragon, are strong picks for upgrading, which depends on your attack strategy as well. Keep the Elixir flow running though.

4. Storages

For more upgrades, you need a lot of raids and to store them up, you need storage. Both Gold and Elixir storages have enough from the previous Builder Hall level to chip in for initial upgrades, but they shall need to be upgraded when you are pushing faster. Give one each an upgrade for Gold and Elixir, and then followed by another.

5. Healing Hut

Being the Clash of Clans’ first and only building for healing your army, the importance of Healing Hut shouldn’t be neglected. Even though it is unlocked early, upgrading it should be essential. With 24% health recovery at max level, it will help in your pursuit of having the maximum health possible for your troops moving on to the next stage.

Unlocked items in Builder Hall 10

New Defense: X-Bow

X-Bow, which is recently introduced to the Builder Base gameplay, is the only defensive building that gets unlocked, other than the extras. In fact, Builder Hall 9 has more unlocks than Level 10, which is quite surprising. The design of the X-Bow is similar to that in the Home Village, however, the change lies in the ability.

Image via Supercell

It can be set to either Ground Mode, which only targets ground troops, or Air Mode, which only targets air units. There is no Air/Ground system like the one we find in the Home Village X-Bow.

LevelDamage per SecondDamage per ShotHitpointsBuild Cost (BH Gold)
X-Bow stats

New Troop: Electrofire Wizard

The twelfth and final unit unlocked in Builder Barracks level 12 is Electrofire Wizards. The specialty of this Wizard is his Change Mode ability, which allows him to flip between two modes: Inferno Mode and Electro Mode. By default, he starts with Inferno mode, which is similar to that of the Inferno Dragon in the home village, while the Electro Mode shares a resemblance with the Electro Dragon.

Image via Supercell
  • Inferno Mode: In this mode, Electrofire Wizard will be able to fire a single searing beam that gradually rises in damage over time.
  • Electro Mode: In this mode, Electrofire Wizard can fire a slow-charging Lightning assault that bounces to numerous targets.
LevelInitial DPSDPS (3s)HitpointsResearch Cost (BH Elixir)
Electrofire Wizard stats

Attack Strategies

Since Builder Hall 10 has a two-stage attack system, it is important that you have a good attack strategy in your plan, so that you can carry the troops over to the second stage and not worry much there. Hence, the best army and abilities combine to work excellently well, so we have some strategies to share with the players that get the 6-star attacks.

1. The Power P.E.K.K.A Prowess

This has been one of the best and most used attack strategies available currently, solely because of the reason how powerful the Builder Base PEKKA is. Most of the players choose a PEKKA-heavy strategy followed by the Battle Machine, which comes across an easy 6-star attack.

However, some changes might help in getting a better-balanced attack strategy, with the inclusion of the Cannon Cart or the Bomber depending on the bases. No blaming any player, because it is a no-brainer to choose this strategy when it is clearly one of the best available.

2. Electrofire wizard + Tank

One more attack strategy which is brilliant considering the damage it deals is the Electrofire Wizard paired with a high HP tank like the Boxer of PEKKA. Since we have already mentioned the X-Bow in charge, there are some cases where it just demolishes your attack.

For this reason, the ability of chain lightning attacks helps in taking down the X-Bow without even falling in its range. Do note, this is if you are doing a ground attack and X-Bow is in the same mode. The rest of the bases are helped by the tank and the Battle Machine.

3. Baby Dragon

Just like we mentioned in our upgrade priority of having the Baby Dragon in your list for best attacks, they are absolutely crazy when it comes to yielding the best results possible. The two abilities in the Builder Base: Tantrum and Fiery Sneeze are one of the reasons why they are so powerful.

You can have a mass Baby Dragon attack which works perfectly fine, but also having them as ranks for the Beta Minions would be great too. Strategies change from base to base, the advantage lies in their placements so start working on them for better results.

Best base layouts for Builder Hall 10

We have some good Builder Hall Level 10 base picks for you listed below.

Base 1 Builder Level 10 Clash of Clans
Image via Supercell
Image via Supercell
Base 3 Builder Level 10 Clash of Clans
Image via Supercell
Base 4 Builder Level 10
Image via Supercell
Base 5 Builder Level 10
Image via Supercell

So, that’s all about the Clash of Clans Builder Hall 10 guide. For more in-depth Town Hall Home Village guides, you can refer to the links below.

What are your thoughts on our Builder Hall 10 guide for Clash of Clans? Let us know in the comments below!

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