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Free Fire Luna Guide: Abilities, Character combination, and more

Use Luna to her full potential!

Free Fire, one of the most popular online battle royale games keeps its players hooked with new characters, pets, modes, events, cosmetics, and more. Luna is the newly launched character in Free Fire after the active skilled character Tatsuya – the Rebel Rush made its way into the game. Luna, on the other hand, belongs to the passive character list. Before dominating the battlefield using her character, it is always wise to have a deep understanding of her ability. This Free Fire guide will provide details about the ability and tips to master Luna.

About Luna in Free Fire

Inspired by the famous Thai actress “Yaya Urassaya”, Luna’s Character comes with exceptional “Fight or Flight” ability. The “Fight or Flight” is a useful passive skill that allows players to increase their weapon firing rate, and especially comes in handy in aggressive push on the battlefield.

Free Fire Luna abilities
Image via Garena

Not only the firing rate, but the movement speed of the player also enhances. This makes her best suited for using weapons that have greater damage rates but poor fire rates, as her ability shoots up the firing rate. With quicker fire rates players can last longer in the fight and deal more damage to enemies. 

Abilities of Luna in Free Fire

To put it together, Luna’s “Fight or Flight” ability increases the firing rate by 2%. And, when she hits her target, a maximum of 6% of her firing rate converts into movement speed, enabling swifter movements. Finally, the skill resets after her character survives the combat. Her passive skills are upgradable and with each upgrade, the firing rate and movement speed enhance. A list of the same is provided below.

  • Level 1: Maximum Firing Rate Increases to 12.5. Maximum Movement Speed Increase to10
  • Level 2:mMaximum Firing Rate Increases to 15. Maximum Movement Speed Increase to 12
  • Level 3: Maximum Firing Rate Increases to 17.5. Maximum Movement Speed Increase to 14
  • Level 4: Maximum Firing Rate Increases to 20. Maximum Movement Speed Increase to 16
  • Level 5: Maximum Firing Rate Increases to 22.5. Maximum Movement Speed Increase to 18
  • Level 6: Maximum Firing Rate Increases to 25. Maximum Movement Speed Increase to 20

Best character skill combination with Luna you should try in Free Fire

1. Luna with D-Bee+ Skyler+Nikita

With Skyler‘s healing and sonic wave ability, players can manage to survive till the end of the battle. Teaming up D-bee and Skyle with Luna aids to push, rotate, heal, escape, and maintain better accuracy. Lastly, Nikita‘s ability helps to increase the reload speed and also enhances the damage by using any SMGs. 

2. Luna with Kelly, Alok, and Hayato

Kelly‘s “Dashing” will help to increase the sprint speed. With Alok in the team, teammates can heal themselves when they are in contact with the character. Teaming up Luna with Kelly and Alok will help to take on an aggressive fight as Luna is best suited with her ‘Fight or Flight’ ability. Lastly, Hayato‘s ability – Bushido, will help the players to gain the Armor penetration by 7% with every 10% of HP decreases. This increases the chance of survival on the battlefield for the team.

Tips and Tricks for using Luna in Free Fire

Despite increasing the firing rate of weapons when Luna’s character is in use, players must note that a part of it is deducted to enable faster movement speed. So, the ability keeps a balance between firing rate and movement speed, which players can take advantage of only when used strategically. 

 Luna can be combined with pets to increase the chances of winning on the battleground. She can be paired well with Spirit Fox. After utilizing a medkit, the pet’s ‘Well Fed’ skill aids in restoring an additional 4 HP. In close-quarters fighting, the extra HP recovery is crucial. 

Image via Garena

Luna’s character isn’t yet available for purchase in the in-game character store. However, Luna was obtained by players via a recent Top-Up event in the game. Players can also unlock Luna for free by playing ranked matches and acquiring gold coins once her character is available. 

Did you find our Free Fire Luna guide helpful? Let us know in the comments below!

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