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Free Fire Guide: Tips and tricks to tackle Gloo Wall in the game

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Gloo Wall grenades are an important piece of equipment in Free Fire for both players and their opponents. It instantaneously builds a shield around the user and any players behind the wall. Normally, destroying these walls is not advised because they are bullet sponges that can absorb a lot of punishment. So if used with the right technique, this Gloo wall will be very troublesome for the enemy. However, there are other ways to counter Gloo Wall users. In this article, we have summed up the top 5 best tips to counter Gloo Walls in Free Fire.

Best tips to tackle Gloo Wall in Free Fire

1. Target the enemy’s flank

While Gloo walls give excellent 360-degree protection, players can treat them like any other cover. Rather than shooting through the wall, try shooting at the target behind it from a different angle. Overall, while this strategy is dependable, its efficiency is dependent on the target’s location.

Free Fire Gloo Wall grenade tricks
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If they are too far away, players may not be able to flank them. It’s also possible to flank from a high vantage point. Players should be able to get around the wall by climbing to the top of a building or anywhere else high.

2. Using the right character

Players can take advantage of the characters’ distinctive abilities in Free Fire. Both Skyler and Xayne are the characters that are capable of destroying the enemy’s gloo wall at around 100m range closeness.


Skyler is the master at coping with the gloo wall. Riptide Rhythm is a skill that this Final Fantasy character has. He can use this power to send a sonic wave ahead. Within 50 meters, these waves can destroy 5 pieces of gloo wall at once. Against gloo wall users, this skill will be quite handy.

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Using Skyler’s abilities, players can simply break through the barrier they’ve erected. So they won’t be able to hide behind the gloo wall anymore, and we’ll be able to simply dispatch them.


Aside from Skyler, there is another character who is very effective against the gloo wall. It’s Xayne, a character who shattered Chrono’s reign almost immediately after the game was released.

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His Xtreme Encounter ability increases the damage dealt to barriers and gloo walls. As a result, it will be particularly effective against gloo walls or barriers, such as Chrono’s.


Nairi‘s ability is Ice Iron, which is a passive skill. It restores 30 percent of the durability of a player’s deployed Gloo walls every second. Furthermore, players who have this talent will do 30% more damage to Gloo barriers with assault rifles.

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One of the meta strategies that players often use is to use Misha as their character and drive around to attempt roadkill. And you can also do this to destroy the enemy’s gloo wall while killing everyone hiding behind it.

3. Make good use of the Frag Grenades in your arsenal

One of the simplest ways to deal with gloo walls is to throw frag grenades. It is possible to hurl them past the wall and damage those behind it if you obtain the appropriate angle.

Grenade damage alone should not be enough to break down a wall; nevertheless, for the best results, players will need many throws from teammates.

4. To break through Gloo walls, use the M82B

Image via Garena

The M82B is the weapon in the game with the most unique abilities. It can pierce armor as well as deal extra damage to Gloo Walls and Vehicles. And it can even pierce walls to reach opponents behind them.

5. Players can use a Flamethrower to cause damage to Gloo Walls

Flamethrowers aren’t very useful in Free Fire due to their limited range. It is, nevertheless, quite effective against Gloo Walls. In a matter of seconds, players can melt these barriers down. Getting close enough to use this can be difficult; players may prefer to flank the enemy rather than attack the wall.

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