FIFA Mobile 20 TOTSSF (Team of the Season So Far) Guide

The most awaited event in the FIFA Mobile Calendar is finally here. FIFA Mobile 20 TOTS or TOTSSF as it is termed this year is live. Every year as the worldwide football seasons come to an end, EA celebrates the top performers from the five major European Leagues with a series of Team of the Season (TOTS) releases.

 While both football and the world at large find themselves in unprecedented times, Team of the Season So Far is the chance to celebrate the best players in each league so far this season. The same special high-rated TOTS items players look forward to at this time each year, while we wait eagerly until football returns.

FIFA Mobile 20 TOTSSF Event Description

  • Event Duration: May 7th – June 18th (42 Days)
  • Ads: 3 ads daily giving 3 Team Energy per ad
  • Coin Packs: 8 Coin Packs weekly giving 9 Team Energy each for 125,000 coins
  • Energy: Team Energy refreshes 1 per hour with a max of 15 Team Energy

FIFA Mobile 20 TOTSSF Event Flow


In the Main Tab, you will be using your Team Energy to play Skill Games, VSA, and H2H Matches for TOTSSF Points. Completing the Skill Game rewards you with 16 TOTSSF Points while failing to do it returns back the energy.
Instead, if you decide to opt for the VSA/H2H matches you get 22 TOTSSF points for winning while on the other hand, you get only 12 for losing. Meanwhile, a draw rewards you with 14 TOTSSF Points. It is safe to say that Skill Games might be your best route to maximum points.

There are also 8 weekly coin packs that give 9 Team Energy for 125,000 coins each and 3 daily ads giving 3 TOTSSF Energy each. Buy the coin packs. Yes Yes Yes, Not buying the coin packs is the dumbest possible thing you can do in this event.

Furthermore, You can also acquire additional TOTSSF Points by acquiring a set threshold every week! Gather 500 TOTSSF Points weekly to earn an additional 100 Points. Furthermore, on earning 1500 TOTSSF Points per week you can get a bonus of 500 TOTSSF Points.

TOTSSF League Releases

Every Thursday will include new TOTSSF Leagues released with one or more Global Leagues. Ultimate TOTSSF will include some of the highest-rated players seen in FIFA Mobile, starting June 11th. Exciting rewards await!

League Starters

Moving on to the actual league’s tab, it’s just a path of rewards you run down. As the paths go we have players running incrementally from 92 to all the way 102. This is a rehash of what we have seen the entire season long in big major events. The players are fantastic, their stats are stellar. These are endgame players mostly and are all starters. And a big note they are all auctionable right now. So there won’t be any big sell-off day postevent when the market could plummet and crash!

Check the tabs out, check the players out. Redeem your hard-earned TOTSSF Points along the Weekly TOTSSF Path for Coins, Skills Boosts, Training XP, Rank Shards, and TOTSSF Players. In addition, Milestones like claiming multiple TOTSSF Starters can reward you with UTOTSSF Players or even a 103 OVR Prime Icon!

TOTSSF Reserves

Each League and also the Community has its own reserve wheel. This is something we have seen a lot in the last few events. Once you get the reserve tokens, you use them on the wheel and move on. It takes 100 tokens for a spin on the wheel. You can grab them throughout the event. Also,there are a ton of good players in here.

Reserve Player Offers

Use your Reserve Tokens on Reserve Offers for each League to acquire TOTSSF Reserve Players from that League. Each Reserve TOTSSF Players can be acquired once and then replaced with Coins or Skill Boosts. After getting 8 rewards from Reserve Offers within a single League, you will get a guaranteed new TOTSSF Reserve Player! New Reserve rewards will be added weekly along with the TOTSSF League releases every Thursday.

Note: As soon as the tab opens up if you got the reserves to jump in there, the player values are gonna be high at the time of league release.

League Specials

Every League has its special tab. The special tab for each league is a path that you follow that ends in a new logo for that league. These are seven days long and stay while only those leagues are fresh. There is a lot of stuff in there including Team of The Season Points which you need and other players, thus there is no reason to skip them.

League special Matches

With each weekly release every Thursday during TOTSSF, there will also be the addition of League Specials! Play matches against teams from the TOTSSF League of the week to earn Global League TOTSSF Players, League LogosHazard Keys, and other rewards. Each League Special only lasts 1 week, therefore make sure to finish them in time! Complete every Special Chapter to earn Bonus UTOTSSF Points.

