Everdale Guide: Tips to progress quickly in the game

Tips to progress more faster and efficiently!

Everdale is a mobile building simulation game developed by Supercell that was recently soft-launched in a number of countries worldwide. This is a game in which the sky is the limit for you and your friends. With Everdale, you can build a peaceful village and experience your very own community. If you’re new to Everdale, we’ve compiled a list of essential beginner tips that will come in handy as you progress through the game.

Tips to progress faster in Everdale

1. Assign longer tasks to your villagers

When you go AFK and away, make sure to assign lengthy tasks to the villagers. This way, you’ll make the most progress possible even when you’re offline. When going offline, some of the best options include assigning villagers to valley tasks such as sheep pasture or wheat field. While offline, avoid valley tasks, and similarly when you are back online, focus on your own village and short tasks.

2. Increase your Storages quickly to gather more Resources

If you want to advance quickly in Everdale, you should prioritize storage research and upgrades. As you progress through the levels, you will require more resources to construct new structures and upgrade existing ones.

everdale resources

If you have a small storage capacity, you will run out of resources while AFK and the villagers will cease to work. Therefore, upgrade storage whenever the opportunity presents itself. If you have multiple storage units, you can also relocate one closer to the construction site to speed up the construction process.

3. Uprade your “Study” fast as everything revolves around it

The Study is where you can obtain new Research Projects for your villages, including new structures, leveling up, materials, and recipes. Additionally, players must upgrade their Study level in order to research higher-level technologies.

the study Everdale progress tips
The Study

You will be able to implement the new Research Project in your village once it is completed. This could be an upgrade, a new structure, or something entirely different. While research takes time, it can be accelerated by the use of Scrolls. Additionally, each scroll adds one minute to your research time. Players can easily buy more scrolls with some gems and progress faster than others.

4. Keep your Pantry filled always

If you’re new to the game, please attempt to collect as many food items as possible in order to prepare enough soup for your hungry villagers. All other jobs in the game require soup. If your villagers claim they are unable to work due to hunger, this is a red flag. Provide them with food. As such, it is critical that soup production proceeds at a reasonable pace.

everdale game pantry

If your villagers begin circling aimlessly around the kitchen, they are too hungry to concentrate on their work.
In that case, assign one of them to soup duty. They will immediately return to work after eating. We are not sure if this is a bug or normal, but the villagers seem to get hungry faster than usual! As a result, players must ensure that their Pantry is stocked with soup (always). Once the soup is finished, the villagers will refuse to work for even one second. Remember to keep your kitchen stocked with berries, mushrooms, and eggs, which you can use to make soup on the spot.

5. Invite your Friends in your Valley

Only the Valley’s Leader has the authority to invite new members. They will be required to:

Everdale rivers valleys Everdale progress tips
  • Secure the Valley’s remaining open space.
  • Click the generate code button.
  • Paste the code into chat 4. Distribute the code to the appropriate player

Overall, Everdale is a highly addictive and relaxing game, and while the average player may not encounter any competitive play, it is a game that can be played at one’s own pace. The majority of activity is centered on self-progression and the creation of a beautiful village designed entirely by one.

Did you find our Everdale guide and tips on how to progress faster and more quickly useful? Do let us know in the comments below!

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Jessica DeCoste

I have been trying to upgrade my villager to farming level 4 for three days. He has 1755 of 2000 skill points. He has been farming cotton and wheat straight for three days, but his skill level hasn’t moved! What’s going on!?!? I can’t seem to find the answer to this ANYWHERE

Adam Andersson

You need to assign the villager to pumpkin patch

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