Clash Royale ‘The Cannoneer’ Tower Troop: All you need to know

Cannon Balls fired right at you!

Clash Royale is getting interesting as seasons come by, and the following year has a lot in store for the players. As promised in the Clash Royale 2024 roadmap, the start of 2024 has featured some excitement thanks to the new Tower Troop card in The Cannoneer. So let us discuss the latest Tower Troop The Cannoneer card in Clash Royale.

Tower Troops have arrived with the December 2023 update of Clash Royale, although the impression was that this new card type would be coming to the game after 2024, we received our first, and to understand better, an already existing Tower Princess as our first card, separating the Princess Tower as the Princess Card and renaming it as Crown Towers

The Cannoneer Tower Troop in Clash Royale


The Cannoneer in Clash Royale
Image via Supercell

Now, the January 2024 update or Season 55 has ‘The Cannoneer’ unveiled as the first original Tower Troop and the second altogether. Describing this lad, he looks a bit funny, and has his teeth chipped off, but don’t take him lightly, as he can be devastating for your opponents. The visual trailer gave us a great representation of him on what to expect, and in the game, he maintains this.


The Cannoneer is a card of Epic Rarity, and that also makes him the first Epic Tower Troop in Clash Royale. As for the operations of this card are concerned, The Cannoneer has a shooting pace somewhat on the slower side but is delivering high damage with a range similar to the Tower Princess following a recent buff it received, possibly incorporating an area attack since it fires Cannon balls.

CR Cannoneer gameplay
Image via Supercell

Although the term “Cannon” is typically associated with ground attack defense in various Clash Universe games, it will operate both on the ground and also can target air units, so you don’t have to worry about the Tower Troop being left alone. It has great stats compared to the Tower Princess, but still not good enough to tackle the Princess Legendary card.


It has a slower attack speed and lower HP, making it effective against beatdown decks due to its higher damage output. However, its vulnerability to spell cycling poses a challenge, limiting its effectiveness in certain situations, say against a Graveyard cycle. The cannoneer struggles against swarm decks where Goblins, Barrels, and Skele Army are deployed, where its slow attack speed becomes a disadvantage.

Clash Royale Cannoneer strategy
Image via Supercell

Despite this, it excels in dealing with single targets, such as the Mega Minion for example. A notable concern is the potential for overkill damage, where the cannoneer’s powerful attacks may be excessive, impacting its efficiency, especially against lower-health units. Players are advised to be cautious and mindful of this aspect during gameplay.

Strategically, the cannoneer is recommended for decks countering beatdown strategies, but players need to approach swarm decks thoughtfully. There is speculation about potential buffs or reworks for the cannoneer in the future, and it is predicted to find utility in competitive play or specific anti-beatdown deck compositions.

So, that’s all for now about The Cannoneer Tower Troop in Clash Royale. What do you think about the new Tower Troop? Does it meet your expectations?

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