FIFA Mobile 20 Emirates FA Cup Guide

After a long and taxing TOTSSF event, FIFA Mobile 20 introduces a new event for the first time, the Emirates FA Cup. While football has slowly made its way back on the field, EA brings some of the top performers from this year’s The Emirates FA Cup with players from England’s top four leagues.

While football went through some unprecedented times, EA introduces the world’s oldest existing cup competition as an event in FIFA Mobile to celebrate the return of football back from lockdown.

FIFA Mobile 20 Emirates FA Cup Event Description

  • Event Duration: June 22nd – July 2nd (10 Days)
  • Ads: 3 ads daily giving 3 FA Cup Energy per ad
  • Coin Packs: 5 Coin Packs weekly giving 15 FA Cup Energy each for 200,000 coins
  • Energy: FA Cup Energy refreshes 1 per hour with a max of 24 FA Cup Energy
  • Daily Login: 50 Match Points, 15 Football Tokens, 30 Score Tickets

FIFA Mobile 20 Emirates FA Cup Event Flow


In the Main Chapter, you will be using your FA Cup Energy to play Skill Games and Matches or VS Attack. Once you’ve completed the first node in the middle of the pitch, 3 more nodes will appear further up the pitch. Earn Match Points and Football Tokens as you progress down the pitch.

On reaching the Offensive Third area, you will be then able to choose a node in the Take a Shot section and attempt to score. Your odds of scoring depend on where you choose to shoot from. Therefore, remember, you can only Take a Shot in the Offensive Third. When you score, you receive Score Tickets, and thereby the campaign resets back to Kickoff. If you Miss your Shot 3 times in a row, you are guaranteed to score on your 4th attempt!

FIFA Mobile 20 Emirates FA Cup

On the other hand. when you lose a match, you restart back from the first node. So for example, if you lose while you’re in the Offensive Third, you’d go back to the Midfield Third. Additionally , if you lose several games in a row, you might end up in the Defensive Third. Therefore if you lose there, the Chapter resets back to Kickoff.

There are also 5 weekly coin packs that give 15 FA Cup Energy for 200,000 coins each and 3 daily ads giving 3 FA Cup Energy each. 

Note: The VS Attack Chapter unlocks after Scoring a Goal in the Main Chapter. 

VS Attack

The Versus Attack (VS Attack) Chapter is basically the same, except here we will be playing VSA instead of skill games. The rewards are way higher and thus so is the risk of obtaining them. Instead of 20 Score Tickets, you have a chance of getting a massive 200 Score Tickets. But remember for getting 200 Score Tickets, you need to win four straight games against opponents who are in a similar hunt for wins.

There is an OVR Cap of 90-130 for the VSA Matches, meaning you will have to have a team within that specified OVR range in order to compete in the attack matches.


Moving on to the Reward’s tab, it’s just a path of rewards you run down. As the paths go we have players running incrementally from 88 to all the way 101. Therefore this is a rehash of what we have seen the entire season long in big major events. In addition, a big note they are all auctionable now.

You will move down the path and spend your Match Points and Score Tickets to earn rewards and therefore also the Players along with the Center and Side Reward Paths.


Additionally, on winning matches on the VSA tab, you will unlock additional rewards including Boosts, Shards, and Players. Remember these rewards are VSA exclusive and thus you can only earn them by playing the VSA matches and not skill games.

FIFA Mobile 20 Emirates FA Cup

Complete all the daily milestones and win streaks to earn extra rewards.

Trade Shop

In addition to the rewards tab, you will be spending your hard-earned Football Tokens here to get The Emirates FA Cup Players, Skill Boosts, Coins, Training XP, and even a Hazard Key. Upon collecting the Top 3 rewards, the Trade Shop refreshes with new ones.

Therefore there are 3 unique reward tables to complete, including a final generic one with currencies. The pattern is much similar to the TOTTSSF Reserve Wheel with you, therefore, getting a new unclaimed reward every time you trade.


Similarly, as the TOTSSF event, there are three SBCs, in the main tab which exchanges for Rank Shards, which you will use for ranking up. You should be completing the SBCs but the longer you wait, the cheaper the players will become. It’s not that tough, each requires only 5 players, all of them being 86+ OVR, while two of them being Emirates FA Cup players.

FIFA Mobile 20 Emirates FA Cup Event Currencies

There are three different event currencies that you will be getting over the course of the event, with all of them equally important.

FIFA Mobile 20 Emirates FA Cup

Match Points

  • Earn them by playing VS Attack, Skill Games, and Matches.
  • Spend them along the Rewards Path.

Football Tokens

  • Earn them playing VS Attack in any part of the pitch, or by winning a match in the Offensive Third.
  • Spend them in the Trade Shop.

Score Tickets

  • Earn them by Scoring a Goal in the Main and VSA Chapters.
  • Spend them along the Side Reward Path to claim Special The Emirates FA Cup Players.

