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COD Mobile Attack of the Undead Mode Guide: Tips, Tricks and Strategies

Call of Duty Mobile Season 7 has arrived a couple of days back. A host of new features, maps, and modes has added to the game. One such feature is the “Attack of the Undead” mode. This mode called ‘Attack of the Undead’ first showed up in the Garena test server of Call of Duty Mobile. In this article, we have provided all the details about the COD Mobile Attack of the Undead Mode.

What is Attack of the Undead Mode in COD Mobile

A total of 10 players will be in the match and any one of them will be the “Infected” one. Initially, The infected player will look like every other normal player in the match and will be having a primary weapon. But as soon as he scores the first kill, he will be covered by a cloth all around his head. Now, his objective will be to infect as many players he can. All during this time, he will be holding only a Melee weapon (knife). Beyond a certain point, the main infected player will only be able to throw an Axe, use Knife, and other things like that.

COD Mobile Attack of the Undead Mode, Call of Duty Mobile Attack of the Undead Mode
Attack of the Undead Mode

Now there are two ways to play the COD Mobile Attack of the Undead Mode – as an Infected player or as a Survivor.

How to play as an Infected player in the COD Mobile Attack of the Undead Mode?

When a player becomes Infected, the main objective that he will have to achieve is to get your opponents infected in a quick time. Although the 1v1 approach is an initial strategy for the match, definitely it is not the only option in this game. This is because the infected player will be having only Melee weapons, whereas the opponent will be equipped with a firearm. So as a result it will get the infected player knocked out of the match. So, what is the basic strategy? The simple aim is to infect all enemies and leave no survivors. So constant patrolling and a vigilant look on the minimap is very important.

How to play as a Survivor in the COD Mobile Attack of the Undead Mode?

The strategy for a survivor completely changes to what it was for the infected player. Here, players who follow camping strategy will have an edge over others, because that is what is needed to do. You have to keep yourself as far away as possible. You can use the Overkill perk for this game mode. Using Overkill perk will make you Akimbo-enabled. As a result, you can take up a top tier LMG like RPD (be it any skin) and along with that PDW 57, the most powerful SMG as your secondary weapon. Now you will have yourself completely equipped to take long-range as well as close-range quarters.

Final thoughts

The Attack of the Undead Mode is an absolute joy to play for players who can rush, camp, and strategize their gameplay with every move they make in the match. To add further, the Attack of the Undead mode is playable in the Tunisia map.

We hope you find this COD Mobile Infected Mode article helpful. Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below, we’ll make sure to reply to everyone. 

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what does the flare do?


And what about the flare equipped with an undead. What does it do??

Probal Datta

 The flare, when activated increases movement speed.That’s all it does. 


Okay. But that’s the perk…I was asking about the signal flare.
Anyways I just got the answer. Yayy
(It basically respawn you at the place where you place it)
And thank you Probal for helping me via replying on such short notice. 🙂

Saumitra Tripathi

I did. 🙂


When will the attack of the undead will return?
And in which season?
I am waiting for this mode to comback as a multiplayer match and be as permanent?

Last edited 3 years ago by Syed

Hi, what does the button (with the hooded figure) on the right do?


Cool. Thanks!


Hey probal, it’s 2021, and as you know, new featured game modes are out. Just wondering if I could still play it directly and how to do so, instead of having a chance to play it every single time I play winter in summit,


what is the best gun to pick and skin/operator

Duncan Schmackers

I’ve seen a lot of players using guns as undead when they were not the first undead enemy. Is there a glitch that does this or is there some kind of set up that I need to do to be able to do this?

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