eFootball 2024: A complete dribbling guide to learn the Fundamentals and Skill moves

A detailed dribbling guide!

KONAMI’s eFootball 2024 is undoubtedly one of the best football games we have on mobile and as it got new updates, we also saw new features such as Co-op Mode and My League making an appearance, and getting the best players and managers found new value. The gameplay in eFootball 2024 had several changes, with dribbling being a significant aspect that has been revamped, with the same carried over to the 2024 edition as well. The success of dribbling in a match depends on both the player’s skill level and the defensive abilities of the opposing team. Learning skill moves also become important, which I will explain in this guide on how to master dribbling in eFootball 2024.

The fundamentals of Dribbling in eFootball 2024

Enhancing your dribbling skills in eFootball 2024 involves employing various techniques and following key tips. It is crucial to begin by mastering the fundamentals of dribbling, including precise control of your player’s movements. I shall explain a few, to begin with. You can refer to my tips and tricks guide for dribbling as well to learn some more important aspects of the game.

Tricking and reading your opponents

Deception plays a significant role in successful dribbling, so strategically alter your pace to confuse defenders by seamlessly transitioning between slower and faster movements, allowing you to create space and catch opponents off guard.

Dribbling in eFootball
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When it comes to reading your opponent’s movements, it’s all about anticipating and understanding their actions on the field. For example, if you read the defender pressing you in a straight direction, you can understand that you can face your back toward him or offer a dribble in the opposite direction.

Close control

Developing close control is essential for navigating through tight areas while retaining possession, so dedicate time to practising delicate touches and rapid changes in direction to keep the ball near your player. Players with better ball control stats offer a more helpful way to control the ball and also beat their marker.

Touch and Dash

The Touch and Dash technique is another highly effective method I have followed myself which will help players to maximize their dribbling skills. This technique involves utilizing the Sharp Touch skill strategically. By employing the touch-and-dash technique, players can enhance their ball control and create advantageous opportunities on the field. More details are given in my detailed dribbling tips article.

Application of Skill Moves

In eFootball 2024, skill moves play a crucial role in dribbling. They possess the potential to significantly impact the game by providing you with a competitive advantage. By mastering an array of skill moves you can effectively deceive defenders and create scoring opportunities, which I have experienced myself in plenty of scenarios.

Utilizing these moves allows you to outsmart your opponents, generate space for yourself, and potentially lead to goals. In eFootball 2024, there are several skill moves available that can enhance your dribbling repertoire. Let’s take a closer look at some of these moves and how to perform them.

Scissors Feint

This skill move allows players to perform a quick Scissors Feint at high speed, enabling them to change direction rapidly and deceive defenders.

To perform the move, press Dash on the right, and with the analog pad on the left, flick it in the direction of the player’s movement. This is the same for both the controls as well, with the difference being you have a Dash button on the right for Classic controls.

Double Touch

One of the most used skills in the game, the Double Touch skill move allows players to execute a quick two-touch from both feet, which can be useful for evading opponents and creating space for a shot or pass.

In Classic, tap the dash button and quickly flick the stick in the direction you’re facing. If you prefer advanced controls, you can tap the right side of the screen and swipe the joystick. Do not perform the move while you are dash dribbling.

Flip Flap

Also called the Elastico, with the Flip Flap skill move, players can perform a flashy and effective dribbling move that involves flicking the ball with the outside of the foot, often catching defenders off guard.

To perform the skill move, you have to press the Dash button on Classic or the right in Advanced and then flick your pad diagonally. Diagonally means you are going to flick it on the X directions, any of the four sides.

Marseille Turn

The Marseille Turn is a classic skill move that enables players to execute a quick 360-degree turn, providing an effective way to change direction and evade opponents.

To execute the Marseille Turn in eFootball 2024, you can initiate the move in Classic controls by quickly tapping the dash button followed by swiftly swiping the joystick either upwards or downwards. In the advanced settings, you can perform this move by tapping on the right side of the screen.


The Sombrero move allows players to execute both the Boomerang Trap and the Sombrero Turn, which involve flicking the ball over an opponent’s head and quickly manoeuvring past them. A pretty difficult move to execute, but I will explain to you how.

You cannot perform this tutorial by having the ball on the ground. Instead, when someone gives you a lofted pass, receive it with the player’s chest and quickly swipe the joystick in the opposite direction to make a turn.

Chop Turn

The Chop Turn, popularly known as the Ronaldo Chop, is a swift skill move that allows players to change direction abruptly by using a chopping motion with their foot, making it challenging for defenders to anticipate their movements.

You can use it to chop the ball in two directions, which you can do by tapping the dash button and swiping the joystick either upwards or downwards, or 90 degrees.

Cut Behind & Turn

The Cut Behind & Turn move enables players to execute a quick cut behind the ball and swiftly turn in the opposite direction, providing a deceptive and effective means of evading defenders.

For performing the move, swipe the joystick downwards, tap the dash button, and then swipe the joystick upwards or keep it in a straight position.

Scotch Move

The Scotch Move is a skilful dribbling technique that involves using the sole of your foot to drag the ball across your body, providing an effective way to change direction and create space.

In the Classic control, executing the Scotch Move involves tapping the dash button and swiftly flicking the stick in the direction you’re facing. If you prefer using advanced controls, you can perform the skill move by tapping the right side of the screen and swiping the joystick accordingly.

Fake Shot

Not an actual skill move in the skill list, but this is something that many players need to practice. Similar to the Cut Behind & Turn move, the fake shot is a brilliant skill move where the player pretends to take a shot on goal but instead stops the shooting motion midway.

Press the shoot button in Classic or double-tap on the right in Advanced to go for a shot. Before you shoot, immediately flick the direction stick to the direction you want to move your player. Make sure there is space without defenders nearby or it might fail.

Mastering these skill moves in eFootball 2024 will give you the ability to outwit defenders, create scoring opportunities, and showcase your dribbling skills on the virtual pitch. Practice these moves in different scenarios to perfect their execution and incorporate them strategically into your gameplay.

Tips and tricks to remember

Here are some tips and tricks to remember while dribbling in eFootball 2024.

  • The first tip is to always understand the controls, be it Classic or Advanced. A firm understanding of the fundamental controls will lay the groundwork for effective dribbling.
  • Shielding can buy you time while allowing your teammates to advance. This technique is very effective to shove off markers, and also to have the ball for long.
  • Focus on close control of the ball when in tight situations or under pressure. Keep the ball close to your player’s feet by using small, precise touches.
  • Practice the skills in the training mode. Start from the lowest level to push further.

Final Thoughts

To truly excel, it is essential to dedicate regular practice to these skill moves and remember the fundamental tips. This consistent effort enables you to refine the timing and execution, ensuring optimal effectiveness during matches. Additionally, I find it is crucial to assess the on-field situation, considering the positioning of defenders and available space, to select the most appropriate skill move.

By doing so, you can tap into the power of skill moves and leverage them as a valuable weapon within your dribbling arsenal. Unleashing your creativity through these moves will enable you to surpass your opponents and exhibit your prowess on the field. If you have any queries, refer to my eFootball 2024 dribbling guide and hit me up in the comments below.

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That’s all for our eFootball 2024 dribbling guide! Did you find this eFootball 2024 dribbling guide helpful? Let us know in the comment section below!

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