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Cookie Run: Kingdom Guide: Tips for the Season 5 Alliance game mode

Find out all about the new alliance game mode in Cookie Run: Kingdom!

Alliance Season 5 in Cookie Run: Kingdom is out now, and there are new types of enemies to face. This season seems to be a little easier than previous seasons, but there are still some tough waves to beat. A few gameplay improvements were also added in the previous update. Therefore, players can now practice specific waves instead of starting at Wave 1.

Waves 1 to 4: No debuffs

These are the easy parts of Alliance. They do not apply debuffs to the team, and people can get through these waves with no problem.

Waves 5 to 8: Cookie ATK Speed decreased by 25%

Cookie Run: Kingdom Alliance Season 5
Image via Devsisters

Players can probably get by, by using the main team for the entirety of the 4 waves. This is one of the less noticeable debuffs. A good thing to remember is that Speed Teams would be less effective in this section since Speed Teams rely on a high ATK Speed for more power.

Waves 9 to 12: Cookie DEF decreased by 20%

If players are having trouble, Gatekeeper Ghost’s Horn might be helpful for them. It significantly increases the cookies’ DEF stat, helping them counter the debuff for this section. Another way to counter is to have better DMG Resist substats on your cookies’ toppings.

Waves 13 to 16: Enemy ATK Speed increased by 20%

It is a similar, but harsher debuff than Waves 5 to 8. Like Waves 5 to 8, Speed Team is not advisable for this section.

Waves 16 to 20: Cookie DEF decreased by 30%

One must use the same strategy for Waves 9 to 12. If it’s not enough, players might want to use double or triple healers or use Whole Almonds for your team.

Cookie Run: Kingdom Alliance Season 5
Image via Devsisters

They must try to keep the teams alive, leaving at least one cookie alive, before switching to another team. Since they get more points and advance further in alliance, the longer they progress in the game mode without losing an entire team.

Waves 20 to 24: Enemies have a 50% HP Shield

This section is easy to counter. Players can use cookies that specialize in depleting HP shields, such as Twizzly Gummy Cookie and Dark Cacao Cookie, or alternatively use the Priestess’s Paper Charm treasure. Another option is to defeat the enemies before they put up their shield, but this method is a lot less reliable.

Waves 25 to 28: Cookie Cooldown increased by 35%

The cooldown decrease puts a huge dent on your team, even with a maxed Squishy Jelly Watch treasure. Make multiple AOE damage teams, and switch them around per wave if your main team can’t handle the cooldown debuff. It’s best to switch teams as soon as you can.

Cookie Run: Kingdom Alliance Season 5 cooldown speed
Image via Devsisters

Waves 29 to 32: Cookies are restricted from using HP Shields

Unfortunately, Pure Vanilla Cookie and Eclair Cookie are slightly nerfed in this section. They must make sure that their cookies are being healed sufficiently. It is best to have a fast cooldown on the healers, so they can keep supporting your team even in this tough section.

Waves 33 to 36: Enemy HP increased by 125%

Enemies are a lot tankier here. Therefore, it is good to have as many ATK as players can. Cookies that will help them get better ATK include Pomegranate Cookie (30% ATK boost, also heals the team), Mango Cookie (10% ATK boost, also deals AOE damage to enemies), and Cherry Blossom Cookie, providing a higher ATK boost to the more enemies there are in the field. Eclair Cookie is also good for his Weakness Debuff, which makes enemies take 25% more damage. Players must try to stack this debuff on the enemies as many times as they can. Good treasures for this section include Old Pilgrim’s Scroll and Grim-looking Scythe.

Cookie Run: Kingdom Alliance Season 5 Waves Guide

During the run, players will be using the Main team, that can beat the majority of the waves. It is better to stick with one team, that can keep healing themselves than to switch every wave. Since players won’t be giving the cookies time to regenerate the damage they took from enemies. One of the most popular main teams at the moment consists of Dark Cacao, Pomegranate, Eclair, Cotton, and Pure Vanilla.

Wave 8: Nightmare Archivist

This is one of the weaker bosses, but some players might still have a hard time since it deals a high amount of damage and can defeat one of your cookies if you don’t pay attention. It’s crucial to keep all your cookies alive this early in your run, so when they notice that the main team is losing a lot of health, they can switch to a specific Boss team, which has cookies like Vampire Cookie, Sorbet Shark Cookie, and Dark Choco Cookie to finish off the boss.

Alliance Season 5 wave 8
Image via Devsisters

One should not worry about the main team, since they can heal them back quickly as long as you have at least two healers in the team. The next waves are a lot easier.

Wave 12: Sea Fairy Cookie

Alliance Season 5 sea fairy cookie
Image via Devsisters

Sea Fairy is a little tough, but she has a lot less health than her previous bosses. One must use cookies that target the enemy with the highest ATK stat. Eclair Cookie, Raspberry Cookie, and Sorbet Shark Cookie are good for this wave.

Wave 13: DMG Reflect Enemies

Unlike previous enemies, it is important that players stun them for a while, before attacking them since they reflect the damage they receive. This means the more damage one can do to these enemies, they will also make sure the cookies get that same amount!

Alliance Season 5 DMG Reflect Enemies
Image via Devsisters

If players are not careful, they can wipe out the cookies. Players can stun them, which include the Tiger Lily Cookie, Kumiho Cookie, and Cotton Cookie are examples of cookies that can stun and then defeat them quickly before they can attack back!

Wave 17: Fast Enemy Regeneration

Alliance Season 5 fast enemy generation
Image via Devsisters

While at first, players will only have a small group of enemies to face, if they don’t beat them quickly, they can keep producing allies over time. Soon, they can overpower the team, and they won’t have any chance to recover! The best way to counter this wave is to defeat the mob of enemies as soon as they can. When these enemies pop up, players could be sure to switch to an AOE team, where all the cookies can target multiple enemies at once. Examples of good AOE cookies are Frost Queen Cookie, Sea Fairy Cookie, Black Raisin Cookie, and Eclair Cookie.

What are your thoughts on our Cookie Run: Kingdom guide on Alliance Season 5? Let us know your opinions in the comments below!

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