Clash of Clans: How to beat the Quick Qualifier Challenge

Another challenge on your way!

Clash of Clans brings a football-themed May 2024 season with a series of monthly events for players to engage with. Challenges play a crucial role in these events, adding extra excitement to the gaming experience. The Clash of Clans season is in full swing, and the eighth of the challenges, the Quick Qualifier, is now here to present a challenging base and of course, so interesting strategies.

This challenge is part of Haaland’s Challenge, for which I have created detailed attack strategy guides for the first five challenges.

In this challenge, we’re up against a simple basic base and we all might experience these bases during our initial days of base building. I’ve put together a comprehensive guide to help players successfully three-star the challenges with ease, ensuring they achieve a three-star attack with this base. So, let us jump into the attack, shall we?

Introducing the Quick Qualifier Challenge in Clash of Clans

The Quick Qualifier Challenge is part of a new system of challenges designed as part of the Erling Haaland season, where you will encounter plenty of challenging attacks to counter. To complete the quest, you must gather a total of 35 stars, progressing through various rewarding tiers. This challenge marks the seventh step in the series of challenges to fulfil the quest.

Clash of Clans Payback time rewards
Image via Supercell

In this challenge, we are going to the basics with the Town Hall 12 base, and from what is seen, the level of challenges is slowly pushing to be very difficult, and that is understandable since we are coming to the end of the Haaland’s Challenge with only two more remaining. However, the rewards are a bit different this time around as it will be as per tiers that you collect by reaching particular stars.

How to beat the Quick Qualifier Challenge in Clash of Clans

The attack strategy is something we all must be familiar with if we are in Town Hall 12 or plus, the Electro Dragon attack. If you have stopped following this strategy for a long time then this challenge might be a tricky treat to eat, but my guide will help in easily getting a three-star. Since this is an air attack, set your Grand Warden to Air mode.

First up, let us remove some air-threatening defenses by using two Lightning spells on the Air Sweeper in the middle next to the Eagle Artillery, hitting the Builder Hut too as well as triggering the Town Hall defense. Next, send three Sneaky Goblins on the top side of the base for the collectors each and drop two Balloons near the Mortar.

Clash of Clans Quick Qualifier strategy 1
Image via Supercell

This is to be quickly followed by a Rage spell on an Archer Tower since we will use the Electro Dragon’s chain attack to deal maximum damage. When the Mortar is down, deploy an Electro Dragon to target the Archer Tower, which will also help you to take out one Air Defense.

Switch to the left side, send two Sneaky Goblins to two more buildings to remove the collectors from your target list, and deploy your Barbarian King near an Army Camp to ensure he strays to his right. If you need to, poison the opponent’s defending troops.

Clash of Clans Quick Qualifier strategy 2
Image via Supercell

Use the King’s Spiky Ball ability to take down another Air Defense before he approaches the Mortar and then deploys the Archer Queen to fight for his support. Use Yellow Card spells on key defenses, as you wish, but I preferred to take down the Eagle Artillery which deals notoriously great damage and then the X-Bow which is a threat to the King and Queen.

Move your focus up top again, against the existing Air Sweeper, and then spread your Electro Dragons followed by Balloons and the Stone Slammer alongside them. As they progress, use your Rage Spells wisely to boost their power. Save one for the multi-target Inferno. If needed, redirect your troops to deal with any pesky defenses, and that’s all you need for your three-star.

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