FIFA Mobile 21 Retro Stars Guide

A Blast from the Past is here!

After the completion of the boring National Heroes Worldwide Event, as promised earlier EA brought back the long and one of the most anticipated events to the game in the form of FIFA Mobile 21 Retro Stars. The event is a way to bring back and refresh players from older events who were really OP in terms of gameplay and performances. The players come with a big OVR jump, different skill boosts different positions along with a rad, vintage look to it.

In this fan-favorite event, play Skill Games and Matches, grab great rewards from the Arcade Claw, and wander through Rad City for top Players. Spend some time by the Gumball Machines for fun rewards, and put your VS Attack and Head to Head skills to the test in Midweek Madness! Ultimate Memories: Retro Stars is sure to be a blast!

FIFA Mobile 21 Retro Stars Event Description

  • Event Duration: September 30th – October 21st (21 Days)
  • Ads: 3 ads daily giving 7 Retro Energy per ad
  • Coin Packs: 4 Coin Packs daily giving 7 Retro Energy each for 100,000 coins
  • Energy: Retro Energy refreshes 1 per hour with a max of 21 Retro Energy
  • Daily Claim: 300 Gumball Tokens and 100 Retro Score

FIFA Mobile 21 Retro Stars Event Flow

Retro Room

From the Main Tab, you can enter the Retro Room you will be using your Retro Energy to play a series of Skill Games and Matches for Retro Points. Play 6 Skill Games and 1 Match to earn Retro Points. Complete the daily path to earn 100 Arcade Tokens as a completion bonus. The path is only playable once per day.

RetroStars (18) gameplay FIFA Mobile 21 Retro Stars

There are also 4 daily coin packs that give 7 Retro Energy for 100,000 coins each and 3 daily ads giving 7 Retro Energy. And honestly, you don’t even need to use the coin packs at all, as losing the matches returns all of the energy. It really shouldn’t be necessary to open all the coin packs to complete the flow so open only when you have to.

But do remember to complete the flow every day including the match at the end, as every day you finish the match you get 100 Arcade Tokens and those precious Retro Points do add up in the end.

Arcade Claw

Use your Arcade Tokens here to earn extra Retro Stars Players, Coins, Skill Boosts, and Training XP. This is the Player Wheel which we have seen each and every event to date. This is similar to the Mosaic from the last event and hereafter 10 pulls, you’ll get a guaranteed Player. It’s your random player pull-type thing with a new name.

RetroStars(20) Arcade Claw FIFA Mobile 21 Retro Stars

The Arcade Claw refreshes with new players every week over the course of the event. Spending your Arcade Tokens gives you progress down the Milestone Path. Earn Skill Boosts, Coins, Training XP, Retro Points, Players, as well as Common, Epic, and Legendary Shards.

Gumball Machine

This is basically a rehash of Fishing that we had from the Summer Celebration event. Swing by the Gumball Machines to try your hand at earning the Daily Featured Rewards! Use your Gumball Tokens at any of the 3 Gumball Machines to receive Retro Stars Players, Coins, Skill Boosts, Training XP, Arcade Tokens, and Retro Points.

RetroStars (14) Gumball Machine

The first two Gumballs are pretty basic costing 100 Gumball Tokens while the third Gumball Machine costs 200 Tokens. It is double the rewards and doubles the cost as well with a higher chance of grabbing the featured rewards. Additionally, it is limited to once per day. So never, never forget to grab this machine, there is no reason why you shouldn’t.

RetroStars (9) Rad Milestones FIFA Mobile 21 Retro Stars

Keep in mind that each separate Gumball Machine has different reward odds. Come back daily for a new Featured Player, and other rotating rewards! There are milestones for this as well with all the way until 10000 pulls get you 105 OVR CM Rafinha.

Rad City Hub

This is everything gets rad! Hop on the party bus and explore the Rad City to get exclusive Rad City Players and rewards! Exchange your hard-earned Retro Points here on the path towards a variety of rewards. The path is a little different from Summer and Spring, you can go either left, right, up, or down to get 105 OVR players.

RetroStars (5)gameplay

Certain Rad City Nodes will give a random 94+ OVR player, while others are guaranteed players. For every path node you open, there’s a chance of receiving a bonus reward. This could be extra Arcade Tokens, Gumball Tokens, Base Currency, Emote/User Logo, and even a 107 OVR Player! This is the same thing from Spring and Summer, where you have random spots for extra rewards.

