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Diablo Immortal: Tips to obtain Legendary Gear in the game

Here's how to obtain Legendary gear!

Diablo Immortal players can earn numerous rewards by defeating demons, and bosses with gained skills and attributes as they progress through the game. The game has already been released on both Android and iOS. After two weeks of its release, players have already known the fact that Legendary Gear is the most difficult and rarest to find in Diablo Immortal. There will be rarest chances when you can get legendary gear when you progress in the game. If you are looking to earn legendary gears in the game then you need to be very patient and try your luck.

Legendary gears can also be purchased in Diablo Immortal with real money transactions and some Data Miners have found out that this is the only way out to obtain the most desired gear in a big amount. But there are other alternative ways to grind out legendary gears. In our Diablo Immortal guide, we will tell you some alternative ways to farm legendary gears rather than buying and wasting your valuable money.

How to obtain Legendary Gear in Diablo Immortal

1. Completing the Ancient Arena Event

One of the easiest methods to earn legendary gears is to participate in a PvP event found in Bilefen known as the Ancient Arena Event. The event is a special timely event quest and is only available at a certain time of the day. The event takes place between 10.30 am to 10.30 pm at a specific time, according to the local server time.

Diablo Immortal Legendary Gear
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

The players will surely get legendary gear when the campaign ends if certain rules and restrictions are followed. The primary objective of this event is to open the Neplalem Cache, present at the center of the main arena ground. A strong team acquiring high attributes and skills is a must for this quest so that a large number of enemies can be killed smoothly.

2. Progressing through the Main Storyline

Progressing in the game by exploring the main storyline of the game is another way to get a hand on the most desirable gear in the game. You can achieve these legendary gears in the Daily Rewards and the Battle pass section as rewards.

Diablo Immortal farm Legendary Gear
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

If you are fortunate enough, you can get to have the maximum of the legendary gears by randomly killing bosses and demons in the main quests. Ensure to collect daily rewards and check the battle pass section daily.

3. Leveling Up in the game

Diablo Immortal 100 Massacre Bonus
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

To increase your chances of claiming a legendary gear in the game, firstly hit Level 60 in the game to unlock the Hell 2 difficulty which is the only way of increasing the legendary gear drop rate. As you step onto the Hell 2 difficulty, your chances of earning legendary gear in the game increase.

4. Buying Legendary crest from the Hilt’s Trader

As you progress through the game and earn hilts by completing certain activities in the game, you have the option to buy the legendary crest which is available only once per month.

5. Participating in Global Zone Events

Global Zone legendary gear
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Another way to farm legendary gears in the game is to participate in the Global Zone events at specific times. You have to kill as many enemies as possible as you enter the global zone events. These events will reward you with Enchanted dust increasing your chances to obtain legendary gears.

Did you find our guide on how to farm Legendary Gear in Diablo Immortal helpful? Let us know in the comments below!

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