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Diablo Immortal Fleshcraft Hydra and Sandstone Golem boss guide: Where to find, how to spawn, and rewards

Your guide to defeat these creatures from the deepest corners of hell

Diablo Immortal is overflowing with a variety of enemies and is full of mysterious dungeons that house numerous demonic beasts. Travelling out from Westmarch players will encounter unspeakable horrors in the form of beasts that haunt the area and among the creatures, the strongest beings are the world bosses. Fleshcraft Hydra and Sandstone Golem are two world bosses currently available in Diablo Immortal. In this article, we will detail where to find them, how to summon them, and what conditions players need to meet before they can spawn these creatures from the deepest corners of hell.

How to summon Fleshcraft Hydra and Sandstone Golem in Diablo Immortal

Players can locate the two beasts in the labyrinth in the Library of Zoltun Kulle. Players will reach the area by progressing through the story but Fleshcraft Hydra and Sandstone Golem won’t appear automatically. The area is inaccessible until the players reach level 35. If you are yet to reach level 35, then check our guide on how to level up faster in Diablo Immortal.

To summon the gargantuan enemies, players will need to collect the Lost Pages in the Library of Zoltun Kulle. The pages are dropped by defeated enemies, therefore it is recommended to kill every creature that crawls the library. The pages are scattered randomly and they resemble a pile of scribbles which makes them easy to identify. On collecting, five “Lost Pages”, a Portal Tome will be created which opens a portal giving players access to Kulle’s Hidden Chambers.

Diablo Immortal Fleshcraft Hydra and Sandstone Golem
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Opening the portal has three possibilities: spawning Flescraft Hydra, spawning Sandstone Golem, and opening gates to a Treasure chamber. Each time a portal is created it will lead to one of the above three mentioned endings. If players are interested in fighting the end-game bosses rather than collecting loot from the treasure chamber they will need to collect five more lost pages from the library to spawn another portal. 

Diablo Immortal Fleshcraft Hydra and Sandstone Golem, Diablo Immortal, Diablo Immortal Zoltun Kulle's library
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Another way to fight the end-game bosses is to lurk around the desolate depths of the library since any player summoning the demons will alert everyone and players will have about two minutes to reach the spawning points. 

Diablo Immortal Fleshcraft Hydra and Sandstone Golem locations
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Fleshcraft Hydra can be found in the Hydra’s Lair just to the left of the Writhing Ingress (marked in blue above) waypoint while Sandstone Golem is located above the Chaos engine, across the bridge (marked in red above). If you are not aware of the world map, consider checking this in-depth world map guide for Diablo Immortal.

Sandstone Golem and Fleshcraft Hydra boss rewards

Like other enemies the world bosses on being defeated drop loot. The drops are random and a wide range of items are available for players to claim which include experience orbs, weapons, enchanted dust, and more. There is also a possibility of legendary items being dropped but it is extremely rare.

The bosses though are a good source of Enchanted Dust, which is not easy to grind doing other activities in the overworld. Enchanted dust is used to upgrade legendary gear and therefore it is worthwhile to spend time fighting the bosses. 

Did you find our guide on how to beat Fleshcraft Hydra and Sandstone Golem in Diablo Immortal helpful? Let us know in the comments below!

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