eFootball 2024: Top 5 Best Formations to try out for your squad

The best formations!

Every season of eFootball 2024, the excitement of assembling the best squad is always the topmost priority. Many players have been trying their hand to get the best players and the top managers for their team to stay ahead of the other users of the game, and just the start of the new Season 3 has attracted a lot of interest especially the My League Mode and the Co-Op Mode. The formation you select can greatly impact your squad’s performance, so it’s important to pick one that suits your playing style and the strengths of your players. In this article, we’ll explore the top 5 formations that you should consider trying out in eFootball 2024.

Top 5 Best Formations to pick for your squad in eFootball 2024

1. 4-3-3/4-2-1-3

Best Playstyles for 4-3-3: Possession Game/Out Wide

The 4-3-3 formation has been a tactically sound formation over the years and, even in eFootball, it is trusted by many users. Although we have given you two playstyles to adapt with, this tactical setup works with any playstyle you want, and hence, has been a pick of the formations for a long time.

4-3-3 eFootball 2024
Image via KONAMI

While forming the team, if you have that extra AMF in the triangle midfield (4-2-1-3), go for either Goal Poachers or Fox in the Box strikers as they excel in positions where they can take advantage of goal-scoring opportunities when provided with the final pass. For more buildup to the goal, Deep-Lying Forward and Target Man playstyles are better picks for a flat-3 midfield.

At AMF, a Creative Playmaker or a Classic No. 10 are the better choices, reason as they will be linking up more often than Hole Players. No need to worry about winger choices, you can opt for any, same for the defense. In a flat three midfield, Anchor Man + Box-to-Box + Orchestrator/Creative Playmaker is a good choice while Anchor Man + Box To Box is a good fit in a two-man pivot.

2. 5-3-2

Best Playstyles for 5-3-2: Quick Counter/Long Ball Counter

One of the best counter-attacking formations with stability in defense is the 5-3-2. Over the years, it has been practiced by many managers, especially the Dutch in the 2010-15 years where it allowed them to defend the opponents better while also not losing the midfield battle.

5-3-2 eFootball 2024
Image via KONAMI

To bring the best out of this formation, the defensive line must be the core. You need to have a good ball-distributing defender paired with one aggressive and another pass-cutting interceptor of the ball, making a Build Up + Destroyer + Extra Frontman the better choices. Ideally, overlapping fullbacks would be preferred, to help in linking up with the midfield.

The midfield trio must surely have a Creative Playmaker, to be the connecting bridge and the creative outlet, whereas the two can be a control midfielder + aggressive ball winner. My personal preference for the front two would be a Goal Poacher + Deep Lying Forward, with another Poacher in the subs for more runs in the later half of the game.

3. 4-3-1-2

Best Playstyles for 4-3-1-2: Quick Counter

This formation with two strikers up front has been the pick of the players given how devastating the counter-attacking football you can produce. The two strikers upfront with the midfield overload is always a tough nut to crack, and this formation does frustrate the opponent easily.

4-3-1-2 eFootball 2024
Image via KONAMI

You have flexibility in choosing your two strikers since you don’t have any restrictions. It’s recommended to have one of them be a Poacher for scoring goals efficiently. Additionally, for the Attacking Midfielder position, a Hole Player AMF is ideal as they can exploit space effectively and sit between the two strikers.

The rest of the three-man midfield can be as per your preference, but preferable to keep an Anchor Man at DMF to initiate play from a deeper position while also having that extra defender. Defensive line, you can have one Build Up player alongside one offensive and attacking fullback each.

4. 3-1-4-2

Best Playstyles for 3-1-4-2: Long Ball

This is not exactly a formation that many managers use, but the trick behind this is having your team go for as many goals as possible. This has a highly aggressive line with just three defenders, but having one aggressive defender paired with two Build Up ones is a great choice to contain the back line, as the formation grants you a single pivot option as well.

3-1-4-2 eFootball 2024
Image via KONAMI

For a two-striker formation, you can always have strikers of your choice, while for the midfield options, you can be picky with either two CMFs upfront or change it into one AMF and one CMF option. Box To Box midfielder would be a good pick. For the wingers, it can be any of your choice, as it would need wide midfielders. Picking one cross-specialist would be the right choice for more options to cross.

5. 4-4-2

Best Playstyles for 4-4-2: Possession Game/Quick Counter

One of the traditional formations in the game has to be the 4-4-2, which is flexible for all the types of playstyle you want with your players. The top two need to be a creative striker + Fox In The Box/Goal Poacher combo as the midfield is a bit isolated with the front two. You can have a Second Striker supporting the Poacher here so that he can link with the midfield easily.

4-4-2 eFootball 2024
Image via KONAMI

For your midfield setup, consider having a Box-to-Box midfielder with strong stamina and shooting ability. This type of player can contribute both defensively and offensively, making them a threat in various aspects of the game. Additionally, having a defensive midfielder positioned deeper in the midfield will help maintain control over defensive situations and protect the center of the field.

The defense line should be depending on the midfield you choose. If you would like your wide midfielder and fullback to overlap, you can keep the offensive fullbacks, else can keep a stronger defensive line with the Build Up CBs paired with the defensive fullbacks.

Final Thoughts

Well, the thought of having a strong squad working fluidly is always amazing, but end of the day the skillset also plays an important role. Once you have the set of best high-rated players, you need to understand their adaptability and then pick the right formation. Never practice changing a set formation to accommodate a particular ‘favorite’ player since it will imbalance your squad.

So with the players you have, chop and change the setup, sign new players with interest, and try them out. Then figure out which is the best eFootball 2024 formation for you. Whilst you are doing this, do remember that to log in and link it with your KONAMI ID so that you don’t lose your account.

What are your thoughts on this best formations list of eFootball 2024? Let us know in the comments below!

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