Ultimate TOTSSF

Spend the UTOTSSF Points you earn on Starters and Reserves in the Ultimate TOTSSF tab. Starters will cost 100+ UTOTSSF Points. Reserves will cost 60+ UTOTSSF Points. UTOTSSF Players and their OVRs will be revealed when UTOTSSF launches on June 11th, 19:00 UTC. Also, play through all the Special Chapters to earn more UTOTSSF Points. And finally, claim 5 UTOTSSF Starters to unlock the UTOTSSF Prime Icon

Update: According to the note on the UTOTSSF tab, the UTOTSSF League Specials will have 2x rewards and 3x TOTS Points which thus amounting to an additional 1350 TOTS Points.

Daily Matches

There are two daily bonus matches you can play in the main tab, there are normal and hard matches similar to Easter Event. Thus the harder the difficulty, the better the rewards. They require regular stamina and winning them returns with boosts, and players. Furthermore, you can get a shot at Global TOTSSF PLayers from the Possible Player Rewards.


Similar to Golden Week, there is a weekly SBCs, in the main tab which exchanges for Rank Shards, which you will use for ranking up. You should be completing the SBCs but the longer you wait, the cheaper the players will become. It’s not that tough, each requires only 5 players, all of them being 86+ OVR, while two of them being TOTSSF players.


TOTS has introduced a huge number of players in the market from reserves to pack only players. You can get them cheap and you’ll also be getting them for free from the League Specials itself so completing the SBCs shouldn’t be such a hassle.

Running the Math for F2P Players

As per our calculations, the following sums up the chances for F2P Players.

Resource Management

Energy15 InitiallyTotal
Hourly Refresh1 per Hour1007
Weekly Coin Pack72 per Week432
Daily Ads9 per Day378

Total 1832 Team Energy and 1400 without the Coin Packs

Those 1832 Team Energy if you play only Skill Games, translates to 9,760 TOTSSF Points by playing a total of 610 Skill Games. You can get additional TOTSSF Points from the League Special Tabs and Weekly Bonus Adjectives.

TOTSSF Points1616 Points per WeekTotal Points
Bonus objectives600 Points Per Week13360
Points from League Specials450 Points per League Special2700

Total 16060 TOTSSF Points and 13256 Points without Coin Packs

Update: According to the note on the UTOTSSF tab, the UTOTSSF League Specials will have 2x rewards and 3x TOTS Points which thus amounting to an additional 1350 TOTS Points. Thus taking the new total points tally to:

Total 17410 TOTSSF Points and 14606 Points without Coin Packs

FIFA Mobile 20 TOTSSF Tips and Tricks

Check the tabs out, check the players out. As far as the strategy goes, its been always go straight down the middle, come back, and collect all the boost, but Team of The Season is too big to have a strategy. so here is our suggestion.


The TOTSSF Points are with which how you grab the players. Nothing’s changed you will have to watch ads, buy weekly energy coin packs, and never let your energy fill. For the VSA/H2H matches the matchmaking is similar to Golden Week.

Realistically if you play the matches and you win as many as you lose with some draws in middle then playing VSA/H2H matches can give you a slight numeric advantage. But then what can you get Free to Play? From our calculations, you can get anything between 7320 to 13420 Points if you continue to play the matches. By Playing the Skil games only you can get 9760 Points

Grab the Bonus Milestone of 1500 TOTSSF Points every week, you will be getting 600 Bonus Points every week. You can get that even if you are just doing the skill games. So that’s 3600 extra points over the course of 6 weeks.

Complete the weekly special paths you can get an additional 450 Points per league from all the six leagues which will show up eventually. So with all the points, your points tally should be anything between 16000 to 19000 if you stick to the VSA/H2H matches. Playing the Skill Games realistically brings you 16060 TOTSSF Points

TOTSFF Starters

It’s going to come down what players you want, what individual league is most important to you for your team. As far as grabbing the players for selling, the higher the rate of the player, the more he is going to be worth it. Therefore, it’s just going to be getting who you need for your team and buying the rest.

