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Diablo Immortal: How to obtain and use Hilts in the game

Know how to find Hilts easily!

Diablo Immortal comes with many forms of currency, the premium being Eternal Orbs and the semi-premium being Platinum in the game. Other than these two forms of currency there are Gold and finally Hilts. Hilts are a form of valuable currency that can be spent to receive endgame crests and important crafting materials. In this hand guide of ours, we explain how you can find Diablo Immortal Hilts, how to farm by finding the exact location of the Hilt’s Trader, and the items that can be purchased with the use of these hilts.

How to farm Hilts in Diablo Immortal

Hilts are practically very much rare to find in Diablo Immortal and these Hilts are useful for crafting materials that are otherwise very difficult to find. To acquire more Hilts in Diablo Immortal, you need to complete the following activities:

1. Registering First Kill of The Day

There is a high chance of getting Hilts in the random rewards section after registering the first kill of the day. No doubt, this is the easiest way to earn and add more hilts to your list. Although sometimes your fate might not work because the bonus reward sometimes might not turn out to be Hilts, coz Hilts are no guaranteed rewards.

2. Completing Challenge Rifts

Try to complete the challenge rifts and see your rank increasing on the groups and the leaderboard section. Every time your standing increases on the leaderboard, you will earn Hilts as a reward.

Farm Hilts
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

3. Checking The Codex

This is probably the easiest way to earn Hilts by defeating enemies and completing specific area achievements. Make sure to check the codex section for some achievement rewards once in a while to acquire the claimed rewards which can contain Hilts.

4. Progressing the Battle Pass

Progressing through the battle pass is a guaranteed pathway to earn hilts. A lot of rewards are present in the battle pass and as you progress through the pass, you will get to achieve hilts.

5. Climbing the Leaderboards

If you reach the top 1000 rank on the solo leaderboard, you will be rewarded with Hilts. Also If you are playing in a group you need to make it to the top 250 to earn a reward for that. If your team climbs to the top 10, you will earn the maximum number of Hilts.

Other activities include playing PvP battlegrounds and completing faction quests which will help you to earn hilts as a reward.

How to find Hilts trader locations in Diablo Immortal

Hilts trader location
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

After you have earned some hilts by completing certain activities in the game, your next step will be is to find the Hilt’s trader. As you progress through the story and reach level 28, you will be naturally led to a Hilt’s trader in Westmarch (Lieutenant Firzah). While the game’s story takes you to the Hilt’s trader in level 28, you can also head there early in the game and spend Hilts on great items.

How to use Hilts in Diablo Immortal

Items to buy with Hilts
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

As you progress through the game and build your collection of hilts, you might be wondering where to spend these hilts. Since the items that you can buy from the Hilt’s trader are limited in some form either by time ranging from a monthly, weekly, or daily limit or by amount, we would recommend you to buy the legendary crest that is available once per month which guarantees a legendary gem drop from Elder Rifts. We recommend not to buy scrap materials or any other easily farmable materials. Instead, purchase the legendary crest because it’s a limited bargain.

Did you find our guide on how to find Hilts in Diablo Immortal helpful? Let us know in the comments below!

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