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Cookie Run: Kingdom Golden Age of Trade Event Guide and Tips

Complete Golden Age of Trade event within minutes!

Golden Age Of Trade is a recurring event in the Cookie Run: Kingdom and gives great rewards. It is one of the events that mainly focuses on the production of goods and materials. There are two parts of the event; the first part has stages where players can unlock rewards based on the number of points they have traded, and the second is based on ranking, where players have to reach the highest rank they can before the event ends. Players compete with all the other players on their servers, either in Pure Vanilla or Hollyberry.

Cookie Run Kingdom Golden Age of Trade
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Currently, there are only three places to trade goods in the game.

  • The first place is the Tree of Wishes. it is one of the first areas players will unlock as a beginner. The cookies make wishes on the tree, and they can craft the goods needed to fulfill them. In return, players get coins and Kingdom XP.
  • Trains are unlocked at Castle Level 4. Trading is the primary source of rarities, and unlike wishes, orders can not be refreshed, so it’s usually a good idea to produce things first.
  • The Trading Harbor is unlocked with the Rainbow Shell Gallery and has a maximum capacity of 50,000 trading points. This is the main place to get Rainbow Pearls, and players can also get Sea Rarities here. The Seaside Market is also accessed from here, where you can get Skill Powders, Toppings, or Soulstones.

Cookie Run: Kingdom Golden Age of Trade Event Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Sugar Gnome Laboratory upgrades

To rank high in the event, players will need to have as big of storage as they can sense it’s required to constantly produce goods. Stockpiling is a lot more beneficial since a lot of goods take a long time to make, and if you only start producing goods right after receiving a wish or train order for it, then you’ll miss out on a lot of time.

Golden Age of Trade Sugar Gnome Laboratory
Image via Devsisters

Top players in the Golden Age Of Trade have all the storage upgrades in the Sugar Gnome Laboratory, and if you want to get better at the event then you should too. Other upgrades you can also try maxing are the production time upgrades, so you’ll be able to finish your queues a whole lot faster.

2. Make Goods ahead of time

Golden Age of Trade Calendar
Image via Devsisters

Since upcoming events can be viewed on the event calendar, players can see if the next Golden Age Of Trade is coming up soon. It’s a recurring event and usually comes back around every 3 weeks. Make sure to have high-quality goods in your storage, so you can easily trade them as soon as your cookies ask for them.

3. Use Speed-ups

Another effective thing to do is to use speed-ups for especially long items. They can be bought from the Mileage Shop, or received from events and the Fountain of Abundance. While it’s not necessary to use speed-ups on normal occasions, since the event has a time limit, you’ll want to produce as many goods as you can in a short amount of time.

4. Constantly Produce Goods

For players to reach a high ranking on the leaderboard, they will have to be constantly producing goods. Make sure all the production buildings are busy, and if you’re about to leave the game for a few hours or more make sure the buildings are crafting time-consuming goods, so when you get back there will still be goods left in the queue.

Cookie Run: Kingdom Golden Age of Trade event Rewards

Golden Age of Trade gives out a certain amount of crystals, coins, and XP Jelly at every specific rank. Those in the top 1% get 10k crystals and lots of XP Jelly. Also, in the more recent Golden Age of Trade events, it’s worth noting that if you’re in the Top 3% or more, the event now rewards Rainbow Cubes too.

Cookie Run Kingdom Golden Age of Trade
Image via Devsisters

Generally, those who choose to participate in this event casually, (filling out the Trade Harbor Ship every day and doing wishes and trains from time to time) can get up to the Top 20%, so if you don’t think you can get into the top rankings, that’s okay too.

Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below, I’ll make sure to reply to everyone. Hope you find this Cookie Run: Kingdom Golden Age of Trade event guide useful.

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