Player OVROnly Side Path CostTotal Path Cost
92 Rated9501120
93 Rated9501320
94 Rated18002470
95 Rated22003270
96 Rated25003970
97 Rated29004970
98 Rated36006370
99 Rated47508320
100 Rated800012570
101 Rated975015520
102 Rated1200018970

From the table above, you can see it takes 12000 Points to get to 102 rated big daddy. But also an additional 6970 Points on the path to get to the path making it total 18970 Points. So remember the number between 16000-19000? That means the 102 rated player is technically Free to play but you really really need to win every single match to get there. The 101s though, are all Free To Play and are 100% achievable only grinding the Skill Games. So for a safe route, you may/should choose to stick to this old path.

Also if you choose to buy neither of the coin packs, you can still grab the 100 rated card from any league totally Free to Play. So there is something for everyone!

Same League Players Combinations

Credits Frangin

From the photo above, you can also clearly see we can even get two players from the same league, even a 100 and 99 rated player by just playing the skill games. The Green Section indicates only skill games, the yellow indicates both skill games and VSA matches played in equal distribution, the blue signifies only VSA matches played while the red section indicates the usage of gems.

Different League Players Combinations

Credits Frangin

From the photo above, you can also clearly see we can even get two players from different leagues ie the Premier League and La Liga, etc, even a 100 and 96 rated player by just playing the skill games. The Green Section indicates only skill games, the yellow indicates both skill games and VSA matches played in equal distribution, the blue signifies only VSA matches played while the red section indicates the usage of gems. It also specifies the number of gem packs needed for each case and thus with just a single gem pack you can get a 100 and a 97 rated player from different leagues, totally free to play.

Same OVR Players Combinations

Credits Frangin

Additionally, if you want to go for players of the same OVR across the leagues you can take the above route. Please Note that realistically going for six 94 OVR Players with your TOTSSF Points isn’t something we would advise as the value of the cards is gonna be very low. The above calculations have been possible thanks to Frangin.

Now, the Prime Icon is obviously not free to Play. there is no way they are gonna give you a Prime Icon F2P. It’s EA. Getting a Prime Icon requires the top two rated cards from each path ie the 101 and 102. Getting them both at the same time will require 287,500 Gems, so good luck whales! 287,500 Gems, that’s not Free To Play.

For more in-depth calculations refer to this spreadsheet.

League Specials

Since the introduction of Extra Match wins Conditions, you need to win both the match and complete any conditions included. Each one has secondary condition requirements in the matches. These can range anywhere from requiring a certain amount of passes completed, tackles made, preventing a number of goals being conceded, or scoring goals with specific players, and more. Currently, all the League special matches have certain bonus conditions you need to fulfill in order to advance to the next match. Here are some tips to help you strategize and ease your way.

Complete 10 Tackles

This is where things get challenging. It’s not always as easy as it sounds. You need not score any more in these matches, mostly you already have the lead so focus on your tackles.
As soon as you get the ball you have two choices, basically.

  • Kick the ball out of play: Yes as soon as you get the ball, kick it out of the ball. Therefore it will result in a throw-in. As the opponent gets the ball back you get close to him and hit the tackle button! If you want to try slide tackles, you can do that too else you can stick to the standing tackle. So lose the ball to throw in, let them take the throw, and repeat the process. Go up to them and tap the tackle button to take the ball away and register your tackle.
  • Run into the players: The other thing you can do is just not try out any gestures or buttons and straight run into the opponent players. This sounds a lot weird and even if you have higher overall players, you will still lose the ball to the AI which thus gives you a chance of tackling it back.

Always remember to overdo the number of requirements you are set to do. There is no live counter which shows you the number of tackles you made. So always do more than what’s asked for. If you feel you did enough you may be wrong! Also, keep your Second Defender switch on to assist you in getting your tackles. Spam the tackle button, hit the button every single time you do it and you should pass this difficult yet possible challenge with ease.

Scoring a Brace

This is probably the easiest condition you will come by. Brace means scoring 2 goals, but with the same player. You often have ample time to meet this condition and if the match goes into extra time it just gets easier.

Complete 30 Passes

The passes are fairly easy one. First, you will have to get the goals quickly. Get the goals earlier in-game. If you are worried about running out of time then focus on passing the ball around and take the game to extra time.

Once you get the goals done, then all you have to do is to get the ball back and pass it around your defense. Take the ball, pass the ball. Just keep passing the ball around your defense, just one touch passes back and forth. Never think you have passed enough. Never. just repeat the drill till time runs out.

