FC Mobile 24 Guide: How to play with friends

Ever since its release five years back, FC Mobile has created hype all over the world. The player base of the game has been increasing ever since its launch back in 2017 with more players joining the game every year. With a huge number of players globally, one of the most popular in-game modes in FC Mobile is the Playing with Friends feature! This article offers a step-by-step tutorial on how to play FC Mobile online with friends and all the Friendly Match features that this game has in store for us.

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How to add friends to your friend list in FC Mobile

You can always play a friendly match with your friend in FC Mobile, even if they are living in a different part of the world. Playing a Friendly Match is an easy process that can be learned quickly. First things first, you must have friends in your friend list to play matches with! Below are the steps to add friends to your in-game Friend list:

  • Click on the Community/People icon, present in the top-right corner of the home screen, just beside the Message and cogwheel (Settings) icons.
  • This would redirect you to your Friend List. To add a Friend, hit the Add Friend icon (note the plus sign) to look up your Friend.
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  • You will see a list of Recommended Users that the game randomly recommends based on your location and server.
  • Additionally, you can tap the Search icon (Magnifying Glass), type the in-game username of your Friend and press Continue.
  • Once your friend’s username pops up, hit the Add Friend Button beside his name and tap on Send Request.
  • That’s it your work is done and you will receive a confirmation that your Friend Request has been sent.
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Next, once your Friend goes online in the game, they can choose to accept or even decline your request. On Accepting, you will receive a message in your Message Inbox that he or she has accepted your Friend Request. Once they are added to your Friend list, their names will show up under the Friend List of the Community/People icon. You can now play against your mate whenever you both are online. Let us discuss the steps for establishing a Friend Match next.

How to set up and play a Friendly Match in FC Mobile

Setting up a Friend Match in FC Football is simple and involves hassle-free steps. First and foremost, make sure that you and your friend are both logged in to the game, i.e., both of you are online. Once that is ensured, any one of you has to send a match request while the other has to accept it. Here is the step-wise guide on how to establish the same:

  • Click on the Community/People icon, present in the top-right corner of the home screen, just beside the Message and cogwheel (Settings) icons.
  • As discussed this would redirect you to your Friend List. Since your Friend has already been added, he should be present in your existing Friend List.
  • Note the colored dot beside your Friend’s name in the list, Green signifies he is Online while Red signifies he is currently playing a Match.
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  • Hit the Match Button beside your Friend’s name and select the type of Match you want to play with your Friend ie VS Attack or H2H.
  • Select the desired Game mode and send the Match Request.
  • Your Friend will receive the Match request in his/her Inbox and from there they can choose to accept the Match Request.
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Do note that while your friend is accepting the match request, you must stay on the same screen and must not hit the Cancel button, as if you do the match will get nullified irrespective of your friend accepting the request in time. Additionally, a match request must be accepted within 10 seconds as beyond that the request expires.

Alternatively, if you want to play a Friendly match with your League mates who may or may not be on your Friend list, you can just ask them to come online and send them a Match request directly from your League Member list!

Final Thoughts

Online multiplayer makes playing mobile soccer games much more enjoyable. A whole new level of joy is experienced when you demonstrate your abilities in a friendly match and demonstrate that your friend is a rookie compared to you. And FC Mobile gives you the chance to do the same thing. Therefore if you mind the minute technical issues that may occasionally arise due to network slowness, then you will have a gala time competing with your friend and in turn sharpen your Division Rivals skills!

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Did you find our guide on how to play with friends in FC Mobile helpful? Do let us know in the comments below!

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