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Genshin Impact Guide: Padisarah locations and where to find them

Find all the Padisarahs easily!

Padisarah is a type of flower native to Sumeru. It is easy to find them in clusters in Sumeru City, Pardis Dhyai, Vanarana, and the Palace of Alcazarzaray. They are not found all over in the wild like Sumeru Roses. If you have Tighnari in your party, the locations of nearby Padisarahs will appear on the mini-map. Padisarahs often spawn in clusters of two to three at once, which makes them easy to spot among the bushes. Here’s our guide on all Padisarah locations in Genshin Impact.

How to find Padisarah in Genshin Impact

Padisarahs in the wild respawn every 48 real-world hours. Padisarahs in Sumeru City is pretty easy to spot. Most of them are near paved roads. Use Elemental Sight to find them easily. Padisarahs in Pardis Dhyai is found in clusters in bushes. Some of them are inside the greenhouse as well.

Genshin Impact Padisarah
Image via HoYoverse

Padisarahs in Vanarana are only found in the Reality state. If you enter Vanarana and only find Viparyas, it means you are in the Dream state. This is the state where Aranara is visible. Go to the glowing green stone in Vanarana and play the Vintage Lyre.

Genshin Impact Padisarah
Image via HoYoverse

This will change it to the Reality state. In this state, the Aranara are not visible. In the Reality state, you will find Padisarahs instead of Viparyas. Go to this location and play the Vintage Lyre to change states if need be.

Genshin Impact Padisarah
Image via HoYoverse

Padisarahs in the Palace of Alcazarzaray are also mostly found in bushes near paved roads. They should be pretty easy to spot. Additionally, you can find three Padisarahs in this location near the Fane of Ashvattha.


The spice merchant Jut at the Grand Bazaar sells five Padisarahs for 1000 Mora each. His stock refreshes every three real-world days.


Talking to Dana in Pardis Dhyai will give you four Padisarah. Players can obtain this only once.

Uses of Padisarah in Genshin Impact

As of the version 3.1 update, Padisarahs are used as ascension material by only one character, Nilou. No weapons use Padisarahs for Ascension. Padisarahs are used to forge one item: the Dendro treasure compass. They are also used as an ingredient in five dishes: Biryani, Duel Soul, Tahchin, Padisarah Pudding, and Swirling Steps.

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