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Cookie Run: Kingdom Guide: Tips to do Wishes quickly

Do Wishes easily and quickly in the game!

Cookie Run: Kingdom – Kingdom Builder & Battle RPG game is a new addition to the famous Cookie Run RPG game series this game is about building a dream Cookie Kingdom while fighting against evil desert monsters. One of the best ways to trade your produced goods in the Cookie Run: Kingdom is Wishes. You can do wishes in the Wishing Tree, where your cookies request items and give kingdom XP and coins in return.

Many events in the game (with the biggest event being the Golden Age of Trading) have missions where you’ll need to complete as many wishes as possible in a short amount of time. So learning how to make wishes efficiently would be helpful for you since you’ll be able to get higher rewards.

Not all wishes are equal. Some wishes are a lot harder and more time-consuming to do than others, and while you might think refreshing wishes is a waste, don’t hesitate to refresh them! Refreshing doesn’t cost you anything, and it only takes 10 minutes to load up a new wish, which saves you time and coins if the cookies were asking for a very time-consuming product.

1. Time-taking Complicated tasks

Many products in the game take hours to make and are complicated to produce since you’ll have to set up a chain of goods beforehand. For example:

  • While Baking a Strawberry Cake in Maison Du Cake requires Bubbly Boba from the Latte Cafe.
  • Making Bubbly Boba requires Glazed Donuts from the Bakery
  • To Bake Glazed Donuts, Shiny Glass from the Artisan’s Workshop are required
  • To Craft Shiny Glass, players need Hot Jelly Stew from the Jampie Diner
  • And, Hot Jelly Stew needs Jellybeans and Jellyberries to produce.

All in all, making a Strawberry Cake from scratch would take 8 Jellybeans, 2 Jellyberries, 24 Sugar Cubes, 2 Cotton Candy Wool, and 38 Biscuit Flour. It takes five buildings to make. This is a long and tedious process, especially if you don’t want to check in the game frequently to craft products in different buildings. 

Cookie Run: Kingdom tips to do wishes quickly
Image via Devsisters

Generally, the most complicated product you should trade on Wishes is Shiny Glass or Bear Jelly Burgers. Any products that take making longer should be reserved for Trains (to get rarities) or Trade Harbor for Rainbow Pearls, which you can use to buy Legendary soulstones.

Additionally, items like Strawberry Cake are more advisable to trade on the Trading Harbor. One Strawberry Cake gives you 9,121 trading points, which is already almost 20% of what you’ll need for a fully loaded cargo. You’re better off skipping wishes that ask for high-quality goods or saving them for Burning Time events when wishes give you x2 coins.

Cookie Run: Kingdom tips to do wishes quickly
Image via Devsisters

Try to do wishes with goods that only require 20 minutes at most to make. If you want, you can stockpile products so you’ll have extra goods to trade when you get a new wish from the tree. Try to keep all your production buildings busy! If you see a zzz symbol above the buildings, meaning there aren’t any goods being crafted there at the moment.

2. Research upgrades on the Sugar Gnome Laboratory

Another way to finish wishes quickly is to go to the Sugar Gnome Laboratory and research upgrades that make your building produce materials and goods faster. Also, if you plan to stockpile materials, another good Laboratory upgrade to research would be the Bigger Stacks options.

Since this helps you widen your storage, letting you have more goods in your kingdom without having to sell them (selling goods is inadvisable since you’ll barely get any coins from them.) Note that these take items from the Smithy (like Robust Axes and Tempered Pickaxes) and many coins, so make sure you have these requirements beforehand.

Cookie run kingdom tips to do wishes quickly
Image via Devsisters

Finally, if you’re truly in a rush, you can finish a production faster by using Speed-ups. Players can buy Speed-ups from the Mileage Shop (accessible from the Gacha tab). It can also be received from the Fountain of Abundance, time to time, or as a reward from events. You can use gems instead of Speed-ups, but this isn’t advisable since gems are used to buy more useful things, like Gacha rolls and important landmarks.

Did you find our Cookie Run: Kingdom How to do Wishes quickly guide useful? Do let us know in the comments below!

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