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Genshin Impact Berry Locations: How to obtain and use them

Farm berries quickly and efficiently!

Genshin Impact is an open-world RPG that debuted in September 2020 and has been one of the hottest mobile gaming titles since its release. Recently, the game crossed the $3 Billion mark in revenue. A key part of Genshin Impact is exploring the overworld and farming items. In our guide, we will talk about Berry and the locations where players can find them in Genshin Impact.

Berry in Genshin Impact

It is a small brightly colored fruit plump that has a fragrant smell and refreshing taste that wipes away all the fatigue of a long journey. Berry stems house three berries to collect at a time, making it easier to stock up on this item.

Genshin Impact Berry
Image via miHoYo
  • Item Type: Cooking Ingredient
  • How to obtain: Found in the wild all over Teyvat

Berry: Uses and utilities

Berries, though easy to the farm, are high in demand item as they are used in nine recipes namely :

  1. Berry Mizu Manjuu
  2. Crispy Potato Shrimp Platter
  3. False Worm Bait
  4. Jam
  5. Lighter-Than-Air Pancake
  6. Prosperous Peace
  7. Tea Break Pancake
  8. Universal Peace
  9. Yellow Dye

Additionally, Liben asks for berries in exchange for rewards during the Marvelous Merchandise event.

How to find the Berry Locations in Genshin Impact

Berries are found in abundance across Teyvat and travelers are suggested to make a farming route from the given locations below so it would be easier to collect them. Use nearby teleportation points to collect them faster.

Genshin Impact Berry locations
Image via miHoYo

Here are the top 5 locations to find berries quickly and efficiently:

  1. Dawn Winery: Teleport to the Statue of the Seven, close to the Dawn Winery, and players will be able to find berries scattered during their path to Dawn winery. Near the main building along with carrots and other vegetation are more berries.
  2. Mingyun Village: Lying close to the teleport waypoint makes this farming location an attractive one for players if they are in a hurry to find berries. 
  3. Lingju Pass: An easy route to finding berries as they are bunched up in a close group with no threats apart from occasional encounters with Hilicurls
  4. Lisha: This area, though a bit hard to cover, has a lot of berries and is recommended to players who are in dire need of berries.
  5. Starfell Valley: With over 38 Berry trees, the Starfell Valley area in the Mondstadt region is the best place to get a lot of Berries in one go.

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