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Diablo Immortal Guide: Tips to get Wings in the game

Here's how to acquire the unique cosmetic item in Diablo Immortal!

Diablo Immortal comes with various exciting items and loots for its players to collect while progressing through the game. Be it collecting legendary gems or acquiring new armor sets for the players while fighting in the arena. Although most of these are rare legendary items that come with in-game purchases, they are worth buying as it directly helps the player to level up and unlock new levels and modes. Other than all these exciting legendary items and gems to collect, Diablo Immortal has something more to offer to its players, a set of cosmetic items referred to as Wings.

Wings in Diablo Immortal

Wings are a type of cosmetic item to grab while you are playing in Diablo Immortal. There are an ample number of players whom you may encounter wearing those while fighting battles in the Sanctuary which is a pretty much tough process to find and acquire. 

How to get Wings in Diablo Immortal

  • Players need to focus on boosting an item called Resonance to acquire a pair of wings in Diablo Immortal. Resonance is the number attached to the golden orb which is used as a currency in the game. 
  • You will have to focus on boosting the amount so that you can gain more gears and stats. You need to hit at least 1000 resonance to acquire a Level 1 tier wings.
  • You can boost your resonance by upgrading and equipping Legendary items in the game. There are three tier levels for wings available in the game.
  • For the first tier of wings, you need to hit 1000 resonance, for the second tier you will require 3000 resonance, and for the third tier, it is 5000 resonance.
Diablo Immortal how to get Wings
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Note that when you automatically hit the desired tiers, you will get to find your wings in the cosmetics menu. Players can also purchase Eternal Orbs by spending real money to upgrade the legendary gems. This is a way easier way to boost Resonance and upgrade your legendary gems. You get to spend some real currency which is indeed very frustrating for some of the players who don’t want to waste their valuable currency in a game.

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