FIFA Mobile 22 Tropical Tour Guide

Tropical Tour is here with a splash!

As it was promised earlier, EA releases the first of its two mini-events during the ongoing Summer Vacation: Europe event. So get ready as EA introduces FIFA Mobile 22 Tropical Tour event to spice up the summer heat. Grab your beach towel and catch some waves in Tropical Tour! Play Skill Games and Matches to earn Shells for progress down the Sunny Shores, and explore the depths of Breaking Waves for special catch rewards. Tropical Tour is here with a splash!

FIFA Mobile 22 Tropical Tour Event Description

  • Event Duration:  July 28th – August 11th (14 days)

FIFA Mobile 22 Tropical Tour Event Flow


In the Main Tab, you will play a series of three Skill Games and two Matches to earn Shells and Scouting Tokens every day. Kick-off by heading over to the cooling waters of the Main Chapter. Play various Skill Games and Matches to earn Shells and Scouting Tokens. Shells will be used later in the Sunny Shores chapter to claim some fresh rewards.

FIFA Mobile Tropical Tour Main Chapter Grind
FIFA Mobile Tropical Tour Main Chapter Grind (Image via Electronic Arts)

There is a daily milestone of Starfish Credits for completing all the five Skill Games and Matches. There is no question of failing or losing the Skill Games or Matches given how they easy are. Claim the Starfish Credits from Daily Milestone in the Main Chapter to advance through the levels in the Tropical Pass

There are other Milestones as well rewarding you with additional weekly Vacation and Flight Points for the Summer Vacation: Europe event, along with a Tropical Tour Player for the final milestone. Complete the final Milestone to claim a 95 OVR Tropical Tour LB Alex Telles!

Breaking Waves

Remember the Fishing Hole from seasons past? Yes, it’s back now! What’s better than to go fishing for rewards on a sunny day? Start off by claiming your Fishing Lures from the Daily Claim. Choose one of 3 to 4 (depending on the tide) fishing locations that offer different probabilities of getting certain rewards and catch some rewards!

FIFA Mobile Tropical Tour Breaking Waves Fishing
FIFA Mobile Tropical Tour Breaking Waves Fishing (Image via Electronic Arts)
  • Shallow Waters: Best for keeping your lure, be wary of krills. Patience is bitter, but the catch is sweet.
  • Nearshore: Resource-rich waters, but not many Catch of the Days. Frugal fisher.
  • Offshore: Catch of the day likes these waters, but don’t expect your lure better!

Keep an eye on the tide in Breaking Waves. At High Tide, a new node with a new opportunity for rewards appears! Look at the table below to learn when it’s High Tide. After Day 4 the cycle repeats starting from Day 1.

CycleHigh TideHigh Tide
Day 109:00 UTC – 12:00 UTC21:00 UTC – 0:00 UTC
Day 200:00 UTC – 03:00 UTC12:00 UTC – 15:00 UTC
Day 303:00 UTC – 06:00 UTC15:00 UTC – 18:00 UTC
Day 406:00 UTC – 09:00 UTC19:00 UTC – 21:00 UTC

Every time that you cast your line and use your Fishing Lure to find your rewards there is a chance to get your Fishing Lure back. Sometimes you’ll catch some Krill, trade in your Krill for fishing Lures by using the Recycler. Yes, that’s it, that’s the deal, look out for the Krills for they will take you far in the milestone rewards. You can exchange 4 Krills for 1 Fishing Lure. Remember, there is a massive luck factor in doing this.

FIFA Mobile Breaking Waves Rewards
FIFA Mobile Breaking Waves Rewards (Image via Electronic Arts)

That’s correct, additionally, there is a milestone path of rewards on spending Fishing Lures on the Breaking Waves chapter. Progress through the Milestones by using Fishing Lures to earn Tropical Tour Players, Shells, Training Transfer Items, and other rewards. The proper way should be to hold on to your Lures if you want a specific player from the daily rewards and go broke on Offshore, and if the milestone is your goal which it should be, then go for the Shallow Waters.

Sunny Shores

In the Sunny Shores chapter, you will be using your hard-earned Shells and traverse across the beautiful pier over the Sunny Shore to earn great rewards! Remember the Shells that you found in the Main Chapter? Sunny Shores are the place to use them to claim rewards containing Tropical Tour Players, Fishing Lures, Coins, and Skill Boosts. 

FIFA Mobile Sunny Shores Chapter
FIFA Mobile Sunny Shores Chapter (Image via Electronic Arts)

With every claim, you have a chance of obtaining a Trinket. This is the same thing from seasons past, where you have random spots for extra rewards. You can view all the different Trinkets over the shoreline and they contain a brand new Logo, a new Fishy Emote, Base Players, Coins, and Skill Boosts

Each Trinket can only be claimed once. Claiming every node on the Sunny Shores path guarantees that you’ll earn all the rewards. Remember it is not necessary that you will end with all the players. You’ll also notice some highlighted Tropical Tour Players on the left. You can get these Players from the Sunny Shore Box nodes.

Tropical Pass

There is no Star Pass for this event since it’s a small two-week event released as a part of the Summer Vacation: Europe event. But, of course, there is an event-specific Pass. Remember the Starfish Credits from the Daily Milestone in the Main Chapter? Well, these Starfish Credits are used to gain Levels in the Tropical Pass and allow you to claim rewards!

