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Cookie Run: Kingdom Spring Quest Guild Event Guide and Tips

Get new rewards in the Guild Quest event!

A new Spring event has been introduced to Cookie Run: Kingdom known as Guild Quest. The event lasts for seven days and ends on March 22, 2022 (GMT +9:00). Guild members try their best to increase their Guild’s Fame Point ranking while simultaneously getting the highest score in their Guild member list. Since this event focuses on Guild participation, if you’re not in a guild at the moment, you won’t be able to participate or get rewards.

To get Fame Points, you must complete as many missions as you can. There are different types of quests available, but most of them are about sending materials, making the quest similar to doing wish orders for the Tree of Wishes.

The more complicated the requested goods are, the higher the fame points you will receive. Aside from the Fame Points, you’ll also get other rewards such as topping pieces, XP Jelly, or Cookie Cutters. Other quests require you to do an action, like receiving the Bear Jelly Train rewards. 

Unlike the Tree of Wishes, there’s no refresh button for missions, so the only way to get rid of a mission is to complete it. There is no cap for the number of missions you can do in a day, so you can keep doing missions as long as you can until the deadline. Try to score higher than everyone else in your guild!

Cookie Run: Kingdom Guild Quest Rewards

1. Milestone Rewards

There are many ways to get rewards in this event. Aside from the small rewards you get for each quest, you also get milestone rewards. You can look at the complete list on the For The Guild page on the Events tab. They get better as you progress in the event.

Spring guild quest event
Image via Devsisters

For example, earning a total of 1,000 Fame Points gives you a single Cookie Cutter, but earning a total of 20,000 Fame Points gets you two Whole Almond toppings extremely useful for building your Defense and Charge cookies.

The most notable rewards are found in the last part of the milestones list. 100,000 Fame Points gives you 200 Rainbow Cubes, and 170,000 gives you an additional 300. The final milestone is the 200,000 Fame Points mark, which awards you 1,000 crystals.

2. Individual Guild Member Rewards

Unlike the Milestone Rewards, these rewards can only be claimed when the event is over since the game is constantly tallying the total points of each member. Even if you’re the Top 1 member in your guild, you might get overtaken at some point, so it’s best to grind the missions constantly.

Spring guild quest event
Image via Devsisters

The number 1 spot rewards the most crystals, coins, Time Jumpers, XP Jellies, and topping pieces. Topping Pieces can only be received from events, and breaking down other toppings is a bit rare.

3. Total Guild Ranking Rewards

At the end of the event, you’ll receive rewards based on the spot your guild was at the season’s rankings. This is calculated based on the total number of points all the guild members accumulated throughout the week. You’ll receive crystals, coins, and XP Jellies, and the specific amount will depend on how high the guild’s ranking was. If your guild is especially active and reaches the top 2% or even the top 1% on the board, you’ll also be rewarded Rainbow Cubes.

Spring guild quest event
Image via Devsisters

Tell your guildmates to participate in the event if you want to get a high ranking! Since events like this commonly occur in the game, it’s beneficial to be in a guild that actively plays it. If your guild is inactive, you might consider looking for a new one after the event is over so that you won’t miss out on great rewards. Good luck on finishing your Spring Quests.

Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below, I’ll make sure to reply to everyone. Hope you find this Cookie Run Kingdom: Spring Guild Quest Event Guide useful.

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