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Free Fire Nikita Guide: Abilities, Character Combinations and more

Use Nikita to her full potential!

Free Fire offers players an abundance of unique features and characters that aids players on the virtual ground in different scenarios. You will get to choose your own character to go into the battle from the lineup of almost 30 characters, every one of them with their own unique skills and story in the Free Fire planet. In this Free Fire guide, we’ll go through his complete analysis and provide tips on using Nikita effectively.

About Nikita in Free Fire

Free Fire Nikita
Nikita in Free Fire (Image via Garena)

Nikita is a playable character in Free Fire who can be purchased at the store for 2500 gold coins. She works as a bodyguard and has increased experience with Submachineguns, being able to reload them faster than any other character in the game.

Nikita abilities in Free Fire

Nikita’s special active ability is Firearms Expert which reloads Submachine Guns faster. Apart from that, she also possesses a passive ability that she bears by the name ‘Weapons Expert’ and has the following effect:

  • Weapons Expert at Level 1: 4% faster machine gun reload
  • Weapons Expert at Level 2: 8% faster machine gun reload
  • Weapons Expert at Level 3: 12% faster machine gun reload
  • Weapons Expert at Level 4: 16% faster machine gun reload
  • Weapons Expert at Level 5: 20% faster machine gun reload
  • Weapons Expert at Level 6: 24% faster machine gun reload

Best character skill combinations with Nikita you should try in Free Fire

1. Skyler/Moco/Antonio

Skyler‘s Riptide Rhythm gives out a sonic wave, damaging five gloo walls in a range of 50 meters. It has a 60-second cooldown after use. Also, each gloo wall deployed will increase the health recovery starting at 4 points.

Antonio’s skill gives ten extra health points at the start of each round, meaning that gamers start at 210 HP. Hacker’s Eye of Moco displays opponents for two seconds after hitting them. It also shares the location with teammates and increases after the upgrade.

2. Dimitri/Laura/Dasha

Dimitri’s ability is Healing Heartbeat, and it creates a 3.5m-diameter healing zone, where players and their teammates restore 3 HP per second. If down, they can self-heal and get up. The skill lasts 10 seconds, and then there’s an 85-second gap.

Laura’s Sharp Shooter increases the accuracy of players when they are scoped in. At the base level, the rise is by 10%. Dasha reduces the damage and recovery time that gamers suffer from falls by 30% and 60%, respectively. She also lowers recoil buildup and increases recoil by 6%.

3. Dj Alok/Jota/Shirou

DJ Alok’s Drop the Beat creates an aura with a reach of 5 meters. While active, 5 HP is recovered for 10 seconds, and movement speed is also increased by 15%. When Jota’s ability ‘Sustained Raids‘ is added, the health of players is regained after they hit an enemy. Also, eliminating a foe down will restore 20% HP.

Shirou is the fastest character available in Free Fire. The character has a passive skill were at the lowest level when the player is hit by an enemy within a 50m radius, the attacker is marked for 3 seconds (only visible to the player).

Tips and Tricks for using Nikita in Free Fire

  • For Close combat: Nikita’s ability to reload faster submachine guns helps players to eliminate enemies in closer combat, especially in zones.
  • For Clock tower: This place is a burial ground for the players as each one of them likes to get here as fast as possible for more availability of loot. So Nikita’s close combat ability will help them to take shots first.
  • For Clash squad matches: Submachine guns are widely used in Free Fire when every player is in closer range. And the same can be done for Clash Squad matches as well which can give you a much more advantageous position.

Nikita might have a passive ability but this gives the best close combat fight as you’ll be able to use Sub Machines guns Faster and can quickly reload it for another round. The best use is in the zones as every player is in a rush and comes into combat.

Did you find our Free Fire Nikita guide helpful? Let us know in the comments below!

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