FIFA Mobile Tropical Tour Tropical Pass
FIFA Mobile Tropical Tour Tropical Pass (Image via Electronic Arts)

The Tourist Pass contains Rewards to help you on your journey through the event, such as Shells and Fishing Lures. There are both free and paid sections of the pass as usual, with the paid side being more lucrative. These passes will remain throughout the event and the Paid Pass requires 1000 FIFA Points. There is a 95 OVR ST Enhanced Base Icon Hugo Sánchez and 97 OVR Tropical Tour CM Federico Valverde up for grabs in the Tropical Pass.

FIFA Mobile 22 Tropical Tour Event Currencies

Starfish Credits

  • Claim them from the Daily Claim in the Main Chapter
  • Use them to progress through the levels of the Tropical Pass

Fishing Lures

  • Claim them from the Daily Claim in the Sunny Shores Chapter, the 3 nodes and Recycler in Breaking Waves, the path in Sunny Shores, and from the Tropical Pass
  • Use them in the Breaking Waves Chapter


  • Obtain them from the three nodes in Breaking Waves
  • Use them in the Recycler to convert them into Fishing Lures


  • Claim them from the daily Matches in Main, the Breaking Waves Milestones, and the Tropical Pass
  • Use them in the Sunny Shores Chapter

Scouting Tokens

  • Claim them from the Daily Skill Games in the Main Chapter
  • Use them in the Summer Vacation: Europe Event in the Scouting Chapter

Vacation/Flight Points

  • Claim them from the weekly Milestone in the Main Chapter
  • Use them in the Summer Vacation: Europe Event in the Flags or Flight Chapter

Running the Math for F2P Players

As per our calculations, the following sums up the chances for F2P Players.

Resource Management

ShellsFishing LuresVacation/Flight PointsScouting Tokens
Main Chapter140005000980
Tropical Pass20006
Daily Claim70
Reward Path23
Premium Tropical Pass400012
Credits: Nakata and Luixen Twitter

Do Remember that you will get a lot of your Fishing Lures back from your Krills, and also provided you stick with the Shallow Waters. It also comes down to your luck as it is on how many chances you get back your Fishing Lures from the Breaking Waves chapter.

Total a minimum of 16500 Shells and 76 Fishing Lures are available free-to-play

The event is pretty straightforward and the above calculations are all you can get from the event. No event resources are available from the Star Pass and neither is any Challenge mode present for Tropical Tour.

FIFA Mobile 22 Tropical Tour Event Tips and Tricks

Being one of the first events of FIFA Mobile 22, Tropical Tour is a very very basic mini-event. It is not even a proper event, with doing only skill games or AI matches. So here are our additional tips and tricks to help you get the best from the event. It took us a while to get these answers and calculate everything so let’s explain it here.

Now tips for the event. Play everything. Finish your daily skill games and AI matches which you can very easily. Be excited that there’s no event energy or stamina involved anymore in the new season. We’re not dealing with the constant fear of energy getting wasted and full and neither has there been a single ad since the game was released. So yes, definitely enjoy it while you can.

Sunny Shores Players

Player OVRPoints RequiredGems Required
92 OVR (LB Sanusi/ CM Álvarez)3650
94 OVR (RW Pépé/ CAM Boga)6650
96 OVR (ST Firmino/ CB Giménez)11600
97 OVR GK Ederson172001500
Credits – Luixen Twitter

From the table above you can clearly see you can go down the path till Reward 10 and easily grab at least one of the 96 OVR Tropical Tour Players. Additionally from the same side of the 96 OVR, you can grab a 94 OVR Tropical Tour player as well, remember on the same side, and not the difference.

Both the 94 and 96 OVR Tropical Tour Players from the same side is available free-to-play

Therefore, you can choose either of the two combinations free-to-play from the Sunny Shores:

  1. 94 OVR RW Nicolas Pépé and 96 OVR ST Roberto Firmino
  2. 94 OVR CAM Jérémie Boga and 96 OVR CB José Giménez

On the other hand, the 97 OVR GK Ederson can be slightly out of reach, given you take only 16500 Shells free-to-play. Therefore to overcome that, you will need to shed some of your Gem. The Tropical Tour Shell Discount Gem Pack awards you 300 additional Shells for 500 Gems/200 FIFA Points with a purchase limit of 5. Buying a total of three of those packs will take your total Shells to 17400 Shells which is enough to take you to the end and grab the 97 OVR GK from Manchester City. Therefore:

97 OVR GK Ederson is available from the Sunny Shores with an additional 1500 Gems

Breaking Waves

Being a free-to-play player, you can get a minimum of 76 Fishing Lures. This is ignoring the extra Lures you can get back from the Shallow Waters and from converting Krills. There are even additional Lures lying in the Sunny Shores chapter as well as from the Trinkets. Provided your choices from the Sunny Shores, you can still get a minimum total of 99 Fishing Lures from the chapter thereby guaranteeing you the 500 Shells milestone.

FIFA Mobile 22 Tropical Tour Event Players

Image via Electronic Arts

That’s the Tropical Tour event in a nutshell. Beyond that, there isn’t a whole lot to say about this event. All the calculations are at your doorstep there, do with it what you will and plan carefully. It’s just another short and sweet mini-event to fill in for the two weeks during the Summer Vacation: Europe event, giving us some event-specific resources along the way. But that’s how this season has been! One long event with multiple short two-week events along the way. As for the Tropical Pass, its not worth your FIFA Points, don’t go for it and save them for future events

Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below, I’ll make sure to reply to everyone. Hope you find this FIFA Mobile 22 Tropical Tour Event Guide useful.

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