Complete 10 Dribbles

Dribbling is much easier than Tackling. Here also there are two ways in doing it.

  • Roulette: Rely on your primary Skill Move. Roulette the ball across your opposition and make your way to the goal. As you roulette and pass the ball to your teammate or shoot they get registered as dribbles which in turn adds to your tally.
  • Rainbow Flick: Certain players in-game eg Prime Icon Zidane possess the rainbow flick as their additional skill move. You can use it to get past opponents easily with the ball and the game counts it as a dribble.

Score Using Defenders

In additional to the above conditions, you may also be asked to score using specific players ie attackers. midfielders or defenders. Scoring via attackers or midfielders is pretty straightforward and easy. Defense is where things get interesting. Lest assured there are three ways to achieve this hassle-free.

  • Corner Kicks: Straight forward. force a corner from the keeper. Look for your tallest center back with Power header trait and score with him to meet the required condition.
  • Penalties: Take the match into penalties if there is a provision of the tiebreaker. Always! Remember Goals during Penalty Shootouts count, so meet the additional requirements first, ie passes, roulettes, and take the match to tiebreakers. During shootouts, if your defender is not among the first five to take a shot, you may have to forcefully miss a shot or two to make him come up and take the decisive penalty to make the goal count.
  • Putting an attacker in a defensive position: The old H2H cross spamming trick. If you put a speedy attacker in your wing-back position, you can easily roulette and run through the entire ground and score a banger to make it count for the Defender! Remember the game registers the goals based on your player’s positions on the active lineup and not their stated position on the card.

    Also using an attacker in defense with a high shooting attribute will push him up during the penalty shootouts and his goals will add up towards your defender goals.

Note: Always remember to overdo than the number of dribbles, tackles, passes asked. Always! That’s the key to all of these. Never think that you have done it enough. Never and always use the provision of extra time and penalties to the fullest.


You can earn UTOTTSF Points from claiming the TOTSSF Players and by completing the league specials. Even if you use the gems, the maximum amount of UTOTSSF Points you can claim isn’t enough to claim the likes of Messi or Lewandowski.

Credits Frangin

UTOTTSF Starters and Reserves

With the Starters ranging from 100 to 300 Points requirements and Reserves a mere 80 maximum, there aren’t many options to choose from for Starters if you are a Free to Play player, sadly.

Credits Frangin

From the photo above, you can also clearly see we can get one 99 OVR starter free to play by just playing the skill games. The Green Section indicates only skill games, the blue signifies only VSA matches played while the red section indicates the usage of gems. It also specifies the number of gem packs needed for each case and thus with just a single gem pack you can get a 100 rated starter totally free to play.

FIFA Mobile 20 TOTSSF Players

Community TOTSSF Players

Community TOTS Players, Source: FIFARenderz


EPL TOTS Players, Source: FIFARenderz

La Liga TOTSSF Players

La Liga TOTS Players, Source: FIFARenderz

Bundesliga TOTSSF Players

Bundesliga TOTS Players, Source: FIFARenderz

Serie A TOTSSF Players

Serie A TOTSSF Players, Source: FIFARenderz

Ligue 1 TOTSSF Players

Ligue 1 TOTSSF Players, Source: FIFARenderz


UTOTSSF Players, Source: FIFARenderz

Note: This is a long event, so take your time with it. Don’t commit to a league right now, wait for all the leagues to unravel themselves then choose your path. For now, just play skill games or matches and store your points. Further insights on UTOTSSF Players will be released as soon as they are released in-game.

That’s Team of the Season in a nutshell, 101s are possible free to play, 102 are possible sort of. It’s gonna take some gems realistically Probably a bundle or more? This event is going to be all about investing, investing, investing, and upgrading your team. Six weeks from now none of your teams will look the same. These are endgame players, a lot of them. You’re gonna be very excited. Especially with the coronavirus lockdown and everything going on, at least we have TOTSSF to enjoy for!

Want to build your team with the best players? Check our suggestions below!

Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below, Iโ€™ll make sure to reply to everyone. Hope you find this FIFA Mobile 20 TOTSSF Event Guide useful.

For more Mobile Gaming news and updates, join us at WhatsApp groupInstagram, and Twitter. And feel free to join the discussion at our Discord or subreddit.

