eFootball 2024: The complete Friend Match Mode guide and tips

Everything you need to know about the new mode!

eFootball 2024 is undoubtedly one of the best football games we have on mobile and as it got new updates, we also saw new features such as Co-op Mode and My League making an appearance, and getting the best players and managers has found new value. Before Co-op, there is a Friend Match mode, which you can play with friends. Focusing on the same, this eFootball 2024 guide is all about the Friend Match Mode, how to access it, the step-wise explanation to creating a Friend-Match Room to play friendlies, and choosing the best Settings in a Friend Match. 

Introducing the Friend Match mode in eFootball 2024

With the release of eFootball 2023, then released Friend Match Mode without a doubt became the standout among the season’s new improvements. The eFootball 2024 Friend Match Mode is an in-game mode that allows users to take on their Friends in an Online 1V1 encounter, and flex their Dream Team in front of their pals. 

However, unlike the previous seasons, the game doesn’t give you the provision of a FriendList where you could just add your Friends by sending requests to their respective Konami IDs.

Instead, we got a new concept in eFootball, known as Match Room that lets users create a lobby and invite their friends for a 1V1 head-on challenge by sharing the Room ID with their Friends. To ensure that a random person doesn’t jump into the Room, the Friend Match Lobby comes with Password Protection and only the one that has access to that Password can join the Room.

How to play a Friend Match in eFootball 2024

Now that we know about the basics of Friend Match Mode in eFootball 2024, let us look at the steps to play a Friendly in eFootball 2024.

  • Once you log in to your game, go to the Match option.
  • Under the same, you will find three Friend Match options, namely Create 1 vs 1 Match Room amidst the Co-op one, and Search Using Match Room No.
eFootball 2024 friend match options
Image via KONAMI

Creating a Match Room

  • If you are the one who’s going to create the Friend Match Lobby, navigate to the Create Match Room option.
  • You will find an optional Password Protection option next. We would recommend you to go for the Password Protection Facility. For enabling the same, just tap on the cursor present to the right of the Set Password Option.
  • Once you do so, you will find the Password option just below it getting highlighted. Tap on that.
  • You would be asked to enter a numeric Password of not more than 8 characters.
eFootball 2024 match room creation
Image via KONAMI
  • You also get an option to select the Team Type you want.
  • Once you have entered the same, tap on the Create button present at the bottom right corner of the Create Match Room Page. A new Match Room will be created. Tap on the Copy Room No. option to copy the Room Number on your keyboard. Now paste the same on your Friend’s DM and you are good to go.

Entering a Match Room

  • If your Friend has created the Match Room, you need to enter the same. In that case, choose the Search Match Room option.
  • A pop-up menu would ask you for the Match Room Number next. Copy the Match Room Number shared with you by your Friend and just paste it there.
eFootball 2024 match room number
Image via KONAMI
  • Tap on Search once you have entered the Room Number. If the Room is password protected, you are required to input the Password next. 
  • You can view all the details of the Match Room next, including the Match Settings from the pop-up menu. Just tap on Enter next, to join the Match Room.

Choosing the Best Match Settings

Here are some of our suggestions regarding the best Match Room Settings for users to enjoy the most realistic gameplay experience with their friends in the eFootball 2024 Friend Match mode. However, these are just our personal choices. One can always choose the Settings based on their preference.

  • Don’t set the Match Length above 6 minutes. We often tend to increase the match length, especially when we take on our Friends. However, hours after the update went live, the developers dropped a message stating that they have noticed a chance of a Friend Match getting voided if the match takes longer to complete. Hence, refrain from setting the Game Time above 6 minutes for now. The Developers have assured to compensate for the same once the issue is fixed.
eFootball 2024 match settings
Image via KONAMI
  • Turn on Injuries, Extra Time, and Penalty Shootout for a realistic experience. However, for Extra Time and Penalty Shootout, change the Settings only when the bug regarding matches getting null gets fixed in coming updates. This is because it might prolong the match time.
  • Match Type: Keep that as Standard or Golden Goal based on your preference. However, given the latest issue with Friend Match Mode games, it is better to opt for the Golden Goal Rule so that there’s a possibility to conclude the Match before it is rendered Null.
  • Do not tamper with the Conditions and let them be at Default Settings to get a more realistic form for players.

Final Thoughts

The process to play with friends is pretty simple and there should not be any technical difficulties. However, sometimes matches might not go according to plan probably because of network delay. That’s it for this guide. If you face any problems establishing a Friend Match in eFootball 2024, you can always refer to this guide for assistance.

What are your thoughts about our eFootball 2024 Friend Match Mode guide? Let us know in the comments below!

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If you guys will continue frustrating users with contract renewal issues of players the I swear you are going to lose millions of users ….I don’t know who came up with this complication of contract renewal?? What was he even thinking of???????????????

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FINALLY!! Now, please please PLEASE… i want to create a team with my friends to play against OTHER teams of friends. Like in PROCLUBS. Please hurry!


But in pc the friend match is not working 😕


Fried match problem

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Why I can’t play with some of my friends?

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