RetroStars (19) Rad City Hub FIFA Mobile 21 Retro Stars

Each Trinket can only be claimed once. Claiming every node on the Rad City path guarantees that you’ll earn all the rewards. Remember it is not necessary that you will end with all the players. As long as you spend 35000 Retro Points you will end up with either 110 OVR CM Henderson or 110 OVR ST Martinez. Using 40000 and 50000 Retro Points will ensure you with 101 OVR Event Icon ST Shevchenko and 112 OVR GK Lev Yashin. Needless to say, Black Spider is out of range.

Midweek Madness

This is the most exciting part of the event. This is a VSA/H2H type grindable aspect of the event. It takes place three days every weekend coinciding with the Weekend Tournament. Play VS Attack and Head to Head for bonus rewards! You play with energy ie Retro Health Points which you can also get from daily ads and coin packs.

RetroStars (7) Midweek Madness
  • Ads: 3 ads daily giving 5 Health per ad
  • Coin Packs: 3 Coin Packs daily that give 5 Health for 50,000 coins
  • Duration: Midweek Madness is open from Thursday 19:00 UTC to Sunday 19:00 UTC for all 3 weeks of Retro Stars.
  • Energy: Health starts at 15 after tapping Start and does not increase over time. Health does not carry over from week to week. 
RetroStars (6) Madness Players FIFA Mobile 21 Retro Stars

Once you win you get 10 Madness Points, as well as your energy back! Thus you will have to play a ton of matches! Losing grants you nothing and takes your energy back. But if you add all the numbers as to how many matches you can play it’s incredible! Use your Madness Points towards the 5 weekly offers available. Madness offers refresh every week. Madness Points do not carry over from week to week.

Retro Pass

Of course, there is an event-specific Pass. Come here every day to claim extra rewards including Retro Points and Arcade Tokens. There’s a paid path available for added rewards. Of course, the Premium Pass is way more lucrative than the free one. You can grab all the rewards in the Free Pass just by logging in every day to receive the Retro Scores.


As usual, there are SBC’s for rank shards. There is a single weekly Squad Building Challenge in the main tab which exchanges for Rank Shards, which you will use for ranking up. You should be completing the SBCs but the longer you wait, the cheaper the players will become. It’s not that tough, each requires only 5 players, with the total team OVR being 98 OVRs, while only four of them being Retro Stars players.

Retro Stars SBC

There is also an additional SBC which requires a total team OVR of 95 and yields 1600 Skill Boosts, the players are very cheap with the release of the event and should be able to complete them easily

FIFA Mobile 21 Retro Stars Event Currencies

Retro Points

  • Earn them from playing Skill Games and a Match on the daily path.
  • Use them towards rewards and Players in Rad City.

Gumball Tokens

  • Earn them from logging in and from the Rad City reward path.
  • Use them for rewards from any of the 3 Gumball Machines.

Arcade Tokens

  • Earn them from completing the daily Skill Games path, and from the Rad City reward path.
  • Use them towards Players and rewards in the Arcade Claw chapter.

Health Energy

  • Start with 15 weekly Health, and receive more from Ads and Coins Packs. Health amounts refresh weekly.
  • Use them to play VS Attack or Head to Head in Midweek Madness.

Madness Points

  • Earn them from winning Matches in Midweek Madness. Madness Points refresh weekly.
  • Use them towards Madness Offers for Players.

Running the Math for F2P Players

As per our calculations, the following sums up the chances for F2P Players.

Resource Management

Energy21 InitialTotal
Hourly Refresh1 per Hour503
Daily Coin Pack28 per Day588
Daily Ads21 per Day441

Total 1553 Retro Energy and 965 without the Coin Packs

These Retro Energy is in turn used to complete the matches and skill games in the Retro Room. Additionally, you won’t need to buy even all the coin packs. Completing the path each day will require a maximum of 10 Coin Packs thus requiring 1029 Retro Energy in total.

Retro PointsArcade TokensGumball Tokens
Retro Room3150021000
Daily Claim006300
Free Pass3000300500
Rad City06001800
Credits: Frangin Twitter

You can obtain a minimum of 36500 Retro Points given your usage of coin packs

There will be additional Retro Points and Arcade Tokens from the Gumball Machine, depending upon your luck. Now, for the Midweek Madness, we start with 15 Heart Energy and it gets refreshed in the following way via daily ads and coin packs for a 3 day period.

