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Free Fire Kelly Guide: Abilities, Character Combinations and more

Use Kelly to her full potential!

Free Fire features a wide range of characters, with each character having a unique ability that benefits the user on the battlefield. Players can equip any four-character skills in combination out of more than 40 character options available. However, free-fire characters are divided into two categories: active and passive, based on activating the character’s skill. Kelly is one of the most used and passive skilled characters that benefit the user with extra sprinting speed. This Free Fire guide will help you with the best character combinations to use with Kelly and tips to master her.

About Kelly in Free Fire

Free Fire kelly Guide
Image via Garena

Kelly is a fictional character from Free Fire comics, and according to them, Kelly is a sprinter from high school. Shimada Kiriko is another name for her. She enjoys running and is frequently seen on the track. Her mind and body are wired to move forward. She will always push forward, no matter what the obstacles are.

Kelly abilities in Free Fire

Kelly has a passive skill called “Dash.” She increases the sprinting speed of the user by 1% at her initial level. However, she raises the sprinting speed by 6% at her max level.

Free Fire kelly Guide
Image via Garena

Awaken Ability: Players can unlock Kelly’s awaken ability by completing simple in-game missions. Her awaken ability increases the damage of one first shot on enemies by 106%. This skill is activated only after sprinting for 4 seconds, and it lasts for 5 seconds.

Best character skill combination with Kelly you should try in Free Fire

As Kelly is a passive skilled character, players can either equip one active skill and two passive skills or three passive skills in combination with her. Some of the best skill combinations with Kelly are as follows:

1. Kelly/ Alok/ Joseph/ Moco

Alok creates a 5m aura, within which players and their teammate recovers 5 HP every second until the skill is activated. Joseph increases the movement and sprinting speed by 20% on taking damage. Moco locates the enemies on their heads when the user hits them. This skill combination can be used for the Clash squad mode to gain extra movement and sprinting speed and kill the enemies with refluxes.

2. Kelly/ Wukong/ Hayato/ D-Bee

Wukong, on activating his skill, transforms into a bush shield which is harder to target with default aim. On the other hand, Hayato increases the armor penetration by 10% with every 10% decrease in their maximum HP. D-Bee increases the movement speed and accuracy while firing. Players can equip this combination for both CS and BR mode for offensive gameplay.

3. Kelly/ Misha/ Ford/ Shirou

Misha increases the driving speed and reduces the damage taken from enemies while driving the vehicles. Ford reduces the damage taken from the safe zone by 24%. Shirou marks the attacker within 80m of range, and the first shot on the marked enemies has additional armor penetration. This combination can be used while rank pushing in BR mode.

Tips and Tricks for using Kelly in Free Fire

  • Players should unlock Kelly’s awaken skill, which can benefit when using snipers.
  • The best character to use with Kelly is Hayato. Players can quickly rush and knock down the enemies even at low HP.

With Kelly’s awaken skill, players should remember to choose AR Rifles like SKS, SVD, etc to gain an upper hand in the fight and utilize Kelly to her strengths.

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