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COD Mobile account banned: Best ways to avoid banning your account

Ever since the launch of Call of Duty Mobile, the game has created hype all over the world. The player base of the game has been increasing ever since the release of the game in October. But as the game started becoming popular, so did various forms of hacks and cheats. Activision has clearly said that it will tolerate any kind of cheating or hacking in the game. As a result of which, Activision has started banning those accounts and till now many gamers have come through a message “COD Mobile Account Banned“, which is really a nightmare Now, if you want to know how to avoid banning your account by any means, then here is the guide for you.

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Cheaters not allowed in COD Mobile

In the past few months, Activision has started activating its Anti-Cheat System in Call of Duty Mobile to punish those players who are practicing such methods to win matches and excel over others. This process started with the Call of Duty Warzone, where nearly 70000 hackers were banned and were teamed up against one another as a punishment. Henceforth, a tight Anti-cheat System has been enforced in COD Mobile to stop hacking/cheating in the game.

Best ways to avoid banning your account in COD Mobile

Here are the ways that can stop you from getting your COD Mobile account banned from the game.

1. Usage of any 3rd Party apps

The first point that must be made very much clear by the players is that Activision does not allow the usage of any 3rd party apps that can give you an edge over others. Simply because it violates the fair play rule. You play fair, you stay safe. Usage of 3rd party apps like Lucky Patcher is strictly prohibited in Call of Duty Mobile. Using these kinds of apps will surely get you banned from the game.

2. Usage of Unsafe emulators

This point is especially for the emulator players. The only authorized emulator is Gameloop since it matches you against other emulator users.

COD Mobile Account Banned, Call of Duty Mobile account banned
Gameloop – The authorised Emulator for COD mobile

You can definitely face an emulator ban for using unsafe and unauthorized emulators such as Bluestacks. Activision would blacklist your IP address in addition to your account, so you wouldn’t be able to play even using a new device and account. So please refrain from using such emulators

3. Usage of VPN

Now in the previous point, we talked about Activision blacklisting your IP. So may players might come up with the solution of using VPN to hide their IP and use servers from another country and log-in in the game. But, Activision would also ban you that way. The use of a VPN is also prohibited in Call of Duty Mobile. Many players use this tactic to lower their ping issues, which gives them an edge over others. But surely using VPN would lead your account to be banned from the game indefinitely.

4. Use of Hacks

The final way for the players is not to use any kind of hacks in the game. Hacks such as Spinbot, Aimbot, Wallhacks, etc. can surely cause your account to be banned as it violates the Fair play rule. Opponents can easily report you for hacking/cheating and regular reports will lead to the ban. Also, there are many players who have been reported for using various game scripts or tools that can modify the game files and can help them get an edge over others. Not to mention specifically, these misdeeds will also lead to a Permanent Ban.

Final Thoughts

Activision has clearly closed the doors for unfair play or any means of misdeeds in the game. So, if you are aware beforehand and are playing a game fairly, then be sure nothing will happen to your account. And for those who have been into this for a time being now, please refrain from doing such things, or else you will lose all your progress and everything related to your account. So play fair and play wisely.

We hope you find this COD Mobile Account Banned article helpful and would refrain from any kind of unfair play. Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below, we’ll make sure to reply to everyone. 

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Why my account in cod always banned but I’m not never use any kind of cheat


vpn may be or one of my friend say that if a whole enemy team reports you that may lead to temprauary ban


I just banned just a minute ago, can somebody help me please!

hopelynn carter

i still get my account banned for no reason after spending money on it and i lost everything thanks to them being stupid asf. I GOT BANNED FOR 10 YEARS

Last edited 3 years ago by hopelynn carter

Does using VMOS to get max fps can get you banned?


It really would’ve been nice to get an email or message to explain that these things weren’t allowed. I was playing thru BlueStacks because the game performance was much better than with Gameloop on my PC. 10 year ban… I guess I am done. Wasted a couple of years of my life grinding for soldiers and weapons. I will never buy or use another Activision product as a result of this fiasco.


sadly happend to me too

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