eFootball 2024: Top 5 crossing tips the players should know

Tired of weak crosses? Try these steps!

KONAMI’s eFootball 2024 over the last few years has redeemed itself as a popular football franchise. The game has taken a different and fresh approach to the tactical side of the game, which has come across as very intelligent. Long-time fans of the game have welcomed the introduction of Manager tactics and a new training system for the players. Among the changes is the Crossing technique in the game, which has made it a go-to move for scoring more goals in the game. So, in this article, I shall be discussing the top 5 crossing tips and tricks that players should follow and practice in eFootball 2024.

Top 5 crossing tips in eFootball 2024

1. Space before a pass

It’s no surprise that many players prefer quick buildups and dislike slowing down the game’s pace. Passing is very routine, and the majority of the game will revolve around quick buildups. However, this is a poor option that leads to numerous blunders. As a result, using your player to turn and pass works well.

Space before pass
Image via KONAMI

Passing player balance is critical, and a lack of it may result in frequent pass misplacement. As a result, the player must make room for himself, which he can do by using a Sharp Touch or turning in the direction of the pass without using a dash. Just make a move and get away.

2. Stunning Cross solves plenty of issues

A slightly lowered and speedier cross with a stronger curl, Stunning Cross enables the player to play a quick and powerful low, lofted, and cross. The benefits are present, and they outweigh the disadvantages. However, there are some instances where the cross does not come out correctly when the player is not in balance, affecting your game.

Stunning Cross need not be a lofted one always. You can trick the opponent into believing that the pass is going to be lofted, and when he covers the space/blocks in front of you, look for a runner behind and follow with a low cross. This grants more space for the receiving player to control and slot the ball past the opponent’s goalkeeper.

3. Fake shot, Sharp Touch, and cross

Fake shots are the most effective way to fool any opponent’s defender. Along with that, the use of the Sharp Touch is a very effective technique that players can practice to utilize to push the ball forward with a touch, that can create space easily. It can be so lethal that it causes the defender to lose his footing, allowing you to easily get past him.

It is also simple to execute, and there is no need to worry about timing the fake shot correctly. To get the most out of this skill move, players should simply choose a direction that opposes the defender’s movement. Then, with the help of a sharp touch, quickly move forward again. This way, a space for crossing is created, with which you can easily cross the ball.

4. Players with the skill set

In addition to the overall rating for the player, I see that it’s important to look at specific attributes that are important for the passing you need. For crossing, if your player has the skill Pinpoint Crossing, it will create a direct impact on your gameplay, and thus able to provide accurate crosses to your players on the receiving end.

It also depends on which position and playstyle you are using, for wingers, you need to have Pinpoint Crossing to deliver great crosses. So, selecting players with these plays has a direct impact on your gameplay. They will help a lot in adding the right amount of curl to your crosses and thus get a higher percentage of landing a great cross.

5. Player Balance

As most of us know, the ability of a player to maintain their balance while dribbling, shooting, or receiving a pass is all reflected in the player’s balance. Players with good body balance in the game might have better control of the ball, be able to execute moves and turns more smoothly, and be more resistant to physical challenges from defenders.

Player Balance eFootball 2023
Image via KONAMI

For crossing, this becomes equally important as the lack of balance or space while dribbling or moving the ball will not keep the player in a steady crossing position. So, while crossing, make sure you move the body in the direction of the player receiving the pass, not fully facing, but the body should be directed towards the intended player to get the perfect amount of curl.

Final Thoughts

Crossing in eFootball 2024 has become very efficient, as more crosses reach the target more often. It was increasingly difficult to manage a good cross, and with this change, the game mechanics have seen a new light.

It requires a good amount of practice to make things work in eFootball, and while putting a good cross you need not showboat your skills, but read the defender’s movement. So, I suggest you remember these eFootball 2024 crossing tips and get your team running and winning!

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Did you find this eFootball 2024 guide of top 5 crossing tips helpful? Do let us know in the comment section below!

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