Hyper Front Faith Arrow Guide: Abilities, Weapons and Gameplay Tips

Learn to play this skilled scout!

Faith Arrow is one of the most efficient scouts available in Hyper Front. Faith Arrow can be a bit hard to learn for beginners. But don’t worry, we got you covered. This article will discuss everything you need to know and learn about Faith Arrow. Here’s our detailed guide on learning and playing with Faith Arrow in Hyper Front.

We have previously discussed how to master playing with other Hyper Front characters like Sentinel and Blast. Therefore, make sure to check the past character guides as well. For now, let’s focus on Faith Arrow.

About Faith Arrow in Hyper Front

Faith Arrow is one of Hyper Front’s scouts. She does a mixed job of gathering intel for her teammates and also provides the teammate’s support with her playmaking abilities. 

Faith Arrow Abilities

Faith Arrow is mainly designed for passive gameplays. Here are all the Faith Arrow abilities:

Ability 1 – Scouting Arrow

Hyper Front Faith Arrow Guide

Scouting Arrow is Faith’s signature ability. Using this ability sends out a reconnaissance arrow which deploys a sonar scan to reveal the position of the enemies within the line of sight of the arrow. The scanned enemy gets visible to everyone in the team. However, the arrow cannot scan through walls.

Ability 2 – Burning Arrow

Hyper Front Faith Arrow Guide

This ability also sends out a similar arrow which stays on fire. After touching the ground, the fire deals continuous damage to the enemies within its area of damage. You need to buy this ability using 200 credits.

Ultimate Ability – Flaming Arrow

Hyper Front Faith Arrow Guide
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After the ultimate is activated, Faith Arrow charges her arrow and releases a golden bird that goes through the entire map dealing damage to the enemies over time and revealing their positions. Flaming Arrow can also pass through any wall and obstructions.

Best Weapons for Faith Arrow in Hyper Front

Faith Arrow is mainly used for scouting an area. She is best paired with passive weapons for holding down an angle and giving support to her teammates. Here is a list of the guns that pair the best with Faith Arrow:

  • R93
  • Barrett
  • AK
  • M4A1

Here is a list of heroes who will match the best with Faith Arrow:

  • Storm: Storm is a compelling hero to block line of sight for the enemies using his Tornado Burst, creating more openings for the team during the attack and retake situations. 
  • Blast: Blast, along with his Jetpack, can enter the site efficiently after Faith Arrow scouts the site. 
  • Cure Light: Cure Light is the best supporting hero in Hyper Front. She can heal and support her teammates from the back while her team is engaged in any combat. 
  • Blink: Blink’s teleportation and digitized abilities will give the team an upper hand over the opponent when perfectly paired with Faith Arrow.

Hyper Front Faith Arrow Gameplay Tips

The first thing you need to learn about Faith Arrow is firing her Scouting Arrow. Firing the arrow in perfect places can provide more crucial intel for the team. You must understand the proper use of her Scouting Arrow to collect the maximum intel for your team.

Project M characters: Faith Arrow
Image via NetEase

Aside from her scouting abilities, her ultimate also plays a vital role as one of her playmaking abilities. Using the ultimate in perfect situations can clutch out rounds for your teams. Using the ultimate in post-plant situations can stop opponents from diffusing the star core.

What are your thoughts on the Hyper Front Faith Arrow Guide? Do let us know in the comments below!

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