How to use the Resource Transfer feature in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB)

New effective way to transfer resources in-game!

The developers at Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) have just introduced a new unique feature geared at improving users’ experience, while they’re downloading in-game data. This new Advanced Server settings titled Resource Transfer is a new feature that will allow for 2 devices to connect directly via Wi-Fi, whilst enabling quick and easy transfer of in-game resources between the devices. The new Resource Transfer feature in MLBB would allow players to easily acquire in-game resources of Mobile Legends without exhausting their data.

Players would need to go through some series of steps before they can use this new intriguing feature. In this guide, we will be showing you how to use the new Resource Transfer feature of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB).

Mobile Legends (MLBB) Resource Transfer feature: Overview and how to use

The all-new Resource Transfer is a feature that is developed to mainly assist users with slow download speeds. It helps by allowing such players to quickly obtain missing in-game resources from a device that already has downloaded them, and without consuming any mobile data.


Currently, the resource transfer feature is still in early access on the advanced server and it’s available only for users with Android 10 or higher devices.

How to use the Resource Transfer feature

Before using the Resource Transfer feature, there are some conditions players must know, before they can use this feature:

  • The Resource Transfer uses Wi-Fi Direct, so users must enable their device’s Wi-Fi before using this feature. Nonetheless, a Wi-Fi connection is not required for the Resource transfer.
  • It is available only for users with Android 10 or higher devices.
  • During the transfer process, players should place the two devices near ensure a stable connection. Thus, further making the resource transfer much more stable and fast.

For Senders

  • The resources that want to be sent must have been fully downloaded on the Senders’ device.
  • Tap Send to create a Sender Hotspot. Be sure to enable and give the app the necessary permissions.
  • When assisting the receiving device to connect to your device, tell the name of your device so they can connect to it. If the remaining device still cannot find the server after a long time, please cancel and then tap Send again to re-create the hotspot. If players want to change the server in the game, please refer to our article on how to change the server.

For Receivers

  • Tap Receive to start receiving resources. Your device will first run a test to determine which resources are missing before continuing to search for the sender’s device.
  • This feature is currently in Early Access, and the downloaded resources are automatically determined by the system and cannot be manually selected at this time. The system will then search for Necessary resources, detect any that are missing on the receiver’s device, and proceed to download them. Other resources must be downloaded mutually through Manage Resource.
  • Before proceeding with the resource transfer, one must make sure the sender is ready to connect to a receiver. Select the device you want to receive from. If you do not see the device in the list, please wait or cancel to search again. In some cases, if the two devices cannot connect, players should return both devices to the Main Interface and repeat the transfer steps.
  • Once the devices are connected, the sender can begin the transfer process by tapping on Send. If a device loses connection during the process, or if the process is manually canceled, resources already received will not be lost.
  • Once all resources are received, they will be checked before they are applied.


The Resource Transfer setting is a new upcoming feature that promises a thrilling experience for players since it helps to effectively maximize data usage. Though it’s still in test on the advanced server, this newly added feature sure gives hope to players hoping for skin share or BP share feature in MLBB. If players want to know more about Battle Points in MLBB, please read our article on ways to farm Battle Points more.

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