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Diablo Immortal: The complete Equipment Guide and Tips

Quick tips for Upgrading, Salvaging and Reforging your Equipments

Diablo Immortalan action role-playing game released on June 2, 2022, recorded a large number of downloads within hours. Being an ARPG game, it consists of a variety of equipment that players can upgrade, salvage, and reforge. Players need to understand each piece of equipment and its attributes to play efficiently. There are 4 types of equipment rarities: Common, Magical, Rare, and Legendary. You can upgrade, salvage, and reforge any equipment in Diablo Immortal while you are playing the game and our guide will help you with that.

How to upgrade your Equipment in Diablo Immortal

Upgrading Equipment is one of the main things you need to do while playing the game as it helps in building your character powerful, further making it easy for powerful combats. The more upgraded the weapon will be the more it will register damage on the enemies. Therefore, it is necessary to upgrade your equipment as the game progresses because, with more upgraded equipment, your character will become more powerful.

Diablo Immortal Upgrade Equipment
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

When upgrading the equipment, the player will receive additional bonus attributes which will increase the power of the equipment and increase your combat rating. In terms of primary gear, you can only upgrade legendary and primary gear. Upgrading is unlocked after you complete the main quest in Ashwold Cemetry and then talk to the Blacksmith in Westmarch.

Things to know about upgrading Equipment

  • Players can upgrade Rare Equipment to rank 5 and legendary equipment to rank 20.
  • You will have every legendary item equipped on the primary slot and every set item equipped on secondary slots. These items are important for unlocking your end-game items and each legendary item will have legendary power that will help improve your skills.
  • Equipment found during the game can be useful enough and added to your equipment list. Even if the equipment is not useful enough to you, the blacksmith can salvage those items and turn them into useful components which you can later use for upgrading gears.
  • If you visit the inventory menu at times while you are playing the game, a green up arrow appears sometimes beside the equipment. You can increase its level and attributes. 
  • You can upgrade Primary Equipment by heading to the Blacksmith in Westmarch. You need to have gold, scrap materials, shards, and enchanted dust for upgrading. In Westmarch you can exchange 10 scrap materials for 1 enchanted dust which is not worth it.
  • Try to pick magic and rare items frequently from the Monsters drop as it will save time and you do not need to go to the Blacksmith every few minutes.
  • Players need to have Enigmatic Crystals upgrade equipment in the secondary gear. Secondary equipment can be easier to upgrade than primary equipment.

How to Salvage Equipment in Diablo Immortal

Salvaging materials is a must to do in Diablo Immortal. You can salvage gold, scrap materials, shards, and enchanted dust. Here’s how to salvage material:

  • Go to The Blacksmith in Westmarch who will salvage your materials and in return, you will obtain materials that you require for upgrading.
Diablo Immortal Salvage Equipment  Guide
Image via Blizzard Entertainment
  • The game will send you a warning if you are going to salvage already equipped equipment with high ranks and attributes. It will also give a warning when you are about to salvage equipment that is better than you are currently using.
  • Make sure you recheck which equipment are you salvaging and pay attention to the warning. The amount and quantity of materials you will obtain after salvaging are determined by the item’s quality.

How to Reforge Equipment in Diablo Immortal

Players need to Reforge equipment when they are about to reach the end of the game. If you have recently started playing Diablo Immortal, this doesn’t concern you. Note that only primary gear can be reforged and for reforging a primary gear you need at least rank 6 equipment to reforge it.

Reforge Stone Equipment
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

A reforge stone is required to reforge gear which is pretty much difficult to find out. You can use a reforge stone multiple times to obtain bonus attributes. A limited amount can be purchased from the Hilst merchant daily along with being rewarded at the end of a battleground season depending on your rank. You can also reforge your equipment by paying for purchasing eternal orbs. If you have 100 eternal orbs, you can obtain a family reforging stone.

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