eFootball 2024: A guide to understanding Player Skill Training Program

Time to play with more skillful players!

KONAMI’s eFootball 2024 is undoubtedly one of the best football games we have on mobile. As it got new updates, we also saw new features such as Co-op Mode and My League making an appearance, and getting the best players and managers found new value. Most of the things introduced add a lot of weight in terms of enhancing the game experience. Among these additions is the Skill Training program that works for players to improve their skill set in eFootball 2024.

With the introduction, queries are posted in plenty on how this Skill Training on a Player works in the game. So, in this article, we shall look at how the Player Skill Training Program for a player is defined, and how players can perform it in eFootball 2024.

Player Skill Training Program in eFootball 2024


With the Season 4 eFootball 2023 update, a popular system from the PES series was reintroduced. I do remember this being one of the nice features alongside Position Boosters, which we sadly don’t have anymore. Coming back to the PES series, the skill token could be only applied to the players who had 9 skills or below, and only one token per player could be trained. The skill could be overwritten, and the tokens were given in plenty.

Skill program
Image via KONAMI

This update, a major change in this system allows all players on your team to acquire 5 Additional Skills slots. This means a player can have a maximum of 15 skills this time, and you guys have the freedom of removing and reallocating other skills once again. I’m particularly a fan of this system, as last time we could do only up to a maximum of 10 skills for a player.

However, players will not be able to do more than 5 additional skills, even if a player has 9 skills out of 10. After allocation, you can also read the description of the sill by pressing the info button on the right.

Performing Skill Training on a player

Players can perform skill training by following simple steps.

  • Go to the My Team to access your players.
  • Pick a player of your choice and select Skill Training. It will take you to the player’s skill menu.
eFootball player skills
Image via KONAMI
  • In the additional skill section, there is a New Player Skill option, which allocates a new skill for the player. You can also check the details of all the skills in the Skill List option.
  • On the top right side, you can see the number of Skill Training tokens remaining. Next, perform the skill training and skill will be allocated.

This system is completely random, but players can choose to remove a particular from a player by performing a skill training by overwriting the existing one.

An alternate way to perform Skill Training

The above procedure is the direct way to perform Skill training, but there is a risk of wasting tokens if you do not get the desired skill moves. For example, a striker getting a defender’s skill will be of no use to the striker to be fair, hence making it a waste of a training program.

Step 1: Purchase a no-skill player

So, an alternate process is presented, which I believe is an easy way to not waste any special skill tokens. So, follow these steps for a better technique to allot skill tokens.

  • Go to the Contract section on your Dream Team homepage.
  • Select Standard Player List in the section. The player list will be displayed here.
  • Now you have to check for those players who do not have any skills. Mainly, the lower-rated players do not have any.
eFootball standard player list
Image via KONAMI
  • For sorting them, click on Sort, and in the menu, check for Price. Before clicking it, select the arrow on the right facing upwards to sort it in ascending order.
  • The list will now display the free players. Most of the top ones are those who do not have any skills.
  • Purchase the player of your choice and return to the Home Screen.

While purchasing a player, you should remember to notice his position. For example, if you are looking forward to training a CF with a skill, make sure you purchase a player who is a forward. This will increase the chances of getting a skill that can be helpful for a forward. The next step is to allocate a skill token or more to him, but preferably one skill token would be the right choice to avoid overlapping of skills.

Step 2: Performing the Legacy Transfer

The next step is following the process of the Legacy Transfer. Remember, since you are not transferring the points, you can choose a maxed-out player (no Trending players, say POTW) for the skill transfer.

  • Go to the My Team to access your players.
  • Pick a player of your choice and click on Legacy Transfer. Remember, this player will be the one who is going to inherit the skill.
  • If the selected player is leveled up, only the players who have additional skills will show up. Select the player for the transfer.
  • After selecting, you go to the overview page of the player. Click Confirm to move to the next page.
eFootball legacy transfer, eFootball 2024 Skill Training
Image via KONAMI
  • You can see his additional skills listed along with other details in this section. Do a final confirmation if this is the case.
  • Click Transfer to finalize the Legacy Transfer procedure. The skill will be moved to the desired player and the free player will be disappeared.

The plus point of this is it avoids the skill token being wasted, but a lot of GP will be used for the transfer, which is difficult for new players. However, depends on how you take the system in the game. My suggestion would be to keep your tokens in the bag since you will be better players as the game brings in updates. Epic and Big Time cards should be getting priority since they are the best picks you can have.

What are your thoughts on the skill training program introduced in eFootball 2024? Do let us know in the comments below!

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