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Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2: Choppa locations and how to find them

The guide contains all Choppa locations in the game!

Even though characters have a good sprinting ability, a vehicle plays an important role in any combat gameplay when the safe zone starts shrinking. A lot of cars are available in Fortnite, but roads aren’t the safest way to travel. However, when you are up high in the sky it’s really difficult for the opponents to defeat you and that’s when Choppa turns out to be helpful. They minimize the chances of a sudden attack and give an edge to the players over other players. In our Fortnite guide, we’ll tell you the locations of Choppa and how to find them.

Choppa in Fortnite

Choppa is an air vehicle that was introduced in Fortnite in Chapter 2 Season 2. It can move both vertically and horizontally at a constant speed. It has boost functionality which enables players to increase the horizontal speed in any direction.

Choppa is 5 seater, with one driver and the other four players standing on platforms. It has 1500 health, doesn’t have weaponry but allows the players to use weapons aside from superpowers. It also has a loudspeaker that plays Ride of the Valkyries by Richard Vagner. When the Choppa is down to 0 HP or runs out of fuel, it falls and explodes, causing harm to the players as well.

Image via Epic Games

Though the driver can still move in any horizontal direction when the Choppa is falling. When exiting the vehicle, the player will take regular fall damage, as they do not have the anti-fall damage effect of a Bouncer or Shockwave Grenade.

Where to find Choppa in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2

Earlier the loopers required gold bars to donate to make a Choppa appear. But now with the new update, V 20.30, the funding station for Choppa returned to Fortnite. Choppa will permanently appear in-game once their funding goal is met. But the question is where can the loopers find funding stations and the place where a Choppa will appear. Choppa funding stations will appear at each one of the Seven Outpost landmarks.

Choppa Locations
Image via Epic Games

There are currently 6 Outposts located around the outskirts of the Island. Once players completely fund a station, a Choppa will appear at that Seven Outpost. The location of all the 6 Choppa is shown on the map. At the start of Season 2, Outpost VI was destroyed so now it’s only 6 outposts. The loopers won’t have to worry about NPCs attacking them while trying to steal their Choppa because these outposts are friendly territory. 

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