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Diablo Immortal Charms Guide: How to obtain and upgrade the charms

Learn about how to collect and upgrade Charms in Diablo Immortal!

Diablo Immortal offers a variety of rewards and gifts to collect. As players progress through the game, they will get to encounter plenty of rewards, waiting to be collected. One of those items which can be equipped in the game is Diablo Immortal Charms. To be honest, Charms are really hard and frustrating to find in the game, even with proper methods for earning them.

Charms are equipable items in the game that helps in improving your character skills. You can only equip one charm at a time so make sure that your lineup of skills is all applicable to your character. In this guide, we will provide you the details about how to earn and upgrade charms in Diablo Immortal.

How to get Charms in Diablo Immortal

There is always an option for buying charms from the marketplace in Diablo Immortal with real money stuff. But as likely, Diablo Immortal will never force its users to buy something from the game. Definitely, there are other ways of finding charms in the game, although it’s not easy.

charms diablo immortal
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  • Bounties – As many of the Diablo Immortal fans already know that they can complete up to 8 bounties each day. As you complete each bounty, there is a chance of earning charms. Although the probability of a reward turning out to be a charm is very less.
  • Daily Activities – Charms can also be earned from completing daily activities which guarantees you daily rewards. As you earn battle points in the game by completing challenges and dailies you can get up to one charm each day. So don’t forget to collect it.
  • Hilts Trader – Charms can also be purchased from the Westmarch Hilts trader. For purchasing these charms you need to invest 100 hilts for each charm. You can only purchase hilts up to 3 times per week.
  • Battle Pass – The last method of earning a charm in the game is through empowered Battle Passes. As you hit Level 16, the current Battle pass will offer you four charms, and another four charms as you hit level 36.

How to upgrade Charms in Diablo Immortal

After you have earned and collected simple charms in the game, it’s time to upgrade your charms. For upgrading your charms, you need to head up straight to the Charms Craftsman located to the south of Westmarch near the Wolf Gate. Once you locate the desired place, you need to interact with the Craftsman and select the upgrade option.

upgrade charms diablo immortal
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

In order to upgrade the charms by rank, you need to give 20 Alchemical powder to the Craftsman. Now for acquiring Alchemical powder, you need to salvage your simple charms. Note that, Alchemical powder is the main constituent for upgrading your charms.

As you upgrade each charm in Diablo Immortal, it will go a tier up and help you earn a new random skill. You need to have a total of 80 Alchemical powder to maximize your skill rank bonuses. Another thing that is to be noted, is that you cannot salvage your Rank 2 to Rank 5 charms.

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