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Genshin Impact Fishing system guide: Step by step process, list of fishing rods, and more

All tips to master Fishing in Genshin Impact!

In the new Genshin Impact 2.1 update, a new fishing system has been included, as well as a new Serenitea Pot pond for raising Ornamental Fish. Here’s everything you need to know about it. With their most recent update, miHoYo has managed to upgrade their fishing mechanism in the Genshin Impact. With the new upgrades, the game provides players with a more realistic fishing experience. To be eligible for the new Genshin Impact fishing system, players must first unlock the Serenitea Pot System and complete the game’s Exploding Population quest.

List of available fishing rods in Genshin Impact

So far, different regions have their own distinct fishing rods that increase your chances of catching fish in that country. When the update was released, there will be three rods along with a basic rod. More rods will be added when miHoYo adds more regions. Competing in fishing tournaments will get the regional rods. Therefore, here is a quick look at every fishing rod available in the update.

Genshin Impact Fishing System
Genshin Impact Fishing Rods (Image by Spieltimes)
  • Mondstadt Fishing Rod- Windtangler
  • Liyue Fishing Rod- Wishmaker 
  • Inazuma Fishing Rod- Narukawa Uzai

According to some leak sources, there are more fishing rods to be added to the mix along with these three. These may be re-skins from the different regional fishing rods. These may be introduced into future updates. Furthermore, participating in the Lunar Realm event also rewards the Moonstringer Rod. 

Genshin Impact Fishing basics

Fishing can be done by interacting with Fishing Points, which are indicated by ripples in the water. Next, one must choose the pole and bait. First and foremost, players must think about the bait which they are using. Different varieties of bait will assist the players in catching various types of fish. Furthermore, different types of fish will be offered at various sites. As a result, after the player has arrived at their desired location, they should cast their fishing lines with caution. This is so that they would not scare the fish away.

The difficulty level will vary depending on the type of fish. Fish captured will not only serve as ingredients for cooking. It will also serve as a tradeable item for earning in-game incentives. A new Fishing Association NPC will be placed at various spots throughout the area, and present for players will be able to trade their fish.

How to catch a fish in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Fishing system
Genshin Impact Fishing procedures
  1. Players must hold down the cast button to aim, then release it to cast. One must aim the hook close to a fish. Although, this would not be so close that it scares it away.
  2. When the fish bites the bait, they must press the ‘raise hook’ button. A bar will appear at the top indicating the strain in the line.
  3. One must keep the line tension in the yellow highlighted zone, while reeling in the fish.
  4. By holding and releasing the button, players can alter the tension.
  5. The circle beneath the bar represents the fishing progress. It will automatically finish while the tension is in the yellow zone. It will drain when the tension is outside the zone.
  6. When it is completely depleted, the tension bar turns red. The fish is dangerously close to escaping. Therefore, one must adjust the tension to prevent this.
  7. When the gauge turns orange, it indicates that the fish is struggling hard. Thus, the line tension will vary more quickly.

That’s all the information that you would need to know in Genshin Impact’s 2.1 fishing update of Genshin Impact. It is an exciting addition to Genshin Impact’s great line of choices to do in the diverse world of Teyvat.

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