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Free Fire Jota Guide: Abilities, Character Combinations and more

Use Jota to his full potential!

Free Fire currently has over 40 characters, each with a special ability, except for Nulla and Primis. Character skills provide the user with a distinct advantage on the battleground during battles. After every OB update, Free Fire without any stacks brings in a new character. A year ago, one of the game’s earliest characters, Jota, was introduced. His ability helps the user by restoring HP. This Free Fire guide will help you with the best character combinations to use with Jota and tips to master him.

About Jota in Free Fire

Free Fire Jota Guide
Image via Garena

Jota is not a fictional character of Free Fire. He is a real-life Indonesian actor and martial artist. Joe Taslim is his real name (thus the character Jo-Ta), and he was added due to his collaboration with Free Fire.

Jota abilities in Free Fire

Free Fire Jota Ability
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Sustained Raids is a passive ability of Jota. When the player kills an opponent with an SMG or a Shotgun, it quickly recovers 10% HP. In addition, damaging enemies recover some of the user’s health. It instantly recovers 20% of its maximum level.

Best character skill combination with Jota you should try in Free Fire

Jota is an offensive character; however, it can be used with defensive characters in combination for both Clash Squad and BR mode. Players can equip one active skill and two passive skills in combination with him. Some of the best character combinations are as follows:

1. Jota/ Skyler/ Moco/ Kelly

Skyler unleashes a sonic wave that can destroy up to 5 Gloo walls in a row within 100m range. Moco marks the hit enemies for 5 seconds, and the marked enemy’s location is also shared with teammates. Kelly increases the sprinting speed by 6%. This skill combination can be used for rush gameplay in CS and BR mode. Players can frag over a squad without worrying about HP loss. With every knock, the user will recover 20% HP.

2. Jota/ Wukong/ Hayato/ Shirou

Wukong transforms the user into a movable bush shield, which is harder to target. Hayato increases the armor penetration by 10% with every 10% decrease in the user’s maximum HP. On the other hand, Shirou marks the attackers within 80m of range. This combination is also an offensive one. While lacking medkits, players can rush over enemies and knock them down even at lower HP.

3. Jota/ Alok/ Misha/ Ford

Alok creates a 5m aura, in which the user and their teammates recover 5HP every second till 10 seconds. While driving the vehicle, Misha increases the vehicle’s speed and reduces the damage up to 20%. Ford decreases the damage taken from the safe zone by 24%. This combination can be used for survival gameplay while BR ranks pushing. Players can get into any vehicle and cover zone shifts quickly.

Tips and Tricks for using Jota in Free Fire

  • When utilizing Jota, players should avoid using AR or Sniper weapons, as his talent only works with SMGs or shotguns.
  • Wukong is the best active skill to use with Jota. When used correctly, players may easily frag over a squad with this combination.

Remember that Jota’s skill will not work if the player damages the enemy with an SMG or shotgun and then knocks him out with an AR or sniper.

Did you find our Free Fire Jota guide helpful? Let us know in the comments below!

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