League of Legends: Wild Rift Objectives Guide: How to complete them easily

Complete the Objectives quickly!

Similar to many MOBAs, League of Legends Wildrift has its share of game-winning objectives be it towers or jungle camps. Each objective carries its own significance and impact on the game. Today in this League of Legends Wild Rift Objectives Guide, we will be discussing the importance and priorities of objectives. Also, you will know how to get these objectives completed easily in LOL Wildrift so that you can better know what to prioritize in order to win games.

What are the Objectives in LOL Wildrift?

1. Jungle Camps

Minor Jungle Camps

In LOL Wildrift, we have mainly four minor jungle camps.

Wild Rift Objectives Guide

From Left to Right, they are

  • Krugs 
  • Raptors
  • Wolves
  • Gromp

Minor Jungle camps are a portion of the source of income for junglers. Though they may not be as impactful to the jungler’s income as Blue Sentinel or the Red Brambleback, they are still crucial to allowing junglers to grow healthily. In order to increase your chances of winning, you can choose to try and steal these jungle camps off the opposing team’s jungle. Though the Gromp and Wolves may a bit too deep into the jungle during the early phases of the game, mid laners and top laners/bot lakers can attempt to steal the enemy’s Raptors and Krugs respectively.

Before stealing these jungle camps, make sure you have gained lane priority. Also, make sure to have your lane opponents occupied so that you can buy time to steal said camps. Also, look on the mini-map to see where the enemy jungler is at the moment. Before doing so, if the enemy jungler is on the other side of the map, go ahead and start stealing. If the enemy jungler is not visible on the map or even nearby then you shouldn’t steal and instead choose to do other macro plays such as roaming.

2. Rift Scuttler

The Rift Scuttler is situated on the top side and bottom side river. Slaying it creates an area that once stepped upon will grant increased movement speed to its slayer’s team and temporary vision of the designated riverside.

The vision provided plays a significant role in anticipating ganks. This is because the main route of entry for enemy junglers is through the river. Thus junglers usually contest it as it is situated in the neutral territory that is the river. So if you are playing jungle, do try and take it as frequently as possible due to its aid that it will bring to your laners. If you are a laner, remember that the Rift Scuttler is an objective that your jungler will likely contest with the enemy jungler so always be on the lookout and to be ready to aid your jungler in their contest.

3. The Blue Sentinel and The Red Brambleback

Wild Rift Objectives Guide

Commonly referred to as the red and blue buffs. They play a significant role in the development and growth of junglers. They are the main sources of income for junglers and provide buffs that enable junglers to gank better and aid your team better in general.

Blue Sentinel

Slaying the Blue Sentinel grants periodic mana/ energy restoration. This heavily benefits champions with high mana usage. This is because they will need to return to the fountain or pop their Corrupting Potion less. When out of combat, the holder of the buff regenerates HP, and thus it is extremely beneficial for junglers to have it as they can regenerate HP when traveling from one lane to another instead of needing to recall, thus allowing them a larger map presence. Junglers should consider giving the blue buff to their mages during the late game if said mage is performing well and could snowball even harder off of the additional buff.

Red Brambleback

Slaying the Red Brambleback allows your attacks to slow and an amount of true damage. Melee junglers such as Xin Zhao and Master Yi heavily benefit from the buff. This increases their gank potential by providing a slow- a form of soft crowd control. However, during the late game, junglers may consider giving their red buff to the ADC. This is because ADCs may be able to make better use of the true damage and slows so that they can fit a few more shots in the game.

The Blue Sentinel and the Red Brambleback play larger roles for junglers in the early game. Also, they are targets for invasion so do lookout for early invasions. As you progress, the buffs become of less significance to junglers, and giving them off to allies who need it more should be considered.

4. Dragons

Elemental Drakes

Wild Rift Objectives Guide
Elemental Drakes in Wild Rift

At the four-minute mark, dragons of random elements spawn after a period of after they have been slain. At that moment, the Cloud Drake grants a 7.5% increase in movement speed that is doubled when out of combat, the Infernal Drake grants an 8% increase in damage- both AP and AD, the Mountain Drake grants 6% of your maximum health as a shield after 5 seconds out of combat and the Ocean Drake grants 8% Omnivamp.

