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Dungeon of Gods Beginners Guide and Tips

Drag, drop and defeat stage monsters easily!

Dungeon of Gods is an RPG genre mobile game, developed by Super Planet which can be played with only one hand, such as sliding the screen, then releasing it to attack the enemy. This game invites us to adventure in a dungeon, and each dungeon or chapter has its own obstacles because this dungeon has 10 levels that one must pass. Now that you know what Dungeon of Gods is all about, we can jump straight into the beginners guide.

Introducing the Basics of Dungeon Of Gods


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In this game you will go through various chapters, for now, there are 20 chapters available, which each chapter will have 10 levels that we must pass, and in each chapter, there are different bosses and have their own uniqueness, such as throwing weapons, attack, or hit in the surrounding area.

Tips to Attack

How to attack Dungeon Of Gods Beginners Guide
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Here there are 2 ways to attack the enemy, first, we approach the enemy by sliding the analog on the Smart Phone screen, then release the analog, and it will attack the enemy by itself. The second way is with the name assault, that is, we move away from the enemy by sliding the analog until there is an arrow under our character, then release the analog, and then our character will make an attack.


When we start the game, we will be asked to choose 1 of 3 available abilities, here we have to determine our playing style. If there is no attack then we choose the ability that is ordinary attack or melee, if not we choose the ability to increase attack stats.

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If we find abilities with colored borders, then we should prioritize those abilities, because these abilities have higher stats than abilities without colors. The rankings are standard, premium, rare, heroic, legendary, and mythic (order from lowest to highest).

Gate of Each Level

gate Dungeon Of Gods Beginners Guide
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When we finish eliminating all enemies, then we will enter a gate to change levels, but we don’t just enter the gate, because usually there are 2 different gates, which we can distinguish, such as the blue gate, we will get the ability to add stats, if you choose a white gate, it will get a potion, then if it’s red then we will get an ability to use a skill.

Boss Attacks

When it reaches the boss level, the enemy’s attack will be more painful than the previous level, therefore we must avoid the attack by means that our character should not be in the enemy’s red area, because that area is the range of the enemy or boss attacks, that way we can avoid.

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In addition, set the tempo when we want to attack the enemy, because each enemy has a pause to attack, so when the enemy attacks because there are red signs, then we have to back off or dodge first, then when it’s finished, it’s our turn to attack it, do it consistently, then we will easily win it.

Collecting Rewards

In this game, we can get free gifts when completing a mission or achievement, from these prizes, we can spend to get some items or materials to add character power stats before entering the game. Then, you can also go through the daily log in which contains coins, gems, and treasure boxes to get items.

Purchasing Items

Collect Rewards Dungeon Of Gods Beginners Guide
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To increase the power stats, it is necessary to have a qualified item, to get it can be done by buying items in the treasure from tickets or gems that have been collected. Apart from treasure boxes, you can also buy items with real currency, usually, there are interesting offers from this game, such as buying gems or coins, as well as items with high grades which can be considered quite difficult to get if only from the treasure box.

Prioritize the high-grade Items

Purchase Items Dungeon Of Gods Beginners Guide
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If we have items with high grades, we recommend prioritizing these items, because they definitely have higher stats than those below, grades here are standard, premium, rare, heroic, legendary, and mythic (in order from lowest to highest). Also, don’t forget to level up, so you will have higher stats.

Dungeon of Gods Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

Here are some of our tips in our Dungeon of Gods Beginners Guide to help you, newbies, to kickstart your journey.

  • If you want to play in a chapter, then next to the play button there are the words Difficult or Very Difficult which mean the chapter is quite difficult to play because your combat power or CP is still not strong enough, so suggest upgrading Combat Power us, either by upgrading Items, or using high-grade items.
  • Determine our playing style from the start, whether focusing on endurance, melee attacks, or even focusing on assault attacks, so when in the game, we can choose stats by focusing on 1 thing, and not getting confused.
  • When we want to choose the gate in each level, my tip is if we are still low level, then prioritize the red gate, because as long as I play, the gate rarely appears, only 2-3 in one chapter, then the second priority is the blue gate to increase stats because at low level the enemy is still easy to eliminate, then if our blood is low then prioritize the potion gate, because there we can get potions to recover some of our HP.
Dungeon of Gods
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  • If we lose at a level, either because of playing mistakes or not focusing, we can continue at the level when we lost by doing rebirth, this method requires 100 gems or watching available ads, but this method can only be done 5 times a day, no could be more.
  • To save coins, we can focus on upgrading 1 important item in each section and prioritize upgrading items with high grades. For example, prioritizing endurance, then the coins are for upgrading items that focus on defense and health points or HP.
  • We can blacksmith an item to increase its transcendent level, by collecting items until the material is sufficient according to the transcendent requirements so that the item can increase its stats much higher than the usual level up.

Final Thoughts

Dungeon of Gods is a game that can be played anywhere and anytime because of the ease of playing which only requires one hand, besides that this game requires strategies and items that are qualified to beat the existing levels and chapters.

That’s it from this Dungeon Of Gods Beginners Guide. Do hit us up in the comments section if you find this Dungeon Of Gods beginners guide useful. 

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