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Dragon POW! Dragon Tier List for May 2024

Make sure to have these Dragons!

Dragon POW! is a mobile bullet-hell shooter RPG developed by Flow Entertainment and distributed by Boltray Games. In this game, you control a dragon as you battle waves of enemies in vibrant stages, leveling up your dragon and gathering dragon treasures along the way. To help you make the most of your dragon selection, I’ve put together a Dragon POW Dragon Tier List. This list ranks the available dragons based on their abilities, stats, and overall effectiveness in battle.

If you’re new to the game, discover the essentials for this game with our beginners guide, packed with tips to help you navigate the game smoothly. Don’t forget to check out the available redeem codes for more rewards! Additionally, learn how to maximize your resources with our tips to earn Dragon Gems. And if you encounter any issues, reach out to customer support for prompt help.

Dragon POW! Tier List for May 2024: Best Dragons Ranked

To help you choose the best dragons in Dragon POW!, I’ve categorized them into three tiers: Strong (S)Good (A), and Average (B). This system allows you to understand how each dragon performs in combat quickly. Keep in mind, that these rankings are based on my personal experience, so feel free to adjust your choices based on your playstyle and preferences.

Strong (S)FafnerDisAoshuang
Good (A)SpianderReidUwilaLadonShockwing
Average (B)BaleLymeDandelion

Best Dragons for Dragon POW! in May 2024

Best Fire Dragon – Fafner

In my experience, Fafner is one of the best dragons in Dragon POW! because its fire-based skills offer powerful damage boosts and consistent crowd control.

Dragon POW! Fafner
Image via Boltray Games

With abilities like increasing fire damage through Fire Blessings, enhanced Dragonbreath damage and burn effects, improved lock-on and shooting speed, and the Conflagration boost for extra fire damage, Fafner excels at taking down enemies quickly and efficiently.

Best Poison Dragon – Dis

From what I’ve seen, Dis is one of the best dragons in Dragon POW! because its poison-based skills offer strong damage output and crowd control. It boosts poison damage through Bombardments and Poison Blessings and enhances Bombardment damage and speed.

Dragon POW! Dis
Image via Boltray Games

Starting with Augmented Poison Bombardments allows consistent high damage, while inflicting Venom on enemies reduces their defense, making them easier to defeat.

Best Ice Dragon – Aoshuang

In my experience, Aoshuang is one of the best dragons in Dragon POW! because its ice-based skills offer powerful offense and crowd control. The dragon’s abilities increase weapon damage, inflict freezing effects, and deal damage over time.

Dragon POW! Aoshuang
Image via Boltray Games

Aoshuang’s White Dew mechanic boosts attack speed and can unleash significant ice damage. Its combination of penetrating Icicle’s high crit rate and crit damage boosts makes Aoshuang a versatile and formidable dragon in battle.

How to get Dragonforms

To obtain dragon forms in Dragon POW!, you need the required treasures to activate them. These treasures can be acquired through various means. One way is through the Wishes feature, where you can summon treasures using a gacha system, which is often the best way to obtain high-rarity dragon forms.

Dragon POW! Treasure
Image via Boltray Games

Additionally, as you progress through the main story and complete chapters, you’ll also have opportunities to earn these treasures as rewards, although they tend to be of lower rarity. Keeping an eye out for special events is crucial, as they frequently offer chances to obtain these treasures as well. By collecting these treasures through summons, story progression, and events, you’ll unlock the ability to activate different dragon forms.

In Dragon POW!, picking the right dragon is crucial for success. This tier list offers insights into the top dragons based on their abilities and effectiveness in battle. Customize your strategy to match your playstyle and stay flexible as the game evolves with updates and new content. Experiment with different dragons and builds to find what works best for you and dominate the battlefield

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