Elder Drake

Wild Rift Objectives Guide: Elder Drake

Other than the elemental drakes, there is the Elder Drake which grants a true damage burn effect on the slayer’s team’s attacks.

How to ensure Dragon Control

Without much disagreement, the buffs that they provide are extremely valuable. They can heavily impact the game in the dragon slayer’s team’s favor. Needless to say on a much larger scale than any red or blue buffs and minor jungle camps. So we will be discussing how to gain dragon control rather than their impact on the game.

When fighting for dragon control, there are a few measures that you can do to increase your chances of winning the dragon control- ward the dragon pit and constantly look at the dragon’s spawn timer. 

The job of warding the pit and checking if there are any wards/ control wards and placing some of your own in the dragon pit is mostly delegated to the jungler and the duo bot laners, however mid can check as well on their way to roaming bot too. The vision of the dragon pit is extremely important as it provides info on whether the enemy is doing dragon so that you can better determine your next choice of action.

The job of looking at the dragon pit and being aware of the situation and spawn time is something everyone on your team should do. This includes the top laners on the far side of the map as they usually take Teleport and can impact the fight in the drake pit. This ties into the entire concept of map awareness.

5. Rift Herald

Wild Rift Objectives Guide: Rift Herald

6 minutes into the game, the Rift Herald spawns in Baron Nashor’s pit. After slaying it players can pick up its buff and summon the Rift Herald at any lane they want. The summoned Rift Herald moves towards the lane it is nearest two and will clear minions waves. When all minion waves in the said lane are cleared, it will proceed to charge towards enemy towers. This includes dealing with a huge chunk of damage to them. This earns you and your team the gold from the broken turret plates. Securing the Rift Herald encourages lane pushing in the early stages of the game. This can lead to an early lead in the game, thus acting as a strong and impactful early game tool.

As only one will be spawned per game, it is crucial that you fight for it if you can and be the one to gain the early lead. It should be prioritized over any minor jungle camps or red or blue buffs and is worth more or less similar to an early dragon. 

Top laners should be aware if your jungler wants to do Rift Herald. Try to gain lane priority as soon as possible such that you can go help your jungler in doing it.

6. Baron Nashor

Wild Rift Objectives Guide
Wild Rift Objectives Guide: Baron Nashor

The Baron Nashor, otherwise known as the Baron spawns at 10 minutes into the game. It is the most difficult jungle monster to defeat and usually requires 3-5 people to defeat it. However, with its difficulty in the slaying, it rewards its slayers with increased damage, reduced recall time. It empowers minions to push into the enemy base with ease. The Baron is likely the most valuable objective in the game. This is due to the buffs it brings and should be prioritized over all other objectives except the enemy Nexus.

As the Baron does significant damage to your team and also uses a lot of your team’s resources to kill, it is advised that you only go for it when you know the majority of the enemy team is busy doing something else such as the Elder Dragon or if you have aced the enemy team so that they are busy waiting to respawn. This is to avoid the enemy team coming and stealing the Baron and its buff.

After slaying the Baron, you will have a good amount of gold in your pockets, paired with reduced recall time. You can instantly recall after slaying the Baron to heal up the HP lost when fighting the Baron and to stock up on items.

7. Turrets

Turret’s health bars are split into 3 portions – Turret plates. The destruction of turret plates on tier 1, 2, and 3 grants 100, 125, and 150 gold respectively. Destroying tower plates allows you to get closer to enemy Nexus and win the game. It also allows you to snowball harder by earning more gold.

Let’s say you are winning lane and have forced the enemy to recall and now you want to push the lane. You should center your action around taking the enemy turret plates rather than just pushing till the enemy laner comes back. First, think about how many turret plates you can get before the enemy comes back. Then round that number down to the nearest integer unless it is less than one. If it is less than one then go for half a turret plate. Use the remaining time to clear the enemy’s minion wave or roam to help gank other lanes.


When getting any of the objectives mentioned above, always remember to ward. Warding ensures that no enemies are hiding in the river bush as you take the tower plates. No one is going to jump in and smite your dragon away. Also, no enemies are hiding beyond the Baron pit to blast cone their way in and steal your Baron. To get objectives is to increase the probability of you winning the game. But to ensure that you get these objectives is also a required skill.

That’s all for today’s League of Legends: Wild Rift Objectives Guide. Let us know your opinions in the comment section below!

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