iLLANG Beginners Guide and Tips

A Guide to unmask the Hidden Wolf!

iLLANG, a casual social deduction game by Challengers Games, where the seemingly peaceful Koji Village harbors a lurking wolf. Dive into mini-game missions with your friends, embracing the adorable chibi characters and strategic deception. Let this iLLANG Beginners Guide be your guide through the enchanting landscapes of Koji Village, providing you with the insights to uncover the sly wolf and navigate this whimsical world.

iLLANG Beginners Guide Gameplay Basics

Customize your Chibi Character

Creating your chibi character in iLLANG is the first exciting step to personalizing your gaming experience. Begin by choosing basic features like hairstyle, facial expressions, and body type. Experiment with these elements to find a combination that suits your taste.

iLLANG Costume
Image via Challengers Games

Once you have the foundational features, dive into customization options. Mix and match outfits and accessories to create a unique look that expresses your style. I found out that there is a pet feature in the game. I make sure not to forget to pick a pet companion to add charm to my character.

Day and Night Dynamics

In Koji Village, a day includes both daytime and nighttime, each with its own set of challenges. During the day, you’ll interact with different NPCs than you would at night, making the order of completing missions crucial. As night arrives, be cautious of the Illang, as visibility decreases, making encounters more challenging.

iLLANG Day iLLANG Beginners Guide
Image via Challengers Games

When the day ends, it’s time for a crucial vote. Players must cast their votes against others, and the one with the most votes gets eliminated. If there’s a tie in votes, no one gets eliminated. To sway the vote in your favor, convince others to vote for who you suspect is the Illang. Mastering this strategy is vital for your survival and success in the mysterious world of Koji Village.

Complete Quests

In iLLANG, your adventure extends beyond identifying the hidden wolf. Dive into various quests that not only add depth to your journey but also offer valuable opportunities to earn in-game currencies as rewards.

iLLANG Quest
Image via Challengers Games

I’ve found that completing quests in iLLANG is a fantastic way to earn summon tickets for the Lucky Box. These tickets open up opportunities to acquire various costumes for both my character and pet. By engaging in quests, I not only progress through the game but also enhance the visual appeal of my chibi character and its charming companion.

Know your Role

Each character in iLLANG comes with distinct roles and skills, emphasizing the importance of understanding their unique abilities. Effective teamwork is crucial for success, going beyond individual prowess. Depending on your chosen character, you can be part of Team Illang, Villager, Fox, or Lunatic. Here’s a simplified guide on how to secure victory with each team:

Image via Challengers Games
  • Villager: Complete all missions, eliminate the Illang and Fox through voting, and ensure at least one Villager survives the Crimson Moon Night.
  • Illang: Survive with an equal or greater number of players than the Villagers. Successfully attack all survivors on Crimson Moon Night.
  • Fox: Win if a Fox player is alive when the Villagers win, or if the Swindler persuades everyone except the Fox within one day.
  • Lunatic: Survive an Illang attack, and enter a ‘Frenzy’ where identities are revealed. If eliminated within 2 days of attack, all players die, and the Lunatic wins.

I can say that it is not just a quest for individual glory but a collective journey where every character’s contribution matters.

Use Communication Tools

Make the most of in-game communication tools like text chat and voice chat to coordinate seamlessly with your friends in iLLANG. Effective communication becomes the essential tool for unraveling the wolf’s identity amidst the challenges of Koji Village.

iLLANG Communication
Image via Challengers Games

Share observations, discuss strategies, and plan your moves in real time to stay one step ahead. Whether it’s a quick text or a strategic discussion through voice chat, these tools are your allies in navigating the exciting and deceptive world of iLLANG, where teamwork and communication are paramount for success.

iLLANG Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Understand your Role and Objective

Whether you’re on Team Illang, Villager, Fox, or Lunatic, take a moment to understand your role and objectives. Each character brings a unique gameplay experience, and knowing your role is the first step to success.

2. Make the most of Communication Tools

iLLANG is a game that thrives on teamwork. Utilize in-game communication tools, such as text chat and voice chat, to coordinate with your friends and share vital information. Effective communication is key to unraveling the wolf’s identity and achieving team objectives.

3. Master Mini-Games

I learned that mini-games are crucial for the Villager Team’s success. Sharpen your skills in mini-games like Flower Bloom, Cat Finder, Treasure Hunt, and more. Success in these games not only advances your team but also keeps you one step ahead of the Illang.

4. Complete Quests for Rewards

Engage in quests to earn rewards, including summon tickets for the Lucky Box. These tickets provide opportunities to obtain various costumes for your characters and pets, adding a delightful layer of customization to your gameplay.

5. Keep an Eye on Time

I can say time management is crucial, especially during critical phases like Banish Votes or the Crimson Moon Night. Stay aware of time limits, and ensure your team is coordinated and focused during these pivotal moments.

Final Thoughts

As you jump into iLLANG, keep in mind it’s more than just figuring out who the wolf is or winning for your team. It’s an exciting adventure filled with clever moves, teamwork, and surprises. The guide you just read is like your helpful map through Koji Village.

Whether you’re a sneaky Illang, a hardworking Villager, a clever Fox, or a wild Lunatic, the tips are here to make your gaming experience even better. From mastering mini-games to talking with your team, each tip is designed to help you on your journey.

What are your thoughts about the iLLANG Beginners Guide? Let us know in the comments below!

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