Clash of Clans Builder Hall 9 Guide: Upgrade priorities, Best bases, Attack strategies, and more

The foundation for Level 10!

With the latest Builder Base 2.0 update arriving to Clash of Clans, things have changed for all the Builder Base levels. The two-stage attacks are of the highest importance, hence forming strategies becomes very essential. Once players get to the next Builder Hall level, it is common to have queries about a lot of stuff moving forward. So it’s advisable to think about it before upgrading to the next level, or else you’ll be confused. To avoid the same, this guide will address upgrade priorities, best bases, attack techniques, and more for Builder Hall Level 9 in Clash of Clans.

Introduction to Builder Hall 9

Builder Hall Level 9 is the ninth Builder Hall level in Clash of Clans. It was added to the game as part of the Builder Base update in May 2019. Builder Hall 9 introduces new defensive structures, troops, and buildings, allowing players to strengthen their Builder Base. Out of the unlocked buildings, the newly introduced B.O.B Control is something to look out for, along with an extra Reinforcement camp.

Builder Hall 9
Image via Supercell

It has a build cost of 3,800,000 Builder Gold, which is a million less than its next level. The capacity of the Builder Hall at this level maxes out at 1,500,000 Builder Gold and Elixir, which will remain the same even after the update to is next level. Except for the Camp and the Altars, the rest of the buildings get an upgrade to an extra level.

Upgrade Priorities

The bases must be carefully set up in order to kick-start your Builder Hall 9 progress on a high note. Builder Hall 9 has some essentials with respect to the Army composition as well as the defense, so you must plan out what upgrades you will build, consider which are required for the early development of your base, and then go for it. We have a basic upgrade priority, which is shown here, to make things easier for the players.

1. Defense

Well, you must be sure of what our pick was going to be because there is no way you shall neglect the upgrading of defenses. With two builders now, you can easily upgrade a defense/building as well as pick one more new (if any) building. Lava Launcher, which unlocks at this level, needs a lot of upgrades to be effective, so that should be on your priority list.

2. Reinforcement Camp

The latest feature needs more interest with the two-stage battles, and hence becomes important to keep it in your base for that one extra troop to make a difference. Similar to Army Camps, the Reinforcement Camp contains Builder Base Troops that can be used in Builder Battles. Unlike troops in Army Camps, troops in Reinforcement Camps cannot be utilized immediately; they can only be employed when the first stage of a Builder Base has been cleared completely.

3. Builder Barracks

The Barracks should be one of your top preferences for the sole reason being unlocking a new troop, and hence, an extra attaching strategy under your best. The Hog Glider works pretty well in Builder Hall 9 as well as Level 10, which also comes across as helpful with the mix and match of troops. Like at every level, it should be followed with the Star Laboratory upgrade as soon as possible.

4. Star Laboratory

Improving your troops to 6-star the maxed-out bases will be critical since the matchmaking system doesn’t match you concerning base weightage. For this reason, the Lab becomes a priority upgrade. The Power PEKKA and the Baby Dragon offer the best-attacking strategy, so we suggest picking these two first for your upgrades.

Unlocked items in Builder Hall 9

New Building: B.O.B Control

By fulfilling some upgrade requirements, players can unlock the B.O.B Control. Previously known as O.T.T.O Hut, the B.O.B Control is just a building before Level 5. However, once improved to level 5, it allows the construction of the B.O.B’s Hut in the Home Village, allowing B.O.B to function there. The Build Cost is a mere 100,00 Builder Gold.

Image via Supercell

For B.O.B, there are upgrade requirements to be fulfilled, which are mentioned below.

  • Level 2: Gear Up all 3 buildings: Cannon, Archer Tower, and Mortar.
  • Level 3: Upgrade any troop to level 18.
  • Level 4: Upgrade any defense to level 9.
  • Level 5: Upgrade Battle Machine and Battle Copter to a total level of 45.

New Defense: Lava Launcher

The Lava Launcher is a defensive structure that fires huge balls of lava that cause minor damage on hit but scorch the ground, inflicting escalating damage-over-time effects on ground forces whose effect is similar to that of the Poison Spell in the Home Village. Its design shares a resemblance to the Mortar. The lava’s effect lasts for 20 seconds after impact. However, this won’t affect the air troops as Lava is ground only.

Lava Launcher
Image via Supercell

You can upgrade the Lava Launcher to nine levels in Builder Hall 9 itself, so Gold is always on the run for your upgrades.


New Troop: Hog Glider

Drawing inspiration from the first-suggested Goblin Glider, which sadly didn’t make it to the game, Hog Gliders are the eleventh and the penultimate troop to be unlocked in Builder Base. It is unlocked with the help of Level 11 Barracks, which is unlocked through Builder Hall Level 9.

Hog Glider
Image via Supercell

Gliders offer aerial support, similar to Balloons, but after landing or crashing, they become your regular Hog Riders, whose preferred targets remain the defenses. The Hog Rider’s Stunning Glide ability stuns the defenses it crashes into, after which it descends down and attacks defenses as a ground troop. Hog Glider maxes out at Level 18 in Builder Hall 9. The next levels, 19 and 20, unlock at Level 10.

The Hog Glider stats are as follows.


Once the glider crashes to defense, the troop will become a regular Hog Rider. The stats for the Hog Rider are as follows.


Attack Strategies

1. Power PEKKA Carting

We did mention this strategy last time around for Builder Hall 10 as well. Undoubtedly, because of how effective the Builder Base Power PEKKA is, this has been one of the best and most widely employed attack techniques accessible currently.

The combination of troops can be to your liking, you can pick a bomber to make way for the machine as well as the PEKKAs. Cannon Cart works brilliantly well behind a tank since it deals heavy damage to anything in front. Most of the players choose a PEKKA-heavy strategy followed by the Battle Machine, which comes across an easy 6-star attack.

2. Baby Sneeze

Once the Baby Dragon got the Fiery Sneeze ability with the latest update, it was destined to be one of the best troops available in the game. Even though Fiery Sneeze can only be used once per battle, it can spew flames that damage a large area in front of it which is deadly area damage any day.

You can approach the attack with a mass Baby Dragons attack including the reinforcements for the second stage, or have a couple of Beta Minions for the next. However, things might not go in your favor if the abilities are not triggered at the right time, or the Dragons come under the range of another.

3. Gliding Hogs

We did come up with a cheeky name for this strategy, but we didn’t know what else we can call this. Even though the Glider seems like something that was not needed, the Hogs are pretty influential for clearing the top bases easily, thanks to their priority in defensive buildings.

Their ability is also pretty interesting, which helps the Hogs deal damage and stun the defenses it lads for a short period only if the Stunning Glide ability is unlocked. With the Battle Machine, you can also carry a PEKKA, so that they come to aid in providing a tank to distract the defenses off the hogs.

Best base layouts for Builder Hall 9

Here are our suggestions for some good Builder Hall Level 9 base layouts listed below.

Builder Hall 9 Base 1
Image via Supercell
Builder Hall 9 Base 2
Image via Supercell
Builder Hall 9 Base 3
Image via Supercell
Builder Hall 9 Base 4
Image via Supercell
Builder Hall 9 Base 5
Image via Supercell

So, that’s all about the Clash of Clans Builder Hall 9 guide. For more in-depth Town Hall Home Village guides, you can refer to the links below.

What are your thoughts on our Builder Hall 9 guide for Clash of Clans? Let us know in the comments below!

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