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Cookie Run: Kingdom Spring Picnic Event Guide and Tips

Finish the Cherry Blossom Cookie's Spring Picnic event missions in no time!

The new Cookie: Run Kingdom update is here with various additions like the new Alliance and Storage features. There’s also the new Cherry Blossom Cookie’s Spring Picnic event happening in Cookie Run: Kingdom, a two-week event that ends on May 2, 2022 (GMT +9:00). The event consists of collecting dice cubes, which you can get from completing Spring Picnic Missions. Below is a full list of what the missions are and the amount of dice cubes they give.

The full list of missions are:

  • Use 150 Stamina Jellies = 10 dice cubes
  • Play in the Kingdom Arena 15 times = 10 dice cubes
  • Claim 2 daily rewards at the Tree of Wishes = 20 dice cubes
  • Receive rewards from the Bear Jelly Train 3 times = 20 dice cubes
  • Have Trade Ships return the Trade Harbor 1 time = 30 dice cubes
Cookie Run Kingdom Spring Picnic Event
Image via Devsisters

This is a repeatable event, so you can keep claiming the missions as many times as you can during two weeks. Assuming you have two trade ships (if you haven’t, you should unlock the second dock at the Trade Harbor!) and regularly try to complete the missions, you can get at least 120 dice cubes per day

Some of these missions can’t be repeated in a day (the Trade Ships only return once per day, and you can only claim a maximum of 3 daily rewards from the Tree of Wishes), but the rest can be claimed multiple times. Try to use your Stamina Jellies and Arena tickets whenever you can since you can only have a maximum amount of them, and they fill up over time.

Rolling the Spring Picnic Dice in Cookie: Run Kingdom

The event features a unique snakes-and-ladders type of board, where you can roll a dice and have Cherry Blossom Cookie advance on the board. Rolling a “1” lets you advance one tile, a “2” lets you advance two tiles, and so on. Every 10 dice cubes you earn from the “Spring Picnic” missions allows you one attempt at rolling the dice.

You can go up and down the ladders, earn a reward, get an extra dice roll, or get a unique effect from the “question mark” tile. When you complete a lap (a lap is when you finish the whole board, which contains 60 tiles total), you get rewarded with 3 Cookie Cutters and 30 Sugar Blossom Petals. Players can use these event-exclusive petals to purchase the decorations in the limited-edition “Springtime Blossom Picnic Party” decoration set.

Spring Picnic Event
Image via Devsisters

Like a normal game of snakes-and-ladders, this event is a little luck-based, and you may take a long time to finish one lap if you keep advancing towards the downward ladders. The best way to counteract this is to earn as many dice cubes as possible, so you can keep advancing. Generally, it should take one to two days to finish a whole lap.

Keep trying to complete as many laps as possible, and if you’re fortunate, you can complete 12 laps by the end of the event. The final reward for completing 12 laps is 1,000 Rainbow Cubes, 2 Cherry Blossom Cookie Soulstones, and a limited-edition decor for your kingdom. Other rewards you can get from completing many laps include Lights of Resolution (currency used for the Nether Gacha), Crystals, and Treasure Tickets

Cookie: Run Kingdom Spring Picnic Event Treasure Chest Rewards

Landing on the question mark tile lets you access a treasure chest, which gives random bonus rewards. Here are all the possible rewards you can get:

Spring Picnic Event
Image via Devsisters
  • Treasure Tickets
  • Sugar Blossom Petals
  • Coins
  • Speed-Ups
  • Alliance Tickets
  • Topping Pieces
  • Rarities
  • XP Jellies

Do remember, that the rewards are given at random drop rates with in-game resources up for grabs in abundance.

Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below, I’ll make sure to reply to everyone. Hope you find this Cookie Run Kingdom: Spring Picnic event guide useful.

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