Additionally, you will get 50 Match Points, 15 Football Tokens, 30 Score Tickets as Daily login rewards.

Running the Math for F2P Players

As per our calculations, the following sums up the chances for F2P Players.

Resource Management

Energy24 InitiallyTotal
Hourly Refresh1 per Hour236
Weekly Coin Pack75 per Week150
Daily Ads9 per Day90

Total 500 FA Cup Energy and 350 without the Coin Packs

You will be using the FA Cup Energy to play Skill games or VS attack matches, in order to get a chance at a goal, thereby obtaining Score Tickets.

There is a Daily Login reward of 25 Match Points, 15 Football Tokens, and 30 Score Tickets every day for the next 10 days.

On Playing just Skill Games and Matches,

Max RewardsMatch PointsFootball TokensScore Tickets
Main Path792144720
Daily Login500150300

On Playing just VS Attack Matches

Max RewardsMatch PointsFootball TokensScore Tickets
100% Win Rate12003007600
70% Win Rate10003003000
50%Win Rate8001000-1000
Daily Login500150300

However, the above calculations are only rough estimations as predictions based on VS Matches are often inaccurate and tough. Therefore the conditions of these calculations are often ideal and not realistic.

FIFA Mobile 20 Emirates FA Cup Tips and Tricks

After a long TOTSSF event, the FA Cup is really a shortlived event. In addition to limited players and grinding opportunities, the event also sorts of acts like a gap between now and upcoming major events. So here is our suggestion guide for the FIFA Mobile20 Emirates FA Cup.

Skill Games and Matches

While playing the matches from the main chapter, play both the matches against AI. After that, only after winning the matches, advance for a chance at a goal. It is always better to play both the matches as the energy cost is cheaper and also the maximum chances are increased.

Source: Frangin

VS Attack Matches

Besides the similar approach to skill games, if you have a low win rate, try scoring the goal from the 3rd VSA Match. If you lose out on the middle match, always claim the refresh from the left side rather than starting from the defensive third.

If your Team OVR isn’t at 130 or you feel you aren’t skilled enough we will advise you to take the safer route of skill games. So, play the skill games as losing the attack matches will only make you lose your energy. Don’t let the Score Tickets offer fool and get the better out of you.

If your Team OVR is higher than 130 and you have to drop it down a bit, never replace your defenders. Rather swap them around and make sure that you always have the best guys on your lineup. Additionally, if you are still higher, make your reserve strikers play at centre midfield to balance the team OVR.

If you start your VSA journey with a loss, don’t wast three energy to get back to the start, rather always use the reset button. Be quick, Be sharp, and skip the chances that seem time-wasting. Above all, remember it’s always tough on these streets.

Player Rewards

Player NameMatch Points CostScore Tickets Cost
88 OVR LW Mckirdy1590
90 OVR ST Mullin35150
92 CAM Holmes125210
95 LB Williams225300
98 OVR CAM Boufal395300
99 OVR RM Almirón670450
100 OVR CDM Guendouzi1545600
101 OVR CB Alderweireld3345900
102 ST Gabriel Jesus21701050

Therefore, from the table, it is clearly visible that 99 Almiron is Free to Play obtainable. If you win your fair share of VSA Matches, Guendouzi is also claimable Free to Play. Therefore 100 OVR Players are free to play in the event along with skill boost and coins. On a rough estimate, you need only three sets of coin packs which are therefore only 600k coins to make sure Almiron is Free to Play. And additionally, you need to buy all the coin packs and win VSA to claim Guendouzi. On the other hand, even without the coin packs, Boufal is easily obtainable free to play.

In order to claim Gabriel Jesus, you need to claim all the six players preceding him. Thus he costs about 27.5k gems but Alderweireld, on the other hand, costs a whooping 56k gems. The 104 OVR Prime Icon Bergkamp is obtainable only heavily Pay to Play and is therefore out of reach.

FIFA Mobile 20 Emirates FA Cup Players

Credits: FIFARenderz

In conclusion, that’s the Emirates FA Cup event, in a nutshell, 99 OVR is possible free to play, 100 is possible sorts of. Additionally , you will be getting tons of resources, some masters, and even a Hazard Key to unlock the final Hazard row. It isn’t great, but then it isn’t that bad either!

Want to build your team with the best players? Check our suggestions below!

Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below, I’ll make sure to reply to everyone. Hope you find this FIFA Mobile 20 Emirates FA Cup Event Guide useful.

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Anandan Das

What is the probability of getting the Hazard key in the entire event?

Anandan Das

Thank you for the explanation. I want to ask, what is more wise to claim, the x1 or x10 trade?

Amey Shinde

Can we get that 98 ovr CAM as well as 99 ovr RM if we buy all the coin packs??


i claimed the hazard key in my 2nd attempt.Best of luck! BTw this event sucks


I got an Holy in the trade shop. What is the chance for this card?

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