Epic Apes: MMO Survival Guide: Tips to Craft items in the game

Create items to survive in the mob city!

Epic Apes: MMO Survival is an adventurebased multiplayer game where monkeys are the pinnacle of evolution and humans have never existed. You have the liberty to build your shelter and furnish it with useful items with the use of materials obtained through various in-game sources. It’s crucial to craft tools, weapons, or any type of gear to survive in the mob city ruled by the monkey mafias. Our Epic Apes: Tips to Craft Items piece will help the novices discover new blueprints for several items as they level up and build useful structures.

Items required to Craft in Epic Apes: MMO Survival

The process of crafting or creating any item in Epic Apes is fairly similar to that of other games. To craft a piece from the designs, you must collect and store the necessary raw materials in an adequate amount of time. Every tool, weapon, or item has a variety of uses, necessitating the need for various sets of related activities. Some of the vital crude pieces required to give the designs a living touch are:

  • Wooden Scrap
  • Scrap Metal
  • Electrical Tape
  • Thread
  • Cloth
  • Plastic Panel
  • Iron Plate
  • Basic Gun Parts
  • Gun Ammos
  • Rope

These are the essential materials required to craft any kind of object, including tools, weapons, gear, furniture, or structures like garages, etc.

Epic Apes-MMO Survival Loot
Image by Brickworks Games Ltd

The primary concern for you at this point is how will you get your hands on these raw materials given the size and dangers of the terrain. Thus, help yourself by remembering these simple steps to fill your backpack with all of the essential materials or raw supplies.

  • Most of these materials can be collected as loot. You need to fish out and locate certain similar-looking crates or bins in your quest or task location and store the loot items in your backpack. If you lack storage space, you can place all your collected items at your home and head out to grab new materials. 
  • You can also obtain these supplies as clearance rewards when you complete a task or a mission location. You just have to follow the tasks list and clear the complete stage accordingly. The daily log-in rewards can also be a source of raw supplies.

How to Craft Items in Epic Apes: MMO Survival

We know how to store every raw material in our backpack and how to use it. Now let’s explore the steps involved in crafting each specific item in the game. You have the option to unlock amazing designs from categories of items. You can build rooms and furnish them with furniture, weapons, clothing, and workstations. Therefore, to complete the crafting process in the game, adhere to the following guidelines:

Epic Apes-MMO Survival designs
Image by Brickworks Games Ltd
  • The first requirement for crafting any type of item is to unlock their respective design. All the designs for different categories of items are present within the Design section. Each of the designs has different unlock levels or criteria. You must abide by the criteria and try unlocking the design for the item you wish to create.
  • Possessing the right raw materials as per the designs is the second most crucial aspect of crafting. Every item takes into consideration different sets and amounts of raw materials. If you face a scarcity of any of the common supplies in your backpack, you can take on more task locations or collect loot to compensate for the shortage.
Epic Apes-MMO Survival create items
Image by Brickworks Games Ltd
  • Finally, if you have your design unlocked and adequate materials, you can craft an item by clicking on Create. The process can be carried out from the Design section itself. In the case of furniture, you just have to place them in your desired manner at your home.

Final Thoughts

Epic Apes Madness is an interesting adventure game where surviving amidst the mafias is a great task. For that reason, creating and having useful items, weapons, or gears by your side helps with your mission. Every item in Epic Apes requires a different set of raw materials. The sources to obtain materials are mentioned in our Epic Apes: Tips to Craft Items article. The piece assists you to live fearlessly and adventure on the streets ruled by monkey mafias.

Did you find our guide on how to craft items in Epic Apes: MMO Survival helpful? Let us know in the comment section below!

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