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Free Fire: Tips and Tricks to get Dog Tags for your guild quickly in the game

Get your Dog Tags quickly!

Free Fire is an online-only actionadventure battle royale game where 50 players are deployed into one map and then they fight it off inside a shrinking zone until the last man is standing to win the game. Just like many battle royale titles, there is a guild system where players can talk, play or compete with its members for fun or ranking up. Guild members can work together on these tips to obtain dog tags which this article will go into as to what these are and how to get them quickly in Free Fire.

What are Guilds and Dog Tags in Free Fire?

Free Fire Dog Tags tips

In Free Fire, Guilds are a place where players can interact and play with or against one another. Moreover, during auto guild tournaments, the amount of guild members that grind at a time, adds up glory which fills up a progress bar at its fullest. This unlocks great rewards for the players:

  • Resupply map x3
  • Summon Airdrop x3
  • Scan Playcard (3D) x1
  • Room Card x1
Free Fire Dog Tags tips

Dog tags are personal exchangeable items for guild members in Free Fire that can be obtained by performing in any of the various game modes. The number of dog tags earned depends on your own performance in-game making you eligible for various exchangeable rewards:

  • Gold Royale Vouchers x3
  • Gold x2000
  • Summon Airdrop Playcard (24 hrs) x1
  • Resupply Map Playcard (3D) x1

Moreover, if the rewards aren’t claimed once the tournament ends, they will be send to all players automatically a day after.

How to get dog tags quickly in Free Fire?

1. Play Clash Squad

Clash Squad is the best way to earn dog tags fast, due to the quick-paced game that usually only lasts 5 minutes. Grind along with guild members or friends that have some experience, and you’ll all have a lot of dog tags after the match finishes.

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2. Play quick time-limited modes

Time-limited modes that feature single or multiple enclosed locations like Kill Secured, Gun King, Bomb Squad, Rampage 2.0, or Team Deathmatch are also good to earn dog tags fast. These can be played solo, or with a team so you can earn dog tags without any losses, make some friends along the way and have fun at the same time.

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