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Dark Steel: Medieval Fighting Beginners Guide and Tips

Shatter your chains, fight, and seek revenge against those who kept you enslaved for years!

Dark Steel: Medieval Fighting is a medieval action-combat MMORPG from Dark Curry. The game engages in bloody conflicts against the dark age’s adversaries in order to exact retribution and gather a variety of medieval armored pieces and weaponry in order to excel during that time period. The game also has had an impact on RPG players with its multiplayer and campaign game modes. Here’s the complete beginners guide to Dark Steel: Medieval Fighting for amateurs to help them they can understand the game with ease and enjoy it without facing any difficulties or confusion.

Gameplay Overview

Dark Steel is an MMORPG that takes place in a setting of a medieval world. It includes a touch-screen battle system along with auto-battle once a level has been finished. There are many features of the game that allows the player to enjoy world-building and character development, along with exclusive PvP battles between users of the game.

There are several elements of the game that are still locked like the village. This is because this game is still under the developing category. However, that aside, the game already has built a storyline, along which the player can develop his or her character along the lines of the class of the character selected.

Introducing the Basics of Dark Steel: Medieval Fighting

Gamers initially create their avatar in the game by selecting from a range of features. The gamers must next choose their preferred class from a notice on the display. Following that, players can select from a variety of game modes to play. Players then embark on their trek through the gloomy medieval realm.

Image via Dark Curry

There are three classes in the game, which we will cover momentarily. Both PvP and PvE game modes are available. In all game modes, players will engage in combat with adversaries, raid their bases, and gather a variety of armor and weaponry to assist them in their journey.

Battle System

There are mainly three types of game modes that the player can participate in. The Campaign, Events, and Arena. The campaign has a total of Five chapters. Each chapter has a sub-campaign of a total of Six stories. Each sub-campaign provides a different enemy, and as the player progresses, the stronger the foes will get. The second is events.

These are limited-time battle opportunities that could hold rare items that could make the player stronger. The third is Arena, where the player can test their might against other players in the game to obtain chests and other items.

Resource Management

There are mainly four types of currencies used in the game. Gold, Gems, Stamina, and Dark Steel. These currencies are used to participate in warfare and upgrade the hero with store purchases. Stamina is used to participate in battles. The stronger the enemy, the higher the stamina required. To buy equipment, items, and chests, the player requires gold and gems, mainly Gold.

Currencies Dark Steel: Medieval Fighting
Image via Dark Curry

Gems in particular are to buy other currencies and upgrade items to level up the hero without using dark steel. At last, dark steel is used to upgrade weapons and armor for the character to grow stronger. This material can be obtained by melting some weapons.

The higher the quality of weapons used to melt, the more dark steel can be obtained. Other than these four, experience points are also there. These points contribute to the overall level-ups of the player and to equip skills. These can be obtained by defeating enemies in battle.

Mastering your Heroes

One must be familiar with classes before playing this game as there are three classes available for you to select from. These classes are made clear, and they are all connected, making them both stronger and weaker than the other two classes. Each of the following heroes is distinct from the others due to their individual special skills, and each class has a distinct set of equipment and weaponry.

Image via Dark Curry

Each class has developed a specialty in a particular attribute. Knight, Warrior, and Assassin are the three main classes from which the player can select. After the character is selected, the player has to play and fight in order to acquire chests and items that consist of elements used to upgrade the power levels of the hero.

Upgrading your Heroes

Gamers will receive different ranks as they steadily power up, and when they do so, they’ll be able to access additional game features. Your starting rank in the game is Outlaw. However, you can advance through the levels progressively, and the ultimate rank ie the King—is determined by the game’s content throughout the development phase.

The player can upgrade their avatars through various armor, weapons, and other items. There are three main elements of upgrading. Attack, Defense, and Critical Chance. As the player grows stronger, the stats of each element will increase, which will lead to more power. As per the selection of the class, the player will be granted special skills for their avatar to use.

Upgrading Hero
Image via Dark Curry

These skills can be gained by playing and fighting more enemies. The weapons and armor are divided into several sections, namely knight, weapons, assassin, torso, head, legs, and hands. These items help the player increase their stats accordingly. The items are also classified into various levels that start with common.

The items are also capable of fusion. This feature of the game helps in creating higher levels of weapons and armory. In order to do so the player requires a compatible item with the weapon/armor they want to fuse with in order to acquire stronger items. Moreover, the overall level of the player can be seen at the top right screen of the game.

Dark Steel: Medieval Fighting Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

After investing so much time in this game, here are some of the best tips for beginners in Dark Steel: Medieval Fighting:

  1. Keep upgrading the hero’s weapons, skills, and enhancements to ensure the hero can defeat foes with ease
  2. Make sure to use the unused weapons, items, and armor to melt them, in order to gain dark steel that is used to upgrade the equipped items.
  3. Keep fighting battles in order to complete quests
  4. Update the skills of the character in order to use combo attacks during a battle with stronger enemies.


One can finally decide whether or not the Dark Steel game is appropriate and fascinating to play now that we have thoroughly reviewed it and included all the pertinent information about it. To pique your interest in the game, we have nevertheless kept a lot of details a secret. Don’t hesitate to give it a try and never forget to refer to this Dark Steel: Medieval Fighting beginners guide for advice if you run into problems.

That’s all from us for Dark Steel: Medieval Fighting Beginners Guide! Did you find our Dark Steel: Medieval Fighting beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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