Energy15 InitialTotal
Daily Coin Pack15 per Day45
Daily Ads15 per Day45

Total 105 Heart Energy to spend in Midweek Madness (per week) with the coin packs

These Heart Energy will be used to play VSA/H2H matches in the Midweek Madness. Keep it in mind that you get back your energy if you win a match, so it is needless to say it will be a hell of a grind during the weekend.

FIFA Mobile 21 Retro Stars Event Tips and Tricks

After the National Heores: Worldwide event, FIFA Mobile 21 Retro Stars event is huge. It has a fair amount of grind, with daily skill games, tons of PVP matches, and event currencies. So here are our additional tips and tricks to help you get the best from the event. It took us a while to get these answers and calculate everything so let’s explain it here.

First and foremost as usual this is an event energy-based event. So never ever let your energy get filled out. Don’t let your energy refresh out. And just buy your coin packs, there is no reason for not buying, and remember this the path is not replayable. So you need not buy all of your coin packs in one go! Just stack up your energy enough to complete one path per day with the ads and use your coin packs only when the situation demands.

Rad City Hub

PlayerRetro PointsGems Required
105 LM Henrikh Mkhitaryan14250
105 LW Marcus Thuram 14250
105 CB Nacho Fernandez 14250
100 RM Adama Traoré 14250
110 CM Henderson/ ST Martínez35000
101 ST Event Icon Shevchenko4000017500
112 GK Prime Icon Lev Yashin5000067500
Credits – Frangin Twitter

From the table above we can clearly see you can grab two of the 105 OVR players from the Rad City. Remember both the 105 players need to be from the same side. This thereby makes the 110 OVR choice of Henderson and Martinez free-to-play! But unlike other events in the past, the event icon 101 OVR Shevchenko is not completely free-to-play. You will need a minimum of 5k gems to pack Shevchenko given your luck from the Gumball Machine. Besides the 36500 Retro Points from the skill games, you can also obtain up to 2500 Retro Points from the Gumball Machine depending on your luck.

Credits – Luxien Twitter

From the image, we can see the 500 Retro Points come a total of five times. If someone is extremely lucky then he or she can accumulate a total of 2500 Retro Points as free-to-play obtainable from the game. With the points, one can easily obtain:

  • 2 105 OVRs from the same side
  • 1000 Arcade Tokens (400+100+400+100)
  • Choice of 110 OVR Player from the Milestone
  • 101 OVR Event Icon Shevchenko for 5k Gems minimum

Thus 101 OVR Event Icon ST Shevchenko costs a minimum of 5k Gems given your luck on the Gumball Machine

Arcade Claw

Depending upon your luck in the Gumball with Arcade Tokens there are 5000 additional Arcade Tokens available from the Gumball Machine. Making your total tally of Arcade Tokens

  • 3400 Arcade Tokens from the event (Skill games, Free Pass and Rad City)
  • Another 5000 Arcade Tokens from Gumball (depending on your luck)
  • 107 OVR CM Bernardo Silva becomes Free-to-play (without any gems)

That is a massive amount of resources just from players, not even mentioning the number of in-game resources you will claim along the way in boosts, and coins, and XP on the path and as well as the Arcade Claw.

Midweek Madness

As mentioned above, given the Hearth energy, if you watch all the daily ads and buy all the coin packs you will play a bare minimum of 105 matches per 3 day period. A 105 matches, and that is if you go on to lose continuously every single match. It’s a grindable thing and thus each and every reward is accessible. You can grind and earn each and everything you want as long as you are willing to put the hour behind the matches.

Besides the players, there is an additional 50 skill boost exchange, that you can claim 125 times. This leads to 6250 skill boosts up for grab totally free-to-play. Additionally, the 108 OVRs are obtainable as they require 50 wins, 40 more gets you the 106s and 20 more for the 103s. That is a lot of rewards up for grabs! Again there is a lot of things to play with and time to put into.

FIFA Mobile 21 Retro Stars Players

That’s the Retro Stars Event in a nutshell. Beyond that, there isn’t a whole lot to say about this event. All the calculations are at your doorstep there, do with it what you will and plan carefully. There are positives with this event, there are a lot of resources with this event along with the pre-ranked players. Remember you can get all the players that popup in the Midweek Madness as long as you get enough wins in. Go after the 106 and 108 as they will have the rank shards which are very very important. It’s a three-week event and you have time to sit around and think about how to plan your path through.

Want to complete your team with the best players? Check our suggestions below!

Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below, I’ll make sure to reply to everyone. Hope you find this FIFA Mobile 21 Retro Stars Guide useful.

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