Clash Royale Sudden Death Challenge Guide and Tips

Complete this challenge and earn hefty rewards!

The Season 35 of Clash Royale, Bewitched is here with its exciting challenges. Players get to engage in a variety of challenges every season, and the Sudden Death Challenge is one of the common ones released in the game, that comes with hefty rewards. However, it isn’t among the easiest challenges, as every second matters when you play this challenge. In this article, we will show players, especially, those who struggle to gain victories in the Sudden Death Challenge by providing the best tips and tricks to help emerge victorious in this particular challenge in Clash Royale.

Top 5 tips and tricks to win the Clash Royale Sudden Death Challenge

Clash Royale Sudden Death Challenge guide
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In this challenge, players who first destroy a tower wins, and the whole round will be witnessed in a Sudden death type game mode where it will begin directly from a double elixir, followed by a triple elixir from the second minute.

1. Play friendly 1v1s

Players are strongly advised to join a clan, in case they are not in one. When they are present in a clan, players can play a friendly 1v1 in the Sudden Death game mode with their fellow clan members. This gives them an idea as to how the mode has to be played, whilst gaining some practice with the same. Players can try different strategies, decks, etc., and be prepared for the Challenge.

2. Start from the first second

Players should not waste a second. In this challenge, there is no time to be patient and make slow moves. Swift-thinking is a bonus point here. Thus, it lets players plan the next steps that enable them to attack or counter at the right time. In short, one must go all guns blazing right from the start.

3. Know your deck

Image via Supercell

Knowing one’s deck easily gives him an edge, as he will be pinpointed with his placements and predictions. Players should strongly go in with a deck, with which they are really good and confident. This could ooze them off major trouble, which involves the wrong placement of cards.

4. Make use of extreme light/heavy decks

Light decks, such as the Hog cycle (2.6) or a Log-bait deck can be cycled very easily in this mode. Players can keep cycling through the cards and eventually get the win pretty comfortably. They can either go for decks like the above-mentioned, or a deck towards an extreme heavy side.

If players wish to go with heavy decks, it must be ensured that the game is done and dusted within a complete push. Therefore, the opponent will not get another opportunity to take down the tower and win the game. When facing an enemy with a much lighter deck, players with heavy decks must get one of the towers with a single push with their heavy tank. A golem is recommended. 

5. Stay focused

The Sudden Death Challenge is a fast-paced mode, wherein the Elixir keeps flowing through within the blink of an eye, and the troops keep coming. Players should not lose focus whatsoever, and instead, they must take it as a challenge and match the pace. This gives them the basic step to winning games, confidence. This lets them avoid placing troops in the wrong area and prevent many other silly errors.

Final Thoughts

The Sudden Death challenge is a promising test for the players, as it showcases their speed, confidence, accuracy, and strategies implemented. All these traits are necessary in order to become a pro player in Clash Royale, and this challenge gives you exactly just that, provided you take some time and effort to practice for the same.

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