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Free Fire Xayne Guide: Abilities, Character Combinations and More

Use Xayne to his full potential!

Characters are extremely crucial in Free Fire. Except for Primis and Nulla, each of them has unique skills that aid players on the virtual battlefield. Garena frequently uses updates to introduce new characters to the game. It frequently removes a large amount of game-related content as well as numerous gameplay adjustments for Free Fire. In order to cope, players must adapt rapidly and try new things in order to improve their playing style. Xayne is one of the few active Free Fire characters, which is quite underrated. This Free Fire guide will help you with the best character combinations to use with Xayne and tips to master him.

About Xayne in Free Fire

Xayne has always wanted to do more extreme activities even when she was a kid. She likes the adrenaline rush of high-rated sports instead of human interaction. Free-spirit, she desires to explore life and find its limits. If anyone says you can’t do something, she will definitely find another way to do it.

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Xayne is a Female character in Free Fire whose special ability is to get 80 HP temporarily, and increases damage to Gloo Walls and shields. The character was previously launched in the OB27 Advance Server, where certain players were able to test out her skills.

Xayne abilities in Free Fire

Xayne’s special ability is named Extreme Encounter. This was certainly inspired by her adventure sports story. This will give Xayne a temporary 100 HP increase and damage 50% to Gloo Walls (wall of ice) as well as a shield. Solo Brawlers can try this new ability can be a health boost to get the Booyah in the matches.

Best character skill combinations with Xayne you should try in Free Fire

1. Maxim/Moco/Ford

  • Maxim – His unique ability is Gluttony. It increases the speed of eating mushrooms and applying medkits by 2%. After leveling up the character, the ability will also improve as well. There are eight levels for Maxim, and at the maximum one, the speed of eating and usage of medkits increases by 25%.
  • Moco – Moco is an outstanding character whose ability is Hacker’s Eye. This displays enemies that are hit by players for two seconds, and this skill will be passed down with teammates as well. At the maximum level, users will be able to tag their enemies for five seconds.
  • Ford – He is pretty much a tank, with the ability to reduce damage when outside of the safe zone by 24% after a skill upgrade.

2. Kelly/Andrew/Joseph

  • Kelly – She is one of the most exceptional characters that players can obtain in the game yet. Its ability is Dash, which increases the sprinting speed by 1%. There are eight levels in the character, and at the highest, the sprinting speed increases by 6%. Kelly is the first Awakened character in Free Fire, and users can use items called Awaken fragments to awaken her. She gains a new ability – Deadly Velocity when awakened.
  • Andrew – He has a passive ability called Armor Specialist, and at his very first level, the vest durability loss is decreased by 2%. He can also be upgraded using character fragments, and at his highest potential, his vest durability loss is decreased by 12%.
    • Awakened Andrew was introduced in the OB27 Advanced Server, and it contains a passive ability named Wolf Pack. At the lowest, the armor damage reduction is boosted by 8%. Meanwhile, candidates will receive an extra 0.15 reduction for each teammate carrying this specialty. With the increase in level, the percentage of armor damage durability increases and becomes 14% at the highest.
  • Joseph – He has a passive skill called Nutty Movement. When he suffers damage, he carries an outstanding ability that allows the user to enhance his moving and sprinting speed by 10%, at its low level. At max level, the moving and sprinting speed increases by 20% on taking damage.

3. Jota/Notora/Nairi

  • Jota – Jota has a passive ability named Sustained Raids. It restores 25 HP instantly when the player shoots an enemy with an SMG or a Shotgun. At the maximum level, 40 HP is gained immediately on every kill. The ability can be applied perfectly in close-quarter combats. His abilities are perfect for players who enjoy barbarian games.
  • Notora – She has a passive ability named Racker’s Blessing. While driving a vehicle, it restores the HP of all the teammates on the vehicle by 5 HP every 4.5 seconds. As an ability rises up, its advantages are upgraded. At level 8 (maximum level) the cooldown is decreased to 2 seconds. It is important to note that the effects do not stack.
  • Nairi – The ability of the character is named Ice Iron. It’s a passive skill character. Basically, the skills of the character are that once the gloo wall is deployed the durability of the gloo wall will increase, and the damage percentage to break the gloo wall will also increase.

The recovery rate of the durability will be increased to 15% at the max level. Moreover, the damage rate will also enhance to 25% at the max level. This character will be helpful in close-range fights where opponents need to work a little hard to break the gloo wall.

Tips and Tricks for using Xayne in Free Fire

  1. Break the Gloo wall: Xayne has a special ability to break the Gloo Wall. This useful tool is a hardcover for players during the match. Therefore, you have to break it to eliminate the opponent quickly and safely without having to rush them.
  2. Heal HP: Another reason to use Kayne is her healing effect. Her HP recovery ability can help your character heal up to 80 HP to survive better in both CS and Battle Royale modes.
  3. Can Recover from zones: The main reason why every player should have this character is due to zone fights. During any close-range combat in any mode, you can still stay alive even when taking much damage from the opponent or the zone.

We tried our best to come up with the greatest possible combos for the provided character. Now it is entirely up to the player to deal with problems in the game and apply skills in the same way.

Did you find our Free Fire Xayne guide helpful? Let us know in the comments below!

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