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The problem is in epl special matches where we play against teams which are 79 rated or more (wolves for eg) but when we play the team has already all players of more than 100 rated which makes impossible for us i.e. for teams with low team rating.


Yes taking a break does work when u keep losing constantly


Can we get multiple player like a 97 98 99 instead of just 101


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With utotssf points what we should do. Like last year or new procedure


For this reply, like last year we did using ultimate points we got ultimate star points. So that’s why I am asking is this year will be the same as I told now or by utotssf points directly we can by players. Please reply for this message


Even I suffered to by players. Please make little bit easier to buy players please.


In fifa mobile why you are putting the special pack. Some of them don’t have gems and fifa points. Even me. What we should do to get more fifa points and gems. Please convey


Ok sir. But I saw who has 100,000 fifa points and 20,000 gems. Coins: 100,000,000. How is it possible to get those fifa points,gems and coins. Please clear my doubt


Ok mate. But I saw some of them are hacking this fifa mobile game so please check and say.


Mate, I am in 102 ovr when I am playing head to head why the opponents are tough like 129 ovr are players are coming and playing with me. What we should do to win them.


Ok thank you bro. Chatting with you is very interesting. You have made my doubts clear. Thanks. Cheers


After this totssf event what is the next event in fifa mobile. Because of this fifa mobile I am engaging my time. So please say me what event you have planned.cheers


Next, my username is : Fc barca. 102 ovr 140 chm. Fifa points is 0 and gems is 300



Margaret Mary

Can I buy 100 ovr by playing skill games and watch ads


I mostly play vs attack matches and rarely play skill games so if my win percentage in these vs attack matches is around 60-70 percentage will i be able to pack a 100 ovr player and a 95 ovr player by the end of the event? Pls reply… it will be helpful ( I am also buying currency exchange packs for energy)


Ok thank you

Sayan Dutta

how many coin packs will it take to claim 100ovr player by playing only skill games!!

Sayan Dutta

This means I’ll spend around 4million coins?

Sayan Dutta

bro ur the best advicer regarding this, Thanks mate, yeah I save 6million coins n going for 101 player! Thanks dude, hope u’ll help me in future also! : )


Hi, are you sure we can get 10756 pts without coin packs, skill games only? my math gives me 12.000+. can u pls show the math for that per week? thanks


Nope, sorry, but that chart is wrong. I’ve played skill games only and i am at 1240 points with 4 days left to play and i will 100% claim the second weekly bonus without buying any coin packs. But yea, I will get them in the last day, of course, because i want to collect maximum number of points.


Yes, but in your article there’s this: “10756 Points without Coin Packs” and it’s incorrect. It’s 12.000 something. Cheers


thanks, you too!


For “Score Using Defenders”, you can also score an own goal with your keeper or defenders.


Thank you I like your guides

Alex Johnson

Hi I just bumped into your link and it was quite interesting . Good job . My question is unfortunately i didnโ€™t see this from start would have made a better judgement however I am already on the community path , claimed a 92 and 93 and going for 101. As of time writing this I have 9000 points left to claim him . I play skill games , coin packs and ads . Pls will I be able to get the 101 based on this . Tks

Alex Johnson

Good day and Tks for your prompt response . Actually been buying gem packs hence was able to get here but wonโ€™t allow EA run me bankrupt ))) Learnt my lesson . In this case what will you suggest cause what I do now is save all the points till the end. What will be your suggestion pls . Tks

Alex Johnson

Thanks a lot and appreciate your help . I have subscribed to your channel so can be part of your group . Thank you stay safe and have a great day ๐Ÿ‘


Hello Sayak? Thanks for your work.

I have played VSA (20%) and Skill games (80%) and win 70% of the VSA.
Also, I purchased 250 TOTSSF points for five times (1250 points total). Would I be able to get both Mane (101 OVR) and Allison (98 OVR)? or should I be targeting 101 with 97 or less? It seems that I need 19120 points for both players.



Thanks for your clarification. It’s been a great help! Take care,


Hello, can anyone say about utotssf special chapter??


Can we sell or buy utotssf starter players?

Gurbir Sidhu

Hey man,could you suggest something about investing in the market right now? As the market is at lowest,which players to buy and keep so i can sell them later….

Gurbir Sidhu

Thank you so much man,and can you please tell me how can i see the market guide you are telling me about


Why UTOTS is not available in the Philippines?

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