eFootball 2024: Top 5 attacking tips and tricks players should follow

It is time to up the ante!

KONAMI’s eFootball 2024 is undoubtedly one of the best football games we have on mobile and as it got new updates, we also saw new features such as Co-op Mode and My League making an appearance, and getting the best players and managers found new value. Talking about the game, Attacking in eFootball 2024 has taken a different turn in my opinion compared to the PES series and players should understand the techniques better too. So, in this article, I shall be helping you to look at the top 5 attacking tips and tricks that players should follow in eFootball 2024.

Top 5 attacking tips to follow in eFootball 2024

1. Utilizing the Radar view

In eFootball 2024, the Radar view is a graphical representation of the field that shows the location of all players, including your teammates and opponents. The radar view, which is located at the screen’s bottom side, allows you to quickly assess the position of all players on the field, giving you a better idea of the game’s flow and potential areas for attacking or defending.

Radar View
Image via KONAMI

This is a huge attacking advantage, as the players can quickly identify potential passing options or defensive gaps in eFootball 2024 by using the radar view. Players can time the passes well, say a player is running towards the goal, and the passes can connect and the players can loft or pass it through. Most players do not take this advantage and hence do not get a clear view of the field.

2. Effective use of Pass and Move

The pass-and-move technique is something you don’t want to face. Most suggest the reason for this is lack of skill in other departments, but to be fair, it is part of the game for a reason. Apart from the usual 1-2s with the two CFs in a Quick Counter system which is the usual tactic by many, it works so beautifully when you utilize it with your other players.

Pass and Move
Image via KONAMI

Suppose you are in a scenario where you need someone to run into the space but have no natural runners in that area. So you use one of your defensive players to do that work for you, trigger a run, get him to that space, and move the ball forward. This way, you make your team flexible.

3. Improving your First Touch

Had issues controlling the ball? Then take the first touch correctly! Most of the players like to dash against the ball’s direction, so it’ll end up being a heavy touch, and thus will work against you. So, to improve your first touch, don’t dash while collecting the ball. While you are about to receive it, just tap on the left side of your screen, and control the ball.

Sharp Touch
Image via KONAMI

One more intelligent technique that many players fail to acknowledge is the Sharp Touch. It is the best way to escape the press and open up space to get going with your sprint toward the goal. Many players use the Sharp Touch pretty well and they also are very effective in attacking.

4. Performing skill moves intelligently

Skill moves are not in the game for showboating. Sometimes, players love to dribble past the field using skill moves which I do like to do as well, and having fun is okay. But if you want to be more competitive, using the skill moves at the right time is a must.

There are plenty of skill moves in the game, with Double Touch, Flip Flap, etc. being the most effective ones to get past the opponent as from my experience. Shielding the ball is also a skill, even though not a move, it really depends on how well you use it. I suggest players practice and work on these simple yet effective skills to get the best results.

5. Attack and Finish patiently

Patience is key to success, and this game is a fair reflection of it. What many players do is hurriedly attack, and because of this reason, most of the problems arise. Be it horrid finishing techniques, or shooting it directly to the keeper. Or in many scenarios where players just find themselves in defender traffic and complain their player isn’t good.

Being patient in attack gives a different dimension to your attacking system. Sometimes, while delaying a pass, your player runs might end up being accurate, and while collecting the ball, keep a two-second gap, and turn the player in the right direction before attempting it. While finishing, do not attempt the stunning shot in tight areas, just calmly pick a corner and slot it home. This way, you can calmly improve your gameplay without much of a hassle.

Bonus attacking tips in eFootball 2024

I would like to share a couple of bonus tips for you so that I can extend this article offering more than five tips. It all depends on how you use this in the game!

Bonus Tip 1: Correct use of Attack/Defense Level

This is something most of us know, but how many make ‘correct’ use of it? Very few. I have been in many online matches where even though opponents are one or two goals down, they would just not make use of a feature that comes in very handy in cases of both attacking and defending. Whether it’s in attacking or defending situations, mastering these features can often turn the tide of a match.

eFootball 2024 gameplay
Image via KONAMI

So, depending upon the formation you use, trigger this option. For a 4-3-3 flat midfield, you might sometimes want to up the level of attacking so that one of your central midfielders, say Box-to-Box for example, can occupy the front space bombing forward, and help in a more fluid attack even though the defence is compromised a bit. These are small changes yes, but as my example

Bonus Tip 2: Selecting the right players

All this boils down to your team selection, surely. Having the best players or considering the attack, three forwards with high stats is not enough. For example, the most important shooting skill for a striker is First Time Shot. if you do not have this skill in your Striker, then whenever you take the shot the first time, it will not be accurate, and in most cases will miss the target.

eFootball 2024 Possession Game example
Image via KONAMI

Wingers should have the same trait. Players with no crossing skills no matter how good they are at passing won’t be able to whip in good balls inside the balls. This is why selecting players will be important, with three important aspects always kept in mind: Team Playstyle familiarity, Conditioning, and Form. Check these before you select your squad and before you get into the match, and you can see the results.

Final Thoughts

As I mentioned at the beginning of the article, Attacking in eFootball has been a little different compared to the last PES series gameplay, and it is great to finally see the player’s skills being put to the test. The dribbling is smoother but the skills aren’t easy to execute, but the additional tricks are really neat to pull off some nice moves against your opponent.

It requires a good amount of practice to make things work in eFootball, and the attacking in the game has got many options and skills that will help the player a lot. But still, many don’t use it in their favour, and thus, fail to score in many games. So, we suggest you remember these tips and get your team running and winning!

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Did you find this eFootball 2024 top 5 attacking tips guide helpful? Let us know